Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yesterdays gone series 3 by Sean Platt and David Wright

by Sean Platt and David Wright

After reading series 1&2 together I read this straight through. Another brilliant read from the boys, I loved every digital page devouring them like my fave chocky bar. I found it an easier read than series 1 & 2 as I have to admit I got a bit lost with who was who; BUT I didn't giveup as Im completely hooked with so many twists and edge of seat action that goes with these talented authors.

This series 3 had far better flow to it for me and I was able to really immerse myself into the plot and I completely understood who was who. I found I really knew the characters and Boricio is a fab, foulmouthed goodguy; his sense of humour made me smile! His completely believable and I really warmed to him despite his past and would love to meet him ;-)
Infact I found all the characters well put together and relatable in different ways. I Loved the boys imaginative twists and turns which makes this book so believable, yes I know its another world with Aliens but the descriptive prose is amazing.

Sitting on tender hooks for series 4 now! You boys are one of the very few books I have bought. As a book reviewer Im lucky enough to receive many books a week to review, but Im addicted and just had to read more and actually paid for both series 1&2 and now 3; plus I have Just bought Z2134 and series 1 of Available Darkness. I cant wait to immerse myself in these too while Im waiting for series 4. Im officially a Goner now and proud to be one.
So after another fantastic twist to the ending of series 3 its yet another brilliant cliffhanger but its given us as the reader enough to chomp on till series 4, thanks boys keep-up the great work.Buy series 3 from Amazon HERE

If you havent yet read any books from these guys need to...especially if you love your darker sci-fi and apocalypse and horror style genres.

Read more about the brilliantly written serial books from Sean Platt and David Wright at the Collective Inkwell

You can choose to buy the books individually or by the series like I did and save some pennies.




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