Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Ring Clock Have Time on your hands!

As a girl I do love my jewellery, but I also love my tech, so when I first saw this amazing new idea on Indiegogo
I had to share it with you all; what a perfect timepiece for a gadgetaholic!

The new Ring Clock was designed by Guszrav Szikszai 2 years ago, since then him and his team have been fine tuning the design and technology to bring it to you and I.

I also love that mechanical steampunk look with its gorgeous clean and simple design. Its made from allergy free surgical steel with a blue and orange LED that lights up when you spin the face rings. The LED's remain lit for a minute afterwards.

Its thin battery runs on an up to the minute USB Qi wireless charging pad offering you up to a weeks use. How gorgeous will this look at the side of your bed.

So if you are looking for something that will be an amazing conversation piece or something that is completely unique and beautiful to wear; the Ring Clock is for you.

Go support the guys at Indiegogo and buy one here and help them reach their goal, these gorgeous Ring clocks have to be made available to the world, its the ultimate in gadgety clocks!

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