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Pocket Monkey the 12 in 1 wallet tool Review

By Zootility Tools

When I first saw the Pocket Monkey on Kickstarter I fell in love with the design and the fact it has 12 uses. I have a thing for convenient gizmos and utility tools.
Were all used to pocket knives and their million uses, but they are often bulky and heavy.
This adorable Pocket Monkey is fun lightweight, ultra-thin, convenient and strong.

This little guy comes attached on its own piece of recyclable card with their fun monkey logo. On the back it shows clearly what all the little signs related to its functions do.

This adorable smiling Pocket Monkey has been designed to have 12 uses and is the worlds thinnest utility tool.

Its made of 1mm thin Stainless steel (TSA compliant) which is easily slipped into your wallet or bag or in between your credit cards.

Pocket Monkey's Secret strength
This thin metal would normal bend but it has been heated then quenched to change the crystal structure of the material after it has been formed into the monkey. This makes the metal super strong and inflexible.

As you can see from my diagram above every hole, nook and cranny has been designed to be useful. I have actually found 18 uses, but Im sure you can find many more.

8.3cm X 4.8cm

If you have 12 uses in one of these pen knives it will be heavy and bulky in your pocket. But not with Pocket Monkey its ONLY an ounce in weight.

 Its as thin as one of your credit cards.

 Slips in easily with your credit cards in your bag or wallet.

When you first hold this pocket Monkey you cant help but be amazed at how light it is, then when you try to bend it you will be as shocked as I was, at how strong it is, it has minimal flextion and is certainly most capable of being an adequate screw driver, bottle opener, letter opener etc without the worry it will snap, break or bend.
You can have full trust in your new pocket friend.

But my main use so far have been;

 Keeping my Bassbuds nice and tidy in a fun way.

 Quickly de-heading flowers.

 Whipping off dead stems

 Banana nicker, something quite unique to any tool Ive ever owned.

 Orange peeler is the perfect depth to not pierce the orange itself.

 Unscrewing tiny screws, who has such tiny screwdrivers around when you need them?
The small flat...yep...flat...phillips screwdriver is cleverly designed with a very slight 2D angle on it

  How often do you need to just tighten your glasses or even fix a broken arm and you never have a small enough screw driver handy.
Now you have!

 Hex wrenches work really well as they are so flat and you get to use the leverage of the monkey head to turn it.

Straight edge and ruler and letter opener; with the end used as a micro-screw driver; its also sharp enough to cut or chop and scrape.

This is also ideal to use if you lock yourself out your house or flat as it slips down the door edge and opens some locks.

Slicing and de-stoning plums while out and about.

 Dog muzzle never know!

Phone kickstand using your own credit cards is just genius, but it didn't work with all my credit cards, most were too thin and couldn't take the weight of my phone.

The Perfect tool to fix anything!

Each tool can be used to suit what you may need at the time eg; the straight edge is also a ruler and will treble as a chopper, come stabber, cutter tool as its nice a sharp and pointy. Plus as a way to open your front door if you lock yourself out.

 Dont carry the tool box, carry pocket monkey.
The Pocket Monkey can replace these tools  in an emergency.
Yes....including the is ONLY if you need to break into your home as youve locked yourselves out. No need to smash the door down simply swipe down the door edge depending on your locks.

The eyes, nose and mouth will also work if you need to tie him to anything like a paracord to stabilize some rope or string from slipping, it has the strength to hold well.
Plus of course the bottle opener we didn't actually own a bottle opener until I received this and its been perfect as its always at hand.

 I love my adorable Pocket Monkey it will appeal to guys and girls alike and make the perfect gift at anytime. Its light, thin and uber convenient to pop in your wallet or bag just in case you need anything at all.
 Ive always had a thing for small tools like this and this Pocket Monkey really has something special that will appeal to most people, its so much stronger than you think it will be.
It wont replace your next best Victorianox swiss army pocket knife but its certainly more convenient and easier to carry than most pocket knives and is perfect when you need something quick and simple like a straight edge ruler or micro screw driver, this is where this little minky excels.
We have discovered over 18 uses for him after only being designed for 12. I now dont leave home without this little fella..
I'm sure you will be able to find many more uses for this little guy. I'd love to know what you would use him for.

His ready willing and able just hanging around until you need him!

Its fun, great conversation starter, affordable and perfect gift for anyone; plus the perfect stocking filler.

At least 12 tools,

Would love a sharper curve for more of a knife, but then it wouldn't be safe if kids got it.

 You can buy yours directly from Zootility Tools for 

See more about this gorgeous wallet utility tool on their video below


  1. Great, little, well-made tool. My sister just gave me one today. I’ve been wanting one for a while. It’s my kind of cool thingy - I love gadgets.
    And a very nice review. You covered everything. And no harsh, mean-spirited criticisms. Thanks for the very thorough review. I just bookmarked your site - gonna keep and eye on you ;-)
    Thanks for everything, and keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely words Bruseth; Im so glad you liked the review and Im pleased you got one of your very own its amazing what you can do with this.


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