Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Z2134 Episode 1 by Sean Platt and David Wright

By Sean Platt and David wright

I have recently read all 3 seasons of Yesterdays Gone and am sitting on tenderhooks for the next series. Its another book serial from the pens of Sean Platt and David Wright, the authors of the brilliant Yesterdays Gone book serial!
What do I read now Im lost...but wait a zombie series like my all time favourite TV show EVER Walking Dead and like the Hunger Games my alltime fave book EVER!!! Is this too good to be true.
I had to buy this book; but a part of me was already convinced it wouldn't matchup to these award winning books.

WOW I was so wrong, I have just this minute finished reading series 1 of Z 2134 its fanbloodytastic!
Great fast paced plot believable characters and not too many characters to have to keep up with like Yesterdays gone. (As much as I love and adore the incredible series of YG I struggled to keepup with so many people and where their doubles were.)

Z2134 is an easy addictive electronic page turner that I couldn't put down till the page.
The year of 2134 is strict and cruel and god forbid you cross the government.  Three main stories around one family and each quite different from the other and all just as good. Even the supporting characters are interesting and add to each story well.
I can relate to all the characters and I love the similarity of the Hunger games, its no cheap knockoff. The boys have created another masterpiece of serials. They've taken the best parts of Hunger Games which we all loved with cruel twists and run with it adding The Walking Dead's world of zombies and added even more sadistic ideas of making the unlucky contestants kill their team mates.
Those bored with zombies give it a go as its not shoved in your face on every page and their creative style of writing makes this zombie book better than any others you may have read! You will hear the gnashing of jaws in your sleep its so well written. Well done guys you've nailed another great storyline!
Their imagination takes you into mind controlling government's, underground groups and deceit, not knowing who to trust? The boys have added their special imaginative twists that they are well known for which makes this book exciting and soooo addictive.
If you loved Hunger Games and love Walking Dead Im sure you'll love this more. Make sure you spare the time to read as you wont want to put this down!
What have you done to me, I have to read more......But oh no its not out yet... what am I going to do?
Its Available darkness for me next off to click Buy now, I cant believe Im actually paying real money and buying another lol!
I need more zombie mayhem....hurry!!!!

Buy yours from Amazon HERE

For more about the boys and their other amazing series of books see their website
The Collective Inkwell

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