all together now zombie story by robert


All Together Now A zombie story

By Robert Kent


Yea though we perish, yea though we die, we’ll all be together in the sweet by and by…

Fifteen-year-old Ricky Genero is writing a journal of the zombie apocalypse. His high school has burned to the ground, his friends are all either dead or shambling corpses roaming the earth in search of human flesh, and his best friend died saving his six-year-old brother Chuck from a zombie horde. When Chuck is bitten and infected with the zombie virus, Ricky must travel among the walking dead in search of a cure.


This YOUNG ADULT novel is mean and nasty and intended for a mature audience. It is absolutely not appropriate for younger readers.  

All Together Now: A Zombie Story is a gruesome, repugnant tale featuring horrific acts of violence sure to warp young minds.


Those that know me know how much I love my zombie apocalyptic reads and Ive read alot of those this year. So I was expecting a similar plot to the many Ive already read. Not that Im getting bored but it must be hard to come up with something original now.

WRONG I was so wrong, what a fantastic read, I couldn’t put this down till I’d got to the last digital page. This book is written for the Young Adult genre but Im in my 40’s and still found it as exciting and addictive as any of the adult horror genre zombie-esk reads Ive read this year. In many cases this book was better than those Ive already read.

Robert has come up with a brilliantly creative and original plot line to how it started, no germ warfare or alien technology here but a believable mixup with a popular everyday product.

I loved how this book is essentially the diary/journal of a 15 year old boy and I found the main characters engaging and completely realistic. Robert has captured the real 15 year old within Ricky and its reflected in everything he says and does.
Ricky had a tough life and your drawn to him right from the very first page as he is continually looking out for his little 6 year old brother Chuck. The flashbacks explaining the start of everything is beautifully written and so well planned. I loved the way we gradually found out about Chuck’s cruel demise; and how deeply it affected Ricky who kept his fathers promise to look out for him, which he did even after death. In many books flashbacks can be distracting; not with Robert, he uses perfectly timed flashbacks to enhance the storyline to pull the reader in until you simply cannot put the book down.

I was absolutely glued to my kindle till the early hours.

The short chapters make it easy to read for those that just want to pickit up and put it down; but I bet you cant stop once you start.

Every chapter is action-packed, fast paced and full of suspense but still maintaining believability even from a 15 year olds perspective. The action is heart pounding, gripping and in some places I actually found myself holding my breath while I speedily read through the pages to find out what was going to happen next….and….breathe… 😉

I loved how these kids looked out for each other but still made some wrong decisions as would happen in real life. I want to tell you so much more but I don’t want to give this brilliantly written book away. Dont be put off by the YA genre or the cute cartoony cover; this book is for zombie-loving adults too. If your a zombie-holic and want something different you NEED to read this, its a refreshing twist on this popular genre, you will feel like you know Ricky and Michelle, and at times want to yell at them…hey they are teenagers afterall.

The ending was just genius; I didnt see that coming and it pulls the title and whole book together, so cleverly done; Im sad its finished as I loved this book, i really wish there was a book 2…hint…hint…hint. 

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About the Author

Robert Kent is the author of the young adult novel ALL TOGETHER NOW: A ZOMBIE STORY. He runs the popular blog for writers, MIDDLE GRADE NINJA, and lives with his family in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he’s hard at work on his next book.

All my thanks goes to Robert for sending me this review copy, my opinions and views are my own.

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