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Panasonic Lumix one of my favorites for compact cameras.

I wanted to offer you a fun informative post about Panasonic range of cameras; as I have been using their Lumix range for over 6 years.

Panasonic Lumix TZ30 on left and Panasonic TZ 3 on right.

Those of you that know me know I love my cameras, obviously I have my pro SLR; but I have been using Panasonic Lumix cameras for over 6 years. I first got my Lumix TZ3 when it first came out in 2007. I used that till I wanted a spare and we bought the upgraded Lumix TZ30.
Alot of the images you see on Gadget Girl are taken with my Lumix TZ30 and all my videos are taken with the TZ30 as the quality is just brilliant. The Lumix's just keep getting better and better, both cameras are hard wearing and have been in and out of my bags on a daily basis and I dont have 1 scratch on them. I keep the TZ3 around for snapshots or when we both want to go out with cameras.
Reviews coming soon!

Lots more interesting facts after the jump!

So when I dont want to lug my SLR and lenses around, I have my trusty Lumix in my bag...just incase. I absolutely swear by these small cameras. I have taken distance shots all the way back down to macro and the quality is there at both ends of the scale.

But not only cameras we have always used the Panasonic microwaves and video recorders too, they seem to have great build and quality across the electrical products from cameras to kitchen equipment.
I just cant fault the Panasonic products that we have used over the years.

 In 1930 1 billion images were taken compared to 380 billion in 2011 this is a massive turn around with the availability and pricing of cameras, making it easier for the everyday person to take photos from their phones or buy smaller compact cameras.

We have seen alot of changes over the years in cameras and Ive been lucky enough to follow alot of that, by having the opportunity to use film cameras and printing and enlarging images using the old fashioned ways of the dark room.
 I'll never forget that wonderful chemical smell....mad...I know but it brings back great memories of hours in the dark room watching the image, that you have taken by skill of using a film camera, no previewing the image or deleting and starting again back then. You had to get the settings correct first or you would waste alot of money on film and processing.
To see your image appear in the tray of clear fluid always gave me goose bumps...sigh...! But I wouldn't go back there now; the new digital age makes things so much easier and you can concentrate on getting that perfect image, rather than sweat over settings too much; today technology does so much of the work for you, so you can really enjoy photography itself.

The Panasonic Lumix range now make photography so easy for everyone, with so many options for every style of photography you wish to use it for. From macro to landscapes, party shots and portraits.
We are now seeing a new "MOBILE" photographer appearing with people taking the most amazing photos with their compacts and mobile phones. Using the latest apps online to quickly edit and then share that image in seconds.

Its easy to get overwhelmed with the differences in cameras available, take a look at this quick info graphic above and it may help you decide which type of camera is for you.
Panasonic offer a camera to suit everyone from the compacts for the happy snapper to Bridge and DSLR's for those that want to be a bit more creative.

The newest to the Panasonic Lumix range is the upgrade to mine the
Award winning  Lumix TZ40 superzoom travel camera which has an equivalent range of 24-480mm, the same as my TZ30 which is amazing for this size camera, I love having such a great range. 18 million pixel high sensitivity MOS sensor. Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 videos, GPS and 3 inch large multi-touch screen. It also has 10fps high speed shooting...drool...!
You can also use Wi-Fi and NFC, so you can use your smart phone or tablet as a remote control, or transfer an image from device to device, you can even control the TZ40's zoom , set the focus and shoot from a distance. Then instantly upload to your networking sites or send to family and friends in seconds.
Im actually tempted myself ;-)
Read more techy details HERE
Plus the chance of winning one yourself

If your not sure which compact or bridge or SLR camera to go for you cannot go wrong with buying a Lumix, try out that technology you wont look back, you have quality, ease of use and design style.
 But dont take just my word for it,
check out the Panasonic site and see for yourself.

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