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Hugo Frosch Hot Waterbottles Review

Hugo Frosch Hot water Bottles

Now we are well into Autumn and we are feeling that chilly wind on our face and know that Winter is coming. So when Huge Frosch offered to send me their hottie pack for review I jumped at the chance.

An unusual review for me, but I couldn't resist; I don't know whether many of you still use hotties, but we certainly do. Right from a child...many moons ago...eeep. I had them for warmth and comfort when poorly. Some of my earliest memories are snuggling up with my hottie; that my Mum had wrapped in an old pillowcase or towel.
We didn't have central heating then either; so it was something of a necessity and one of those luxuries to go to bed and find a wonderfully warm hottie warming up your nightie and sheets.
Even now we live in a gorgeous old stone cottage in middle of nowhere; but by God its cold with no central heating; so we have been using a hottie between us during the cold nights.

My hottie pack arrived within a few days from Germany in a lovely white with green frogs presentation box. Inside both my hotties were well protected with a cute little bag of sweets too as a nice touch.

Hugo Frosche
This innovative family firm from Germany was established in 1999 by Hugo Frosch MSc Industrial engineer; he had many years of experience of hot water bottle production firm and started designing a new "round" hot water bottle. 
This was quickly followed by other modern designs like the fish, heart and of course the classic shape.
All hot water bottle are made in their factory in Bavaria Germany and they all satisfy the toughest international quality requirements. They are recyclable and have a 2 year water-tight guarrantee.

Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are:
  • Safety-tested; with an annual production location test by the TÜV.
  • CE conforming according to the Medical Product Regulation 93/42 EEC Class 1.
  • Produced according to British Standard BS 1970:2012. This award represents important sales argument for our customers abroad.

I was excited to receive two hotties, one classic with my all time favorite leopard print cover...Im one happy bunny and an adorable bright red heart shaped hot water bottle.

The Hugo Frosch Classic Hot Waterbottle 

The Classic by Hugo Frosch is the top seller and is a timeless functional hot water bottle. Its made out of high quality thermo plastic; with a capacity of 1.8 ltr and is available in many colours.

No more cold clammy hot water bottles here, these super soft velour covers add a real touch of luxury to your new hottie. 
They are 100% acrylic.

I love this leopard its a gorgeous brown and cream coloration and design.

The thick velour covers are elasticated around the neck of the hot water bottle so it keeps the heat inside.

Its still easy to slip it off to wash when you need to and it holds its shape perfectly.

Every hot waterbottle has the Hugo Frosch made in Germany logo so you know your getting quality.

The cover off reveals a naked hot waterbottle with fine ribbed design for extra grip. The Classic wording is embossed onto the neck with hole to hang up your hottie when not in use. The back also has the safety requirements embossed directly into the bottle itself although hard to read.
This rubber finish enables you wipe clean or wash and disinfect your bottle in between uses.
Classic Hot water bottle measurements including cover is 13.5 inches (34.3cm) long by 8.5 inches (21.5cm) wide.

My second hottie is this gorgeous bright red heart shaped velvety-velour covered hot water bottle. Its slightly smaller than the classic and holds 1 ltr of water, perfect as an extra gift for that special person.
The velour cover on this hottie is slightly thinner than in the classic hot water bottle, so it needs to be personal choice. It will feel hotter, but will cool down faster.

 With a lovely silver embroidered heart adding a nice accent to the cover.

 The cover fits snugly around the neck of the hottie.

 The larger hole makes filling the bottle easy.

The naked hottie is still as pretty and feminine and is made of a high quality thermoplastic transparent material with embossed hearts across the bottle.

These hearts add another nice extra luxury touch to your bottle.

As with all the hotties it has a molded hole to hang them up when not in use.

Measurements of the heartshaped hot water bottle
Length is 10.75 inches (27.3cm) by approximately 8.5 inches (21.6) wide.
It holds 1 ltr of water.

The stoppers
Both these stoppers are made of a solid plastic with lovely thick threads making it easy to screw up tightly. They are also much larger and slightly longer than the average/standard hot water bottle stopper.
Hugo Frosch have cleverly used the rubber of the hot water-bottle itself as a tight water seal. 

Despite doing up tightly, the large grippable twist top is easy to undo as well. Plus I do love the frog logo embossed on the stopper too, its a fun touch.

Using your hottie
This is fairly obvious but I feel I should mention a few things. It goes without saying you never use boiling water to fill your bottle and just fill over half never to the top or it could burst. I always squeeze the air and steam by bending the top over gently before screwing the stopper on firmly.
Finally tip upsidown give a little shake so you know there are no leaks and away you go.

Hot water bottles have been in my family for years, my Parents, Grandparents and my Great Grandparents used them. Right back to the hot irons to warm your bed and the stoneware bottles used during the war. My Mum even had a glass one.
As a child I remember my Mum wrapping mine tightly in a pillowcase or old towel so even though it was luxurious just to have a warm bed at the time, the actual use of the hottie was just basic. I also remember my hotties stinking of rubber particularly when hot and often leaking when the seals perish. BUT NOT with these!

With these Hugo Frosch bottles you are not only getting stringent safety tests, but they are recyclable and have hardly any odours due to the excellent quality materials.
My 2 gorgeous hotties feel excellent quality and the velor covers add a touch of luxury especially my leopard print classic hottie as its much thicker. Both have large holes to fillup the bottle easily and the strong plastic stoppers tighten securely and do not leak.
My favourite has to be the classic though; not just because its leopard print (ok maybe it helps) but because its larger and comfortable with the thicker soft velor and holds the heat all night and its even still warm to touch in the morning...which is amazing!
The heart hottie feels hotter immediately due to the much thinner velor cover but cools slightly faster. I must admit I like the transparent bottle as you can check its clean inside, an old problem with hotties. 

Hot water bottles are a family essential even in the age of central heating; they are perfect for when you need that extra warmth in bed, heat therapy, back pain, muscle and joint pain, menstrual cramps, stomach pains or cold feet. Or you just want that cuddly comfort particularly with children.
(Although Hugo Frosch however specialize in some adorable childrens hotties HERE).
The red heart hottie is the perfect girly gift at anytime, we all need that extra warmth at some point. With Christmas creeping up on us they would make some gorgeous pressies.


ONLY £12.95

 Here are a selection of Hugo Frosch hot water bottles from Amazon HERE

  • Great quality, 
  • Colour and design choices, 
  • Strict safety standards,
  • Super soft fleecy covers that fit well,
  • None

All my thanks goes to the lovely people at Hugo Frosch for sending me both of these gorgeous hot water bottles for this review.
My views and opinions are my own.

One of the super cuddly children's hot water bottles

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