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Sick A project Eden Thriller no 1 by Brett Battles Book Review

 by Brett Battles Book Review

Daniel Ash wakes after midnight to the cry of his daughter. Just a bad dream, he thinks. She's had them before. Yet he can't help but worry when she cries out again as he pads down the hallway. Stepping through her doorway, he expects to find her sitting up in bed, frightened by a nightmare.

But the nightmare is his. It's real. And it's just beginning...

Something is burning Ash's daughter alive. Something horrible that is spreading beyond the walls of their home, and taking no prisoners.
Thirty seconds later, Ash will discover his daughter isn't the only one in his family infected, and as his world spins, coming apart at the seams, a team of armed men in biohazard suits bursts into his house.
But these aren't the good guys.
They haven't come to save Ash's family. They've come to separate them, to finish what they started.
The problem is Ash refuses to disappear. He wants only one thing: to find those responsible.
Because humanity is on the brink of execution.

And man is pulling the trigger.

Captain Daniel Ash wakes at the sound of his daughters cry. But when men in bio suits arrive; its not to help; its to eradicate a problem.
His wife already dead and Daniel and his family and all his neighbors in the flats around him ill and taken by these men; this starts a fast paced emotive read based upon Daniel finding his children.

Funnily enough I chose this book by cover alone, something I never do...oh and the fact it was free at the time. But my instincts were right Wow what a fab read.

I read this from cover to cover in 1 sitting as I couldn't put it down. Your propelled along by this exciting well written conspiracy thriller. The flu is spreading rapidly and people are dying and scared; we've read and seen books similar; but Brett has a unique twist on this plot which I wont spoil as its a great surprise.

Daniel and his kids are lucky to be immune but finds themselves captured as lab rats; Ash is rescued and thrown into a new world to discover the truth but his main aim is to find and rescue his kids.
Bretts managed to get a great balance of likable and extremely well developed  characters and supporting sub plots which bring the whole book together. This compelling gripping read is beautifully written and descriptive enough so you can easily see whats happening at every chapter; making it an exciting rollorcoaster ride read.
The brilliant chilling plot is believable and makes you think how possible it could be and frightening on many levels. A fantastic heart pounding thriller for everyone who loves their suspense reads.
I was completely immersed for hours oblivious to my surroundings, I loved this read and have just bought book 2 Exit 9 as cant wait to continue to find out more.
Watch this space!

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Author Bio

Brett Battles is the author of over a dozen novels and several short stories. His second novel, THE DECEIVED (part of his Jonathan Quinn series), won the Barry Award for Best Thriller. He is one of the founding members of Killer Year, and is a member of International Thriller Writers. He lives and writes in Los Angeles. 

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