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NasalGuard Cold and Flu block Topical Gel 3g review

 NasalGuard  Cold and Flu block Topical Gel 3g
Keep those cold and flu bugs away!

Something quite different to what I normally review, but something I felt was relevant for everyone.
Especially those of you that always seem to suffer with colds and flu and especially with Autumn coming up on us fast where people seem to catch bugs quickly at this time of year.

I was kindly sent a sample of NasalGuards cold and flu block to try, its a refreshing change not to have to take any pills and its completely drug free, non-drowsy and easy to apply.

Please read my full review after the break!

A simple cardboard pack containing the 3g tube of gel, is understated but explains clearly exactly what it does, plus you can see how small the tube is with no surprises.

Inside you get your small tube of gel and an instruction leaflet

Nasal Guard cold and flu block is just that, its a drug-free opaque gel that traps and blocks airbourne viruses to help reduce the likelihood of us getting sick from colds and flu bugs.
It has a patented formula works on a simple principle of electrostatic charges; opposite charges attract each other.
The new gel is positively charged to attract, trap and block upto 99% of negatively charged airborne particles like a magnet, before it enters our nose and into our blood system...what a clever gel and no electric shocks for anyone!

DI water, Glycerine, Cetyl Alcohol, Polyquats, Lipomulse Luxe, Quaterized wheat, Menthol, preservatives,
Be aware contains petrolatum which some of you maybe allergic to.
Other cosmetic grade ingredients - I don't know what these are, any allergy queries please email Nasal guard directly on

The Inventors story

About 20 years ago, New Jersey resident Ashok Wahi's daughter Aikta frequently suffered from allergies after exposure to her friend's cat. He wanted her to be relieved from the constant sneezing, runny nose and congestion without taking drugs.  When conventional over-the-counter remedies made her sleepy at school, he was motivated to create a drug-free solution for his daughter that wouldn’t cause drowsiness, dry mouth and similar side effects.
The project's goal was to prevent the inhalation of allergens rather than treating the allergy symptoms after the fact.
With this in mind, Wahi put his engineering skills to work and developed a unique gel that blocks allergens on contact, therefore alleviating allergy symptoms. Hence the birth of NasalGuard® technology.
Several years later, Wahi learnt that most of the cold & flu viruses are airborne and enter the body through the nasal passage. He further worked on the principles of blocking the airborne particles and developed new technology which traps, holds and immobilises the airborne viruses before they enter the body; hence the development of NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK®.

The Science Bit
The common cold can be caused by over 200 different viruses, but its usually Rhinovirus or Corona viruses which cause 60% of the common colds we catch. Most of these enter the body via our nose and some the mouth causing stuffed-up running nose, sore throat and sneezing. Children get colds 5-7 times a year on average because of the close contact with other children and women between the ages of 20-30 get more colds than men; possibly because of the close proximity of the children.
Seasonal flu is generally caused by the influenza A or B viruses causing fever, tiredness, aches and pains. 
Colds and flu can be prevented instead of having to treat them; NasalGuard have now brought out a simple and effective preventative treatment for us all.

I was really interested in this product as Ive only got to hear someone sneeze and I have a sore throat or the snuffles as is my other half, so it was something we could both use. I also cannot afford to get a nasty dose of flu ontop of my other health problems as I have a low immune system.

This is a toughie product to review properly and indepth as I usually like to show you guys; as how on earth can I prove a product like this to you all without using it for at least several months. But I have several appointments for the Drs and hospital coming up where we do tend to come back with some snifly bug. So I was looking forward to the reassurance of trying this new gel.

How to use
So first of all after reading the clear instructions we both rubbed a small blob of gel on our top lip under our nostril. It recommends using daily and every 4-6 hours throughout the flu season for the best protection.

The instructions say to rub between your forefinger and thumb, probably to warm it up, then apply a thin layer around your nostrils and top lip till its dry.

 The opaque white gel is light with no smell, I was actually expecting it to smell of something as it does contain menthol; but was really surprised as it had no smell at all. Im not sure why I was slightly disappointed but maybe I felt something medicinal should smell minty, clean or fresh. I feel they are erring on safety for those that don't want a smell under their nose all day; so those that dont like minty smells dont worry you really cannot smell it.
The gel itself goes a long way despite being so small and it claims that there are 150 applications and Ive still loads left and we are both using it.
The light gel rubs in very easily and quickly and leaves no residue at all and you soon forget you have it on at all. Its also moisturizing.
TIP: For the girls put it on before your foundation or you will rub it off, my foundation still applied ok over the top.
TIP: Apply every 4-6 hours when going to crowded places like trains, airplanes, sporting events, theaters etc.

Who needs or will benefit from this gel?
This gel is ideal for everyone as you never know who has a coldy fluey bug, you could get it by 1 person sneezing near you or being in a crowded enviroment with no fresh air circulating.
We all need that extra help with protection and prevention from bugs, whether we are young or old. Getting a cold or flu is a huge deal for some people and they can become seriously ill; so to have the reasurance of this tiny 3g tube of gel that could prevent serious illness its worth every penny.

Keep the bugs away with NasalGuard!

I have had 2 Drs appointments and 1 hospital appointment and so far I do not have any snuffly nose or any signs of flu. The same goes for my other half. Whereas I would have normally had the sniffles so I think I can say its worked. Obviously its hard to say, as to be honest I haven't been out much, I will update this post in a months time to let you know more.
Many gels can have over powering minty smells, or they wont rub in or they dry leaving a crusty residue...not the best look under your nose ;-)
Nasal Guard is perfect, its non smelly, rubs in fast and leaves absolutely no residue at all; we had both forgotten we had it on. I have had no skin reactions or itchiness and its certainly moisturizing. The small tube fits easily into my bag or pocket or glove compartment.

I did think £11.99 was a bit pricey for only a 3g tube, but it does go a long way and can you really put a price on you or your families health? Particularly if you have children or elderly family members; or you have lowered immune systems or more serious breathing or health problems, that a dose of flu or a cold could be alot more dangerous. This is a great product to use quickly and easily into your daily routine.

So far 3 weeks later neither of us have a cold or flu, will keep you updated.

  • Fast drying - Dries fast with no stickiness, non greasy with no residue.
  • Drug Free - No side effects unlike some tablets,
  • Safe invisible cold and flu barrier - Perfect for pregnant Mums the elderly and children,
  • Contains Glycerine and petrolatum - Moisturizing,
  • Long lasting - Gives 150 applications 50 days usage.
  • Compatible with other medications - Drug free and no prescription needed and it can used with all other medication.
  • Easy to carry 3g tube in your bag or pocket.


You can buy your Nasal Guard gel directly from or some Boots stores.

All my thanks goes to NasalGuard for sending me this sample for this review.
My opinions and views are entirely my own.

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