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Waterfield Smartphone Travel Case

With our age of gadgets and devices we want them with us all the time and that includes travelling.

Some of our gadgets are expensive and sensitive and cannot simply be thrown into our bags and I personally have found it hard to find good gadgety bags that you can trust; with great padding, good quality zips which also have style and design.

I am certainly now one of those people that cannot leave the house without my mobile and tablet and solar chargers and lots of other bits and bobs, but I end up just throwing them in my hand bag and having to be careful with what's banging against each other. I had actually given up finding good fashion styled bags; as it was more important to get padding etc.
I then discovered a US firm called Waterfield Designs who design and make bags for every gadget.

See my full photo review after the jump.

They are designed and made in San Fransisco 
Gary, the founder, is a long-time cyclist, a former Boston bike messenger, and an admitted bagophile. In 1998, while cycling to his corporate job as General Manager of a Mountain Bike Company, he had an epiphany. Why not combine the best elements from his bike messenger bag (roominess and accessibility) with the organization of a company briefcase (lots of pockets)?
This eventually led to WaterField's signature product, the Cargo Bag. Gary’s designer friends, of course, freely expressed their opinions on the first prototype, and Gary took all their comments to heart and used them to hone the Cargo Bag’s design. Even now, customer feedback continues to be the inspiration behind the design of every product in WaterField’s line of bags, computer cases, totes, and accessories.

So I was really excited when the lovely people from Waterfield sent me their
Smart Phone Travel Case for this review today. 

This travel case is fully padded and specially designed with plenty of pockets to find everything I need quickly without fumbling around and hauling everything out on your lap or on the ground, a know what I mean girls dont've lost your keys and they naturally migrate to the bottom of the bag, so everything has to come out wherever you are...sheesh?

Now everything has its place!

My Smart phone travel case arrived within a week from the US and was packaged perfectly and arrived in a clear polybag to protect it.

This stylish padded pouch comes with self locking zippers brilliant with such expensive smart phones and gadgets. The idea is that the case looks and feels thin and compact even when full. It can then be quickly and safely packed into a backpack, purse or messenger bag.

This fully padded pouch comes in 3 different sizes to suit your gadgets and requirements;
Large Travel Case 10" x 5.5" x 1.5" / 7oz
Medium Travel Case 7" x 3.5" x 2" / 4oz
Small Travel Case 6" x 2.75" x 1.5"/ 2oz

I was lucky to receive the large...eeep I certainly need it with the amount of technology I want to carry with me nowadays.

It also comes in 6 colours
Mine arrived in this gorgeous metallic red. Its not a bright red it has a lovely soft metallic sheen to it giving it an expensive elegance.

 The outer case is ballistic nylon used in bullet proof vests. Its highly durable and keeps its lustre for many years.

You can see how nice and chunky these zips are as well as being a nice deep tooth too. They are industrial strength heavy duty self-locking zips; meaning you just flip it down and it wont just fall open, you have to lift it up to unlock.

 They are a nice large sized zip, easy to grab and use in a hurry.

It also has a lovely 1.5 inch looped handle to easily slip this through your fingers for extra stability; and can be easily clipped to another bag with a carabina etc, or even looped through your belt if hiking etc.

One of the first things you notice is actually how easy it is to just pick up the bag, its slim design makes it perfect to slip into cases, backpacks and messenger bags.

I absolutely love the rubberised material base and sides, giving it a really rugged finish.

Its similar to that of a baseball type texture and the rubberised nodules means it wont slip and slide off shiny surfaces, it grips well and it also makes it easier to grip and pick up.

The rubbery base also means it stands up by itself.

You dont have any worries if you need to put this case on a wet surface; although the red ballistic nylon material is water resistant not waterproof so dont knock it in the bath, but it will be fine if caught in a rain shower. 

The whole bag has been beautifully finished and stitched, the seams are just perfect.

I love attention to detail and even the zips have been neatly finished and blended extremely well into the rubberised sides.

 You also get the embroidered Waterfield designer logo.

The Smartphone travel case has 2 major pockets, one main and one on the front, each area divided up to make it easier to store your cables and gadgety items and find them easily.

Main case
The Main case has 5 inner pockets and room to slip something inbetween.

The 2 inside pocket measurements one side
12cm width by 10cm high each,

The 3 inside pockets the opposite side.
9cm x 11cm high,
8cm x 10cm high,
9cm x 11cm High.

There is approx 4cm of added room above the stated measurements up to the zip; to slip items taller than the pockets I need to say this... ;-)

All 5 pockets are made of a foamy texture and lined in felt as is the whole inner case.
The clever bit is the gorgeous gold bottom lining, so it not only looks cool and modern but is uselful as it helps you see what's in the main bag.
As much as I love my fashionable black bags they are a nightmare to see what you have lurking at the bottom.

The whole case is padded to approximately 1cm all round and then the pockets themselves have an added 2-3 mm padding so your devices are completely protected.

 The case is completely flexible and its designed to see easily inside.

 Front pocket
Front pocket
The front pocket doesn't have the padded fronts of the main pocket as its meant for smaller thinner items like cables or credit cards etc. The pockets are made of fine black net which is still extremely durable and strong.
The 2 large pockets in here are approximately 12cm x 12cm.

 Again gold material gives an expensive feel and makes it easier to see inside.

Being addicted to my gadgets I have acquired quite a few that I want to carry around with me...okay cant bare to be without...there I said it ;-)
So Im so pleased to finally have somewhere to keep my precious devices safe and secure. When I first picked up this bag I was surprised how light it is considering the lovely thick padding.

So your dying to know what did I get inside it, well I even surprised myself.

Wait for it...I have to show you just what's inside this Tardis bag...I hope your sitting down!

I was amazed at just how many items I got into this gorgeous bag, without it looking like it was busting from the seams.
(Click for larger image).

In the main case I got...

Main pocket
  1. Iphone 3G
  2. Power Monkey Explorer solar charger and battery pack (review soon)
  3. Bluetooth keyboard (review soon),
  4. USB mini torch (review soon),
  5. Bassbuds Earphones,
  6. Creative Stealth 64GB flashdrive (review soon),
  7. Pocket Monkey (review coming soon),
  8. Sportshaler,
  9. Iphone & Nano 6th gen charger cable,

Front Pocket
  1. Apple Nano 6th with Digem,
  2. Iain Sinclair Cardsharp 2,
  3. Iain Sinclair EON Credit card flashlight,
  4. Emobox 8GB creditcard flashdrive,
  5. Pill box,
  6. Booklight,
  7. Sensu Brush stylus (review coming soon),
  8. Parker pen,
  9. Notebook,
  10. World of Warcraft authenticator so I can play anywhere,
  11. Sandisc jessops, compact flash hi speed USB,
  12. My faithful lippy of course...most importantly.

 The zip shows absolutely no signs of strain.

Im so impressed with how much is inside with it all zipped up and its hardly bulging.

Plus its still maintaining its slim look; despite the amount inside, its perfect.

Cosmetics and Jewellery

I just thought I would mention too, this case doesn't have to be just for gadgets.
 I also wanted to show you another version I tried with some of my cosmetics and jewellery, as a holiday or overnight bag; its a perfect case for any occasion.

 The top 2 lines of make-up and creams fitted easily into the main case and all the jewellery and watch you see at the front fitted into the front pocket.

Please click for larger images!

Phew..all those years of gaming; playing Tetris really paid off!!! ;-)

Im absolutely blown away with what excellent quality this case is. With our daily technology comes its cables and chargers and we all need something to keep all those extra bits and bobs together. Whether its for a holiday, weekend away or a daily commute this case will be invaluable. Im now keeping all my chargers and gadgety bits all in one place, I know they are safe and I can just grab the bag and take it with me anywhere.
This will protect every item inside until you need it and the well designed pockets make it easy to organise your items for easy access.
The case has gorgeous aesthetics giving it a sporty but really modern designer feel. The high quality materials and choice of colours makes it certainly a unisex case and I feel everyone NEEDS one of these.
Dont waste your money on cheap nylon-plasticky cases, youve paid alot for your smart phones and gadgets dont skimp on its travel case; its not worth it.

But this is not the only case Waterfield offer, choose from wallets, ipad cases, laptop bags and sleeves, gear pouches, gaming cases, keyboard cases and accessories. 
Whatever your taste in bags they will have something for you. Take a peek at their other designs HERE.

Excellent quality materials,
Fully padded gadget case,
Ballistic Nylon,
Self locking zips,
Great colours,
Water resistant,
Rubberised base and sides for grippyness,


 You can buy your own Smartphone Travel Case
from Waterfield Designs
 Large $39
Medium $37
Small $35

 All my thanks goes to Waterfield for sending me this gorgeous case for this review. 
My views, photos and opinions are my own.

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