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Monstrous by Sean Platt and David Wright Book Review

Monstrous by Sean Platt and David Wright

They say that behind every comedian lurks a tortured soul…
Yet, comedian Henry Black finally has everything he’s always dreamed of: a thriving career, and a wife and daughter who he loves more than life itself. After years of struggle, he finally has it made.
Until three men force their way into his home, killing Henry and destroying the safe, comfortable world he has built for his family.
But that is only the beginning of his hellish torment. He wakes in purgatory, where he’s met by two men, both offering a choice. Randall offers a chance at heaven. Boothe, however, offers something far more tempting—a chance to go back to his life.
A chance to see if his family is okay.
For Henry, there is no choice. He accepts Boothe’s deal. But with every deal comes a price: his body is twisted to match his sins, and Henry is no longer the man his wife remembered—Henry is no longer a man at all.
He is monstrous.
Thrust into darkness and madness—unable to be with the people he loves—Henry embraces his new form, and his new supernatural abilities, and does the only thing he can: avenge his murder. But as Henry grows closer to the truth of what happened on that terrible night, he grows further from his humanity.
How far will he go to seek revenge?
And is he willing to sacrifice his soul?

Anyone who has read anything from the libraries of Sean Platt and David Wright this is a must have read. If you haven't ever read any of their books, its a great one to start with and decide if you like waiting for the next installment like your favorite TV show.
Im a huge fan of their work at Collective Inkwell and was really looking forward to reading this one as its slightly different style to their other series.

Yet again I polished this book off in 2 main sittings and couldn't put it down till I'd turned that last digital page.

What is slightly different about Monstrous is that its the first serial the boys have concentrated on with one point of view. Whereas we have been used to following multi-characters in their other serials. This has been a nice change as they have focused more on Henry and the world around him.
The plot revolves around a comic who has finally become successful after years of hard work; but a devastating family tragedy destroys everything he had.  Its a violent first chapter that will keep you hooked. Monstrous is about stone cold revenge and how it can eat you up.
I really love Henry, I was emotionally attached within the first few chapters; his so believable and very relatable as we can all sympathize with how he feels in these traumatic circumstances. What is great about this book its following human nature and I think everyone reading this book will be rooting for poor Henry. Does he help his wife or daughter what a choice to have to make! 
I wondered how the boys could make demons and angels work within the book without seeming cliche, but by god they have..what a fantastic read! 
I love Ezra and as another reviewer mentioned he really reminded me too of Dobby from Harry Potter. (Can you keep him..please don't kill him off).

Boothe the demon was one of Sean and David's favorite characters to write and one of mine to follow. You know he's up to something but you don't know what till the end...! 
Its a brilliant start to a fantastic new series, its an extremely well written, compelling, fast paced read which I simply couldn't put down. I loved how Henry has to face so many different dangers and I really enjoyed the twists you guys have thrown in. It doesn't have as many cliffhangers as their other serials as its more focused on Henry; which I love as a change.
The other characters involved are also strong and engaging and the intense pace keeps you addicted till the end; you wont be disappointed! The ending has a fantastic twist something I really wasn't expecting; you rotten devils...its yet another fab cliffhanger, it would make a fantastic film and I wouldn't have expected anything less from the boys! 
Now I cant wait for Monstrous series two to see whats instore for Henry and his family.
How far would you go to protect your family...?  

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 429 KB
  • Print Length: 265 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1611099412
  • Publisher: 47North (27 Nov 2012)

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 Author Bio

Sean Platt is the beloved author of many novels in several different genres, business books for modern writers, and co-author of the groundbreaking serial, Yesterday's Gone and the genre twisted vampire thriller, Available Darkness. In addition to writing reader pleasing genre and contemporary fiction, such as his highly rated, Four Seasons and the excellent short stories in the Dark Crossings series, Sean writes for children. His book, Syllable Soup, and fairytale series, "Sean Platt's Timeless Stories Written in Timely Rhyme," celebrate language and storytelling in a way that is thoroughly modern and absolutely wonderful. Sean is a writer's writer, with an established online presence and large social media following. Writing under the pen name, "Ghostwriter Dad," Sean helps good writers make a great living. With his books, Writing Online, How to Write a Sales Letter That Works!, and 100 Blog Ideas That Really Work, Sean helps modern writers navigate the world of tomorrow, today.

Author Bio

David W. Wright is an author and cartoonist who writes thrillers, horror, sci-fi, and is also working on a paranormal series to be released in 2012. David is the co-author of Available Darkness and the serialized post-apocalyptic series Yesterday's Gone series with Sean Platt. David writes humorous and heartfelt posts about parenthood at Blogger Dad, about publishing at Collective Inkwell and is posting the first book in the Yesterday's Gone series at Serialized Fiction. He lives on the east coast with his wife, four year old son, and the laziest, most annoying cat not named Garfield.

I just wanted to thank the guys for sending me a free copy of Monstrous for this review; my views and opinions are my own.

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