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The Sixth Extinction series - part 1- 4 Book Reviews

Those that know me know I love my gadgets but they also know I love zombie apocalypse stuff too, be it on TV, DVD or computer games you name it, I love them.
But Im really enjoying the latest spate of books too.

So when I saw The Sixth Extinction series I couldnt resist.!

 The Sixth Extinction series - 
By Glen Johnson

Mankind is no longer at the top of the food chain.

The Sixth Extinction is an apocalyptic tale about a pandemic that sweeps the globe, decimating the human race, leaving humanity struggling to survive. Within three weeks everything has changed. Social structure has collapsed. The police are non-existent, and the army concentrates on the cities. Gangs of yobs rule the streets. It becomes everyone for themselves.

The story follows three different people, and their journeys of self-discovery through the changing world.
Noah Morgan is just an average twenty-one-year-old. He has no aspirations in life, no girlfriend, few friends, and a dead-end job. Red is a nineteen-year-old female runaway, with a sad past and a disturbing secret. Together they leave behind everything they have ever known, looking for a safe haven.
Doctor Melanie Lazaro is working around the clock, under military supervision, in Exeter University’s Biomedical Sciences Department, trying to create a cure for the new pandemic that is turning humans back to their primordial roots, creating mindless killing machines with only one purpose − to eat.

This is the first book I have read from Glen Johnson and it certainly wont be my last. I made the mistake however of not reading all the reviews as I thought it was going to be a full size novel series of books. I have to admit I wouldn't have bought this knowing it was a "short story" as I'm not a lover of short stories; BUT I have to say this was a fantastic read and had me hooked from page one. So glad I made this mistake. ;-)
I devoured this book and couldn't put it down....5am I finished my last digital page...yes 5 am! I was however disappointed it was soo short but it left me wanting more with its gripping, dramatic ending I certainly wasn't expecting. Well done Glen for leaving all 3 characters in precarious situations and making me BUY the next 3 books...yes I did say bought, as a book reviewer I dont buy many books so it has to be good for me to pay up and its certainly worth it.

I have to say too finally a brilliant British horror writer and I love the fact its set in and around Devon, Im so used to reading this genre of book and almost accepting its set in the US...yay Brits!

Great introduction to the plot beginning with Noah ( the name by the way, perfect for the this series) and I love his character his quite relatable, believable and you warm to him easily as his a real gent. Red is brilliant too; she adds a fun younger aspect and interest finally a girl that kicks ass albeit a wannabe tough girl; but deep down terrified but putting on a great front. Dr Lazaro showing her professionalism and genuine shock reaction despite knowing more about the virus than some. I look forward to knowing more about her and how she can help.

I thought the plot was well put together with enough edge of your seat action at every turn...despite being so short...sheesh! Seriously though I couldn't put this down and what a real twist at the end and I cant wait to now read book 2.
If your a fan of Walking Dead you will love this book, its a medical twist on the Walking dead series and I hope I love the next 3 books as Ive loved this great introduction to the Sixth Extinction series.

Enough said Im off to buy Ruin, Infested and The Ark so I dont have to stop reading lol!!!

Part Two; Ruin
 Ruin is Part II in The Sixth Extinction Series.

A pandemic has swept the globe, decimating humanity, affecting all who breathe in its deadly spores. The Sixth Extinction Series follows a collection of people from all walks of life, as they struggle to survive through the eradication of the human race.
Doctor Melanie Lazaro identified the marker of the disease on the human DNA chain, and she carries a file with the information needed to create a blocker, to stop the disease from spreading. While she was being shown the four different stages of the transformation of the human host, the building came under attack by a horde of the infected. During the attack, she was rescued and placed on a helicopter en route to the Dartmoor military base. The helicopter crashed and Lazaro, along with nine military personnel, has to take shelter in a dentist’s clinic, while fighting back a mass of the infected. They gain new transportation; however, it proves to be a fatal mistake.
Noah and Red join forces with an old woman called Betty, and her special need’s grandson, Lennie. The four of them hear the gunfire of the soldiers from the crashed helicopter, and Noah leaves the three behind in a house while he goes in search of rescue. However, not everything goes according to plan, and he finds himself in the wrong place at the worst possible time.
Due to the timeline, the whole country is now overrun with stage three eaters – crazed, animalistic predators that only have one thing on their mind – to eat. 

Continued from book 1 but we are introduced to Betty an elderly woman and her grand son Lenny a big giant with learning difficulties. He has no fear and has spent his time protecting his Grandma. Red stays with them while waiting for Noah whose seen the military helicopter go down and gone for help.
Glen has made us get to know these four characters better; book two has seen the infected increase massively with them coming at all the characters at every turn. I've really warmed to Noah whose discovered a way of not being noticed by the infected.
Still fast paced and exciting but I really wish it were a longer book. So I'm about to start book three woohoo!

Part Three; Infested

Infested is Part 3 in The Sixth Extinction Series. The Sixth Extinction Series follows a collection of people from all walks of life, as they struggle to survive through the eradication of the human race.
A pandemic has swept the globe, decimating humanity, affecting all who breathe in its deadly spores. There are four stages to the virus. The third stage, where the host human becomes a frenzied, animalistic eating machine, is sweeping the country.
Doctor Melanie Lazaro is trapped along with the five soldiers left alive from the squad of twenty – and one of them is unconscious. The truck they tried to escape in crashed, dumping those on the roof into a pond. Their efforts to defend themselves seem futile as hundreds of creatures bear down upon their location. They need a miracle in order to survive.
Noah left Red, along with Betty and Lennie, in a house while he went looking for help. He finds where the gunfire is originating from, and strips off his clothes to blend in with the horde of charging, naked creatures, to try to reach the army. However, does his plan backfire, when he comes under the sights of a female soldier? In all the chaos around her, can Echo differentiate one naked body from all the others?
Red, Betty, and Lennie are barricaded in a house that comes under attack. Red rigs an explosion in the kitchen, which destroys the back wall, enabling them to escape into an old people’s housing complex. While searching for somewhere safe to wait for Noah’s return, Red stumbles upon two bloated poppers who sense her presence and explode. Betty finds Red’s body among the blood and destruction.
The creatures, whose actions were thought to be erratic, seemed to be pulled together as if a hive mind is in control, as the mass of naked bodies’ surge across the moorland heading towards a specific destination.
However, there is hope. A plan has been in operation since the deadly disease started. It would seem the spore pandemic has been expected and prepared for by the government for over a hundred years, ever since the first pod was discovered in 1898.

Melanie finally learns the full truth, shocked and horrified and finds herself in yet more danger!!! Red, Betty, Lenny and dog are rescued by ground party and travelling onfoot to Dartmoor to meet others. They arrive in truck to see hundreds of infected surrounding prison and attacking.
Thrilling read as haven't stopped reading book 2&3 its 7.15am. I cant possibly sleep now I need to read final book. Gripping edge of seat action, I need to know more about the planned Adam and Eve project!

Part Four The Ark
 The concluding part to The Sixth Extinction Series.

A pandemic has swept the globe, decimating humanity, affecting all who breathe in its deadly spores. There are four stages to the virus. The third stage, where the host human becomes a frenzied, animalistic eating machine, is sweeping the country. However, the creatures have changed; they are no longer unorganized; they are working together, with a deadly agenda in mind.
Doctor Lazaro has been shown The Ark, and told of its founding, and deadly secret. General Philips has summoned her, along with Doctor Hall, to the main hub control room, where she is about to witness the American president do something so shocking she can only stand and watch in stunned, horrified silence.
Noah, Red, Betty, Lennie, and the Squad are making their way through Princetown to get to Dartmoor Prison.
Betty sits silently inside the truck, slowly changing into something they all fear. In her pain-wracked state, she can hear voices in her head.
When the truck arrives, they realize they may already be too late; thousands of creatures are swarming around the prison, clawing at the stonewalls with bleeding hands – something has called the horde together. Then before their eyes, the creatures do something unimaginable, making it possible for them to breach the prison walls and pour inside.
Time is running out. They need to get below ground before it is too late. In the chaos, decisions and sacrifices have to be made.

Okay Ive read all 4 books including this concluding part of the Sixth Extinction series The Ark and wow what an ending.

Opinion of the whole series
I absolutely loved this series, each book brought something new to the storyline and another exciting addition to the story but keeping us enjoying getting to know the main characters.
All main characters are believable and certainly relatable, any one of them could be us.

What I do love about the plot is that it has original ideas; which must be quite hard with the flood of zombie stories around right now. Being a zombie-a-holic I have read alot of zombie apocalypse style books and this one stands out from alot of them. It has a wonderful fast pace and I was glued to every digital page.
I read all 4 books in one night...okay a very sleepless night...damn you Glen..I couldn't put them down and had to read them right through. 7.35am I finished reading...but it certainly wasn't a boring read.
My only niggle was that each book was so short, I read each one in about an hour and it left me really wanting more. I would have loved each of these books to have been novel length to have learnt more about all of the main characters and included some more of the others like Echo, I really love kick ass girls!
Great action, fast flow, detail and gore a perfect zombie apocalypse combination!

I thoroughly enjoyed the read from start to finish and its worth a couple of quid believe me, you will be immersed. At the end of each book Glen leaves you wanting more and you have to get the next one. So I would highly recommend getting the omnibus edition and save some pennies at the same time. I didn't know this was available and had bought them all separately...DOH!

Im now a fan of Glen's work and will reading more. Hurry Glen I cant wait to see the offshoot books of such great characters.

 About the Author

Glen Johnson was born in Devon, England in 1973. He lives in Teignmouth, just a stones throw away from the English Riviera, in a large converted nunnery. He loves to travel and has visited twenty-nine different countries, and lived in Mexico City, Mexico for far too long for a pale skinned European. He has also been married twice - and still refuses to say where he buried them. At present, as well as writing, he works as an Optical Technician.
Why not add Glen Johnson as a friend on Facebook. From his author's page, you can keep up to date with all his new releases, and when his kindle books are free on Amazon. He checks it daily, so pop on and say hello! Don't be shy he's a friendly chap.

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