Monday, October 21, 2013

Sarah's Story by Sarah Preston Book Review

by Sarah Preston

The words came from his mouth, 'Don't say anything about this to your mum. She won't believe you.'At the age of eleven, a beautiful happy girl found herself thrust into a nightmare of abuse and violation that ripped her world apart. At the mercy of three men, she endured a four-year ordeal of sexual exploitation and degradation before eventually finding the strength to say 'no more'. Confusion and shame made her keep her secret for sixteen years. 
This is her remarkable story.Sarah has endured what no child should. Subjected to extreme abuse from a family 'friend', she turned to her father only to experience the same treatment from him. Utterly devastated, Sarah even started to wonder if she was somehow to blame for this most unforgivable of betrayals and was driven to attempted suicide - a life was nearly destroyed by the selfishness of three deeply troubled and wicked men.
A survivor who has somehow found salvation, Sarah's experiences bear testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit in the most unthinkable of situations. "Sarah's Story" is a story of how love and courage eventually enabled an astonishing individual triumph over a childhood stolen by the evil of others.
This is not just another story of triumph over a difficult past. Sarah's story is as harrowing and moving as "A Child Called It" and will appeal to a similar audience.

About the Author

Sarah Preston spent her childhood at the mercy of abusers, but through love has put her life back together. She now has a successful career and a wonderful family.

You know when you buy a book like this what its about. But I wasn't prepared for how well written it would be and just how heartfelt. Sarah is one courageous, brave strong woman to finally be able to share this highly personal account of her abusive childhood between three men she should have been able to trust.

How her Mother was oblivious of her suffering, her father the one person who should be there to protect her took advantage and abused her too and worse still knew and let another man continue his years of abuse on his own daughter. I feel as many people as possible should read her story especially those who are suffering the same. Sarah will inspire you and hopefully give those the strength to seek professional help.
A heartfelt honest well written read XxX

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