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Yesterdays Gone Series 1 by David Wright and Sean Platt

 Sean Platt and David Wright

On October 15 at 2:15 a.m. everyone on Earth vanished.

Well, almost everyone.

A scattered few woke alone in a world where there are no rules other than survival... at any cost.

A journalist wanders the wretched reality of an empty New York, in search for his wife and son.

A serial killer must hunt in a land where prey is now an endangered species.

A mother shields her young daughter from danger, as every breath fills her with terror.

A bullied teen is thrilled to find everyone gone. Until the knock on his door.

A fugitive survives a fiery plane crash. Will he be redeemed, or return to what he's best at: the kill?

An eight year old boy sets out on a journey to find his missing family. What he finds will change him forever.

And there's a few people who aren't surprised that this happened at all. In fact, they've been dreaming about this day for years.

These survivors aren't truly alone...

Someone or something is watching them.

And waiting...

Strangers unite.

Sides are chosen.

Will humanity survive what it never saw coming?

This is my very first set of books I have read that are a serial; like you get on TV but are now on your kindle, I had my doubts whether I could actually get into a book with the knowing I may have to wait for the next book to be published.leaving me hanging grinding at the bit to find out what has happened to my favorite characters.

BUT OMG I love it, you guys absolutely drive me mad, its fast paced, well written and the cliff hangers are the most amazing cliff hangers I have ever read.
I adore sci-fi and love post apocalyptic reads and films. You have bundled all my favorite aspects of the genre into these books. Im nearly finished season 2 and I cannot put my kindle down, its glued to my hand...What have you don't to me guys...?

The characters are relatable and so believable, I've wanted to yell, scream and shout at the don't do this and its made me feel a whole volley of human emotions within just series one.
I did find it at first confusing jumping from one character to another without them joining up or getting together; but now its like having more stories within one and it really works, its nothing like I have ever read.

Brilliant, imaginative, creative and funny in places and I love Boricio and Brent some fab characters within the series and I'm so hoping they don't get killed off?

Well yes you can tell I loved these books, I highly recommend this style of reading if you love your cliff hangers and don't get too mad waiting for the next installments, I find it exciting and such a refreshing change within the book world.

So looking forward series 3 and 4 I'm bubbling with excitement, you guys are so cruel leaving such amazing cliffhangers for us.

Author Bio

Sean Platt is the beloved author of many novels in several different genres, business books for modern writers, and co-author of the groundbreaking serial, Yesterday's Gone and the genre twisted vampire thriller, Available Darkness. In addition to writing reader pleasing genre and contemporary fiction, such as his highly rated, Four Seasons and the excellent short stories in the Dark Crossings series, Sean writes for children. His book, Syllable Soup, and fairytale series, "Sean Platt's Timeless Stories Written in Timely Rhyme," celebrate language and storytelling in a way that is thoroughly modern and absolutely wonderful. Sean is a writer's writer, with an established online presence and large social media following. Writing under the pen name, "Ghostwriter Dad," Sean helps good writers make a great living. With his books, Writing Online, How to Write a Sales Letter That Works!, and 100 Blog Ideas That Really Work, Sean helps modern writers navigate the world of tomorrow, today.

Author Bio

David W. Wright is an author and cartoonist who writes thrillers, horror, sci-fi, and is also working on a paranormal series to be released in 2012. David is the co-author of Available Darkness and the serialized post-apocalyptic series Yesterday's Gone series with Sean Platt. David writes humorous and heartfelt posts about parenthood at Blogger Dad, about publishing at Collective Inkwell and is posting the first book in the Yesterday's Gone series at Serialized Fiction. He lives on the east coast with his wife, four year old son, and the laziest, most annoying cat not named Garfield.

 The only certainty is that Yesterday's Gone.
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SEASON THREE is available here:
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