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The Running Mat

The Running Mat

I was recently offered this brilliant new idea to review from the lovely people at Running mat.

Those that saw Dragons Den may have already seen this great idea from Donna Kerr-Foley Outdoor fitness trainer and founder of the Running Mat and No Lippy Bootcamp.

If not you still can watch the whole programme for a few more weeks yet HERE
Donna sought £50,000 investment to take this great product global, but received tough words from Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Jones, she remained confident and calm despite I feel unfair criticisms and finally won both Deborah Meaden and new dragon Kelly Hoppen for the wanted sum.

Congratulations Donna you deserve it!

 Image from Kelly Hoppens website
Donna Kerr-Foley wearing her Running Mat; between the 2 dragons
Kelly Hoppen and Deborah Meaden.

What is the Running Mat?
Donna being an outdoor fitness instructor realised the need for a portable compact exercise mat for personal trainers, boot camps, fitness camps, runners and hikers. She felt guilty that her clients often ended up soaked through from lying on the wet grass doing situps and covered in mud or possibly worse putting their hands in dog poo...euew!
She wanted to design an exercise mat that was portable light, waterproof and easy to clean and cushioned enough to protect joints and clothing whilst exercising.

The Running Mat belts securely around your hips or waist enabling you to still run, jog or walk comfortably without it getting in the way, without the need to carry mats with you. You can then add core work and stretches to your run and workout; perfect for those that enjoy yoga in the park, this will keep you dry.

Take a look at Running mats promotional video, its so simple to use at anytime in your exercise routine.

The running mat arrived quickly and was sealed in a clear poly bag.

The Running mat logo is clearly printed onto the back cleverly positioned so others can see it while your wearing it too.

The Running Mat itself is neatly folded into a padded belt to be worn around your waist.

Back of Mat.

Its fastened around your waist by a large black plastic clip connector, like those found on rucksacks which are extremely light and strong. 

 The whole mat is then velcro's shut to keep it from unfolding.

 The mat itself is machined well and completely edged with more nylon webbing.

 Opened up the mat is backed with shiny black nylon and padded with a thin layer of foam.

The inner mat that you sit on is like a silver space blanket as the material holds in the heat in the area your using. Perfect for those damp and wet Winter and Autumnal days to keep your bum warm while sitting on it. Remain warm while practising your yoga moves and no more getting chilled half way through.

Folded up ready to be worn it is 18 inches in length by 5 inches depth,
Will fit up to a 45 inches waist or hips with an extra 2 inch of stretchiness so this will fit most people.
Minimum waist is 23 inches and it goes so tight and small that; hey girl you should be eating more and ont need to exersise.
Opened up - 35 inches by 18 inches,

Thickness is 3mm but dont be put off its actually quite deceiving and still feels padded at this, Im guessing there are 3 layers,1 waterproof black nylon layer, 1 innerfoam and 1 the silver space blanket. Forming a nicely padded sandwich for you butt and elbows and knees; plus keeping you dry and warm.

I was excited to try the running actually for running as I cant do long runs or full on exercising, but I would certainly use it during my wildlife photography out in the fields.

 I often need to put my camera and lenses down and its usually on the wet grass...eeep...not the best for such expensive delicate equipment. This is ideal for what I need and I know other photographers will agree.

 I finally have some comfort while waiting for hours for that elusive deer or fox to appear without getting my knees or bum soaked through. Ive never been a girl who has minded getting wet or dirty to get "That shot" but it certainly is nice to have that bit of comfort now especially on a longer photo hike and especially in Winter or in wet weather.
I usually take a bin bag to place them on or kneel on to take the images on wet muddy ground; as wildlife always picks the muddiest dirtiest, rockiest and most uncomfortable area to be pictured on.

You can see here the mat does look quite bulky but it really isn't, its surprisingly light and once clipped round your waist and the adjustable strap is pulled to fit, you hardly notice your wearing it.

You can wear it around the waist or lower on the hips like me; either way its comfortable.

The clip is completely adjustable to fit most sizes, if your used to rucksacks and some bags its the same clips, easy to use and slide to fit. Plus you can tuck away the excess strapping you will have dangling.

Plenty of room to sit down after a long hike or ramble or after some strenuous sit-ups, keeps your bum warm and dry.

Double Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes is supporting Kelly Hoppen's decision to invest in this genius fitness product!

Is it a mat or a belt...does it know...well actually its both! I love my running mat even though I personally cannot use it as a "running mat"; its ideal for my photography and Ive had many comments from other photographers who will be buying this for that in itself. That little bit of foam is perfect for lying in wait for that rare bird or shy animal and...keeping my bum warm and dry! This is real luxury compared to my normal wet knees, bum and legs and finally I can keep my equipment safe and dry when changing or cleaning lenses out and about.

I've found it perfect to just throw around your waist and go, no preparation needed. Its simple, lightweight and excellent quality and just damn convenient. This is also ideal for ramblers who just want somewhere clean and dry to sit to eat their picnic; no more lugging chairs or larger blankets in bags. If you dont want this round your waist strap it around your rucksack you wont notice its there.
Perfect for those that want to enjoy their yoga or Tai Chi in the countryside with nature, but dont want to bring natures mud...and more...home on you or your clothes!

 Fitness instructors and boot camp instructors add core and stretchwork to your routines and keep your clients happy, they dont have to get wet or uncomfortable now, protect their clothes and joints with the Running mats. (Images above from Running Mat).

To be honest its an affordable addition to any household as it can be used on so many occasions, by different members of the family.

Heat holding internal layer,
Easy clean,
Use for indoor or outdoor use.

None in its build and quality.
Fractionally longer would mean you could get your head on it as well.

Buy your Running Mat from
Running Mat

Its also available at Sports Direct and Start Fitness and other retailers very soon.

All my thanks goes to The Running Mat and Donna Kerr-Foley for sending me this to review free of charge.
 All my views and opinions are my own.

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