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Exit 9 (A project Eden Thriller) by Brett Battles Book Review

by Brett Battles

From thriller and suspense master Brett Battles comes Exit Nine, the second book in the Project Eden thriller series.

Before, it was just a test, a little demonstration to see if the virus worked. It did, and so much better than its creators could have ever hoped.

But the testing phase is over. It’s time for Project Eden to take the next step. If its members have their way, humanity is about to get a reboot.

It’s up to Daniel Ash and the others in the outnumbered resistance to keep the Project from severely downsizing mankind. But can their small force succeed in the face of a plan decades in the making?

The human race had better hope so, because if Ash and his friends can’t…

Exit 9 is the second book in the Project Eden series and yet another fantastic read from Brett continuing with his fast paced action keeping you gripped to the very last page.
I literally burnt through both book one and this one as I couldn't put them down..,..Im loving this series.
Turning digital pages quickly we are with our favorite characters in particular Captain Daniel Ash as he is asked to join up again with the resistance who originally saved him to help them track down the Bluebirds HQ to help stop their tragic plan of murdering of 99% of the people; so humanity can restart with the deadly virus.
In book one it was just the virus trial; but this book its real they really are going to murder millions of people with their horrific plans and Brett maintains this level of scariness and suspense in the race to try and stop it.

He has maintained the likability of the characters; Ash and Chloe being my favorite. The characters are even more developed and the supporting characters are believable and work brilliantly bringing this plot together. Every chapter creates more thrills and fantastic twists and turns with plenty of edge of seat action. I also love Bretts detailing concerning the technology and gadgets, it makes the story plausible.

This second book is just as good as the first if not slightly better and the extra subplots really add that edge. Wow what another brilliant cliffhanger and no I cant tell you, as you seriously need to read book one first. I really am enjoying Bretts style of excellent writing and is now one of my favorite authors; it feeds my addiction for the possible reality style horrors.

I literally had to go buy book three Pale Horse straight away and waited impatiently as it took the super slow 4 seconds to download to my kindle to carry on reading this incredible storyline ;-)
Watch this space for more reviews.

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Author Bio

Brett Battles is the author of over a dozen novels and several short stories. His second novel, THE DECEIVED (part of his Jonathan Quinn series), won the Barry Award for Best Thriller. He is one of the founding members of Killer Year, and is a member of International Thriller Writers. He lives and writes in Los Angeles. 

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