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Apocalypse Z Dark Days By Manel Loureiro Book Review

By Manel Loureiro

The electrifying sequel to international best seller Apocalypse Z
The Russian-spawned virus that kills swiftly then ghoulishly resurrects its victims as ravenous cannibals has breached international borders.
The infernal progression…
From outbreak to epidemic and pandemic to sheer panic, the virus has shredded global civilization. Promised safe havens become deathtraps, lawlessness crumbles any remaining symbol of authority, and political violence in Spain threatens to erupt in civil war.
In the thick of the deadly madness, the young lawyer finds himself escaping to the Canary Islands in a stolen chopper with a motley crew made up of his Persian cat Lucullus, Ukrainian pilot Viktor “Prit” Pritchenko, 17-year-old beautiful distraction Lucia, and Sister Cecilia, who was trained as a nurse. The distant isle of Lanzarote is rumored to be the only refuge out of the virus’s reach. But with relentlessly multiplying hordes of the living dead—and equally fatal human treachery—blocking their every move, their quest for survival is quickly becoming a suicide mission.
Dark Days

Book 2 of the trilogy which I read straight after the first Apocalypse Z Beginning of the end by Manel Louriero see my full review of the characters HERE.
Again perfectly translated from Spanish to English with no typos.

We are still following our favorite lawyer; reluctant zombie killer, Prit and now with Lucia a gorgeous 17 year old and a nun Sister Cecilia in tow.
Sometimes a second book cannot live up to the first but this was was just as good and more. I loved the twist of now they were not just fighting the undead but the different political factions. Plus with added deceit, murder and dash of romance and a civil war what else could be thrown at them.
But still Prit and the lawyer stand together fighting each others backs despite everything and it really works, you really get behind these two characters as they yet again find themselves in the middle of warring factions and blackmailed into helping the fight against the undead and more.
I didn't find the romance that good between Lucia and our lawyer it would have been nice to simply have a growing relationship, it seemed rushed to say they were in love with so much else going on. It actually wasn't needed but its nice to have the girly aspect involved, maybe book 3 will make this more real.

After reading these 2 books nonstop for 2 days I loved every digital page, devouring every electrifying moment with these guys. It ends on such an enormous cliffhanger it was brilliant but sudden and Im gagging for book 3 to be translated into English... I NEED book 3 hurry!

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 Author Bio

An international bestselling author, Manel Loureiro was born in Pontevedra, Spain, and studied law at Universidad de Santiago de Compostela. After graduation, he worked in television, both on-screen (appearing on Television de Galicia) and behind-the-scenes as a writer. Apocalypse Z, his first novel, began as a popular blog before its publication, eventually becoming a bestseller in several countries, including Spain, Italy, and Brazil. Manel has written three novels in the Apocalypse Z series. He currently resides in Pontevedra, Spain, where, in addition to writing, he is still a practicing lawyer.

See my last review for Book 1 in the trilogy a must have read before this one to get to know the full story and plot.

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