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Omron M2 Basic Blood pressure Monitor Review

I had been looking for a good blood pressure machine for the whole family but in particular my parents, so I spent alot of time reviewing different brands before finally choosing to buy this small portable Omron M2
with its 948 (4.6 - 5 star reviews).
It had to be not only easy to use for my non-techy elderly parents but reliable too.
Being an ex-nurse too I knew what I was looking for, an upper arm cuff which is certainly more reliable than the wrist cuff machines.

 Omron has been the leading innovator for healthcare products since 1933 and I have had a few medical products designed and manufactured by Omron which have lasted for years with no problems. Which is why I chose this model to buy as I know I can trust this make.

The Omron monitor is extremely well packaged with the monitor wrapped in bubblewrap and the cuff in transparent polybag. The cardboard box is super strong and ideal to store the monitor in between readings.

With your monitor and cuff you also get easy to read instructions, a guarrantee and a blood pressure chart to record your measurements for you and your Dr.
The instruction chart is quite thick which did worry me until I realized only the first 34 pages are in English and this was easy to understand.
Blood pressure diary

 The Blood pressure diary chart also clearly shows you what is normal too high or too low so you never have to ask.

Both the cuff and monitor are excellent quality.

The Omron M2 is a basic, simple fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor for comfortable quick accurate readings. Intellisense technology means the arm cuff reaches the correct inflation and wont pump up too high...a fear with many people. It offers both diastolic and systolic readings alongside your heart and pulse readings.
It has a clinically validated hypertension (high blood pressure) indicator when your reading goes higher than 135/85mmHg, it will flash a heart symbol.

This machine comes with the basic cuff for an arm circumference of 22cm to 32cm but you have the option to purchase separately the larger cuff  here for those with an arm circumference of 32cm- 42cm. 
Alternatively you can purchase the BP monitor but with the added cuffs of both sizes  HERE

 The main monitor takes 4 AAA batteries which come thank you Omron...which are easy to install underneath and your ready to rock as soon as it arrives.

 Alternatively you can purchase the 6V DC electrical adapter HERE so you never have to worry about flat batteries; this has to depend on how often  you plan to use this machine.

One side you connect the inflation cuff the other is for the DC electrical adapter.

Simply connect the cuff inflation pipe to the side of the monitor below.

 It connects easily in seconds.

 The cuff itself has easy explanations on where to place the cuff around your upper arm correctly.

Making sure you keep the cuff inline with the level of your heart.

 Simply slip your arm through the sleeve cuff within these minimum and maximum lines and tighten to your comfort.

This arrow clearly marks the direction of the inflation pipe which needs to follow down your arm towards the hand like below.

The cuff itself is extremely soft and comfortable and the outer velcro secures it around the upper arm with no slip.

Taking your Blood pressure
Now your ready to take your blood pressure, simply relax and allow your arm to rest on a table for a few minutes and take some deep breaths and relax.

The main monitor is so well made with white ABS plastic with a large easy to read screen. Its angled screen enables you to read it even easier.

With a large blue start or cancel button. Simply press the blue button once and the cuff will inflate, it goes through all the motions until its deflated. Then your blood pressure reading appears clearly on the screen with your pulse reading.

If you need to stop the inflation for any reason before its finished, simply press the start button again and it will deflate immediately.

This was one of my own readings, I do tend to do this 3 times to check and it maintained the reading within a few degrees.

This model will only save your very last reading and no more, but of course you can manually record your readings in the blood pressure diary chart supplied, or choose one of the dearer models Omron M10-IT Upper arm blood pressure monitor with dual cuffs HERE ,which not only stores more readings but will enable you to save them on your PC and save the readings of 2 users.

I felt for us this wasn't necessary as we are simply checking our BP's when we need it not because we have to.

I have to say I highly recommend the Omron M2, this is a brilliant easy to use blood pressure monitor as its accurate, comfortable and sets up in minutes once you know where to place the cuff; making sure the inflation pipe travels down your arm to your hand.
The monitor is large easy to read and you dont have to worry if your not sure what the readings should be as a heart symbol will flash to warn you if its too high or low so you can contact your Dr for advice.

Those nervous of going to the Drs will get a more natural reading within their own home. Those too ill to travel or live too far from their GP just to have your BP checked can keep tabs on this important health problems in their own environment. This will hopefully prevent any unnecessary trips to the Drs.

It is called the basic version but its far from that, it gives accurate fast readings with a one touch button, no complicated buttons to work out and its affordable and extremely well made. Its ideal for the technophobes out there, if my Dad can use it anyone can.
I cant believe its under £20 this is a vital piece of health equipment which could tell you if something is wrong before it gets too serious its a life saver and everyone should check their BP regularly, now listen to your nurse!!

Please see the video on how easy this is to use HERE

The Omron is still going well but I have found it seems to be registering slightly lower BP, Im not sure if its because its now been well used. But the variations in BP seem to vary from hour to hour. It may now need to be checked by my GP.

  • Fully Automatic BP monitor,
  • Large easy to read display,
  • Easy to set up,
  • Intellisense technology for quick comfortable inflation and measurements,
  • One button operation,

  • After 6 months of use it seems to vary in BP results, I think it needs to be checked.

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  1. There are many blood pressure monitor for checking to bp in the market. But omron blood pressure monitor is best of other than blood pressure monitors. Because I have been using omron blood pressure machine for five months. It is working good and better. So I say thanks for your this blog.


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