Thursday, August 22, 2013

USB Rechargeable Pocket Torch

Im a bit of a sucker for USB gadgets so when I saw this mini USB torch for sale on the Discovery Store I couldn't resist.
We live in the middle of nowhere so torches are always high priority as we have frequent power cuts. I loved the fact this torch was rechargeable and pocket sized so I could keep it in my bag at all times.

I do love my torches and have acquired a few pocket style ones and each one has its place. But you can see just how small this little Discovery store one is compared to my credit card ones.


Please see my full review after the jump.

This little torch arrived in standard blister packaging and is one of the Discovery Stores own named products. I was slightly disappointed mine arrived white instead of the blue shown but its no big deal; I just wanted the handiness of having a small rechargeable torch with me at all times.

Back of the packaging

The packaging is simple and to the point, you can clearly see what's inside with no frills or whistles, but for £4.95 what do you expect.

This pocket sized torch is only 5.5cm long and 2cm wide and ideal for keeping in your bag, kit bag glove box, or just anywhere you may need one. Its light with its waterproof black and white ABS body.

The little black lid twists off its bayonet fitting to reveal a USB connector to charge your torch.

 Here you get the idea of just how small this is from the USB connector itself.

 It takes less than an hour to charge sometimes only 30 minutes; while charging the bright LED glows red; once its charged it turns to a bright green.

Here it is fully charged plugged in directly to my laptop.

 The LED's are super bright so you can see what stage your little torch is on its charge.

Once charged screw the black lid back back on the USB end and then simply twist the other end left for a normal standard torch and right for an emergency strobe function. This is quite a novel extra on such a cheapy torch.

When I say Im quite impressed, I really am impressed as for this review I fully charged this dinky torch and left it on to see just how long it would stay on. Most of my larger torches might last 30 minutes to an hour but to be fair they are alot more powerful.
BUT this little beauty has stayed on for over 24 hours...yes you heard right OVER 24 hours, its actually nearly 48 hours now. Okay I would say its probably too dim to use after 24 hours but the fact is...its on...and its stayed a usable brightness for a full day. Its ONLY £4.95 and with only 30 minute or less charge to have lasted this long is amazing. Think of camping needing a light on all night for some reason this is just amazing for it small size.
It is so bright and the details say its 25 lumen's and I say that's about right compared to a few of my other 20 lumen torches, its quite a bit brighter than those. The fact you have a strobe is a bonus too, perfect for real emergencies.
The beam itself has a good length and spread which I have tried to show in these images. The image above shows the torch is approx a foot away from my white wall and it still has a good spread.

In this image you can see just how bright it is.

 And just how far the light spreads and maintains that strength.

My only niggle and Im being picky; is that it doesn't have a keyring hole, it has approx 2mm indent on the USB lid, so you could tie a lanyard tightly round it but I wouldn't trust it to not fall off. For something so handy and pocket sized I would like to keep it on my keyring.

I have to say it completely surprised me, this waterproof torch is bright, light and the charge lasts for approximately 150+ minutes per 10 minutes of charge, according to the product details and Ive found this to be about right and a bit more. To have lasted over 24 hours is fantastic value and I've hardly charged it at all since I've had it.
Its perfect for those outdoor hobbies camping, fishing and photography and of course just kept in your bag or glove box for when you need it.
Its really super bright for its size and once its clicked on it stays on till you turn it off. Its handy affordable and ideal as an extra gift for someone, everyone at some point would use this torch. You dont get much nowadays for £4.95.

  • Rechargeable,
  • Waterproof,
  • Strobe function,
  • 25 lumen's,
  • Coloured red to green charging indicator.
A keyring hole would have been nice, this is crying out to be added to your keyring.

Get your Mini Rechargeable Torch from the

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