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Crash Michael Robertson Book Review

Crash Michael Robertson Book 1

 Crash - A post apocalyptic / dystopian thriller.

“There are a quite a few adjectives I could use to describe Crash: frightening, graphic, raw, disturbing... and wonderfully written and brilliantly compelling! But let’s hope it isn’t prophetic! The book really is a great read, and the first time I read it, I couldn’t put it down - simply had to finish it.” Mark Hooper, Angel Editing.

Chris’ life of luxury is gone, devastated by the collapse of the European economy. Gas, water, and electricity are all cut off. Food is running out. Even his wife and daughter have gone. Huddled in the smallest room of their lavish house with his petrified and dirty eight-year-old son, Chris has made the decision to stay put. A small army of psychotic scavengers is outside, hell-bent on making the once-privileged pay. Chris now knows that not leaving when he had the option was the worst decision of his life.

Cowering in his home, he watches as his neighbours are dragged into the street and brutally executed. The scavengers have one more house to go, and then it will be his turn. He has to act fast, or he and his son will meet the same fate.

Driven by the need to survive, Chris has decided to keep secrets from his son. Secrets that will make all of the events up until this point seem trivial. Secrets that, one way or another, will come out before the day is done.

*** Warning - This is a horror book and contains scenes that may be upsetting for some readers. *** 

This is the first book I've read from Michael Robertson and it was so different to what I expected.

This shorter story novella unfolds in the aftermath of a global economic crash; its about desperation and the fall of governments. Set in London this originally normal family husband, wife and twin girl and boy were happy and used to living in luxury. This plot is about lack of money recession no jobs, lack of food and how it can turn some people to desperation. We watch as horrific events unfold as a sadistic gang turns up to teach the rich in one cul-de-sac a lesson; and here unfolds a day of horror for father and son.
Warning; this is violent from the start and I was shocked to find it was so sadistic against children....and....a dog; don't get me wrong I get it and it may happen should the world go to pot; but felt this violence was unnecessary. This book isn't for the faint hearted its violent and some will be offended. 

I have to say at this point I have been reading horror stories for over 30 years and really enjoy murder mysteries. But this story left me cold, the main problem for me it was way to short, I felt the whole plot should have been just 1 chapter, then we get on with the rest of the storyline!

I usually enjoy longer novels and would have preferred to see father and son escape and read more of their perils along the way, see more of their survival, how they relate to each other etc. I would have liked to warm to Chris but I genuinely didn't like him or take to him; but maybe the author meant us to dislike him. 
Even though the author kept adding flashbacks to help explain, I didn't feel they helped in anyway and didn't find it was believable. Hey I even wanted to slap him as I hated his attitude especially towards his own son; but then I also wanted to strangle the boy too for being so annoying so the author did get strong emotions from me lol! 
I just didn't take to these two main characters at all (father and son), I felt these characters needed more depth and most good books this horrific have some sort of hope even if its for the next book; but the ending was shocking and far too abrupt. This just didn't work for me.

Author Bio
Michael is a writer from the UK with several publications to his name both online and in print. He has recently won a competition with HarperCollins for his zombie short story 'In the Name of Science'. He writes because he needs to. He writes dystopian, sci-fi, and apocalyptic fiction. Crash is his first ebook release.

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