Wednesday, October 16, 2013

ECO Moist screen cleaner kit x 2 for all devices Review

In the age of touch screen devices we need to keep the screen clean not only to see what we are doing, but to keep bacteria down to safe levels for our own health. Its a known fact that touch screen devices can hold thousands of bacteria. Three times more than your toilet seat...and then you eat your sandwiches.....UGH!
 Did that make you cringe!

But we have to be careful which screen cleaners as we don't want to damage the delicate screens. We pay alot of money for the best and the very latest and then go buy the cheapest cleaner....that's not the best idea is it...yes I know we've all done it.
 We have always had problems finding a screen cleaner as we have a mix of LCD and LED screens and originally we've had to have 2 different types of cleaner!
So my other half did some checking up to see whats available.
Good old Amazon Uk he discovered some great reviews for this ECO screen cleaner it not only said it cleaned screens well but it was also green, environment friendly with no harsh chemicals.
Well if its good for the environment its good for all my screens so we bought this kit which actually came with 2 bottles...BARGAIN!

Nice simple cardboard box to keep inline with recycling and it states clearly thats it cleans the screens of touch screen devices and best of all ITS GREEN! It states on the box to please recycle the packaging too.

ECO Moist 50ml is a natural screen cleaner which is bio-Degradable and hypoallergenic.  Its for all touch screen devices, smart phones, tablets as well as monitors, TV's and both LCD and LED screens.
Computers, laptops, glasses and even windows its worked on everything for us.

 The liquid is clear with no fancy coloration 

Its made of 100% natural herbal constituents. Its free of acids and alcoholic substances, no harsh fumes, no perfumes, no ammonia or volatile organic compounds.

With the kit comes a fine good quality microfibre cloth.

To use
Simply shake bottle and spray across your screen before turning it on so its a cool screen of course...Doh!
Then wipe dust and stains off the screen.

TIP: We even spray onto a separate lint free cloth so its only just slightly damp and wipe over our keyboard and mouse too. It wont harm the plastics or materials as there is no harsh chemicals.

I have to say I am not a environmental warrior although I do care about our earth but Im not one to get everything though I know I should. We bought this kit on the fab 253 Five star reviews (based on 1 item) and the fact you were getting 2 kits for just a bit extra.

I was a bit skeptical at first but.... did it work I hear you ask...oh yes it certainly did..woohoo. I loved the fact you get this ultra soft micro fibre cloth so you are not using kitchen roll..eeep...yes Im guilty of that too! You have everything you need in a small box.
The spray is a lovely fine spray and doesn't soak your screen you have control over 1 or 2 sprays depending on how large your screen is. I was amazed at how well it cleaned our 6 monitors...yes I did say 6 we have 3 each and shocked how dirty they had become, it was like new again. It also brought my iphone screen and tablet up beautifully with no cloudiness or smearing.
I really hate using a product to clean glass, screens etc and then have to spend the next hour polishing the awful smears out. NOT with ECO it cleans quickly and easily.
We have used it on 6 monitor screens, 1 laptop, 2 TV Screens, 1 smart phone, 1 satnav, 1 Nintendo DS and a tablet and 4 pairs of glasses. we are all sparkling new again.

No dirt, no cheap bleachy smells, infact no smell at all; although I don't mind a slight cleaning smell as you FEEL like its cleaner; but its not necessary as is proved with this cleaner.
You cannot go wrong we all need a good cleaner after spending alot of money on our devices, dont skimp and buy cheap and nasty cleaners.
ECO is affordable and if you pay slightly more for the double kit and you can keep one by your PC and one at work.
BUY IT NOW and get to save the environment too!


or buy the single box for ONLY

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