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GMYLE Bluetooth Mini rechargeable Stereo Speakers video review

Black wireless mini portable rechargeable bluetooth 3.0 stereo speakers
For Smart phones and bluetooth enabled devices like tablets and laptops.

Most of us enjoy music whatever genre; whether its Pop, R&B, Hiphop, jazz or classical etc, its our way of relaxing or enjoying in the background while doing other things. Either way its for enjoyment to switch off.
Generally we have to listen to music where our devices are, the music system in the home, on the laptop or in the car; but like many others I want to listen to my music in the garden for a barbecue, in the country on a picnic or on the beach. I have my iphone but I cant turn it up loud enough to enjoy and listen to with friends.

In 2013 we have had a massive influx of mini bluetooth speakers that's hit the market and being a complete bass baby I'm always on the look out for great sounding speakers. Plus, I'm gradually becoming a fan of bluetooth as I dont have to carry wires and cables with me.

The lovely guys at GMYLE kindly sent me a few Bluetooth items to review.

 The gorgeous
Black wireless mini portable rechargeable bluetooth 3.0 stereo speakers and
Black Mini aluminium 10 inch Blue tooth wireless keyboard.
Nexus 10 is my own.

Please read more and see the video review after the jump

 GMYLE stands for Gadgets Make Your Life Easier
A brilliant name for a company that's been offering gadgety ideas since 2005. The company themselves are a trusted name in developing MacBook, Tablet and Smartphone accessories, bluetooth speakers and keyboards, QI wireless chargers and many other products that help consumers lives. They are wanting to provide high quality products for economical prices making great products available to all of us.

My gorgeous items arrived within 4-5 days from the US amazing as some of my UK parcels take double that. They were extremely well packaged and arrive in plain white cardboard packaging. Inside both speakers are kept firmly and safely secured in transparent moulded plastic.

 Whats in the box
  •  2 Bluetooth speakers,
  • Connection mini 8 pin cable,
  • User manual,
  • Micro USB charging cable,

Its not often you receive 2 speakers...yes I did say 2....when looking for portable mini bluetooth speakers, but GMYLE have an incredible sale on at this moment offering these for only $24.98, you cant even get 1 speaker for this that's any good.
Both speakers have an audio output of 2W.

When you first get these speakers out the box you will notice how compact they both are, one being slightly heavier as it contains the rechargeable battery. You have the option of black or white speakers and I had to choose the black as I think most things techy looks incredible in black. 
They come as a left and right speaker and are a beautiful high gloss black with red top plastic grill and 3 red main buttons on the right speaker. Both speakers have a silver embellishment circle for design this gives a more classy feel.

The main right handed speaker has 3 red rubber buttons, the plus and minus allow you to up and down the volume easily without using your device giving a lovely satisfying sci-fi bleep everytime.
The middle button allows you to turn the speakers on and off and holding it down for 6 seconds prepares for pairing of bluetooth.

 The main speaker has mini USB 3.0 charging port and both speakers have a 3.5mm audio jack for wired audio. (This cable is not included)

They both have 3 small rubber feet with a very clever secret. Yes speakers can have secrets...ssh!

If you turn the left speaker upsidown, you can sit the right speaker (with the buttons) ontop, its own feet sit into identical indents on the bottom speaker magnetically forming 1 tall elegant stylish speaker....this is really cool thing to do and I love how it looks.

The aesthetics are just gorgeous on these.

To connect your speakers together with the supplied 24 inch long cable.

Plenty of cable to fit behind a tablet or monitor.

To use both speakers together you do need to pair them but you are completely wireless from your bluetooth device.

Speakers  6.4cm x 10.5cm
Charging cable approx 15 inches long,
Pairing cable 24 inches long; not including connectors.

Charging your speakers
Its so easy to charge these speakers as you dont need to charge both of them, just the right one; with the buttons..I dont need to say this again do I ;-). It passes the power to the other. Simply plug in the supplied charging cable which is USB to micro USB on the speaker itself. For the first time you must always charge what is suggested on the manufacturers leaflet or you may never get a full charge.
This must be charged for at least 3 hours first time and I found the red LED went off at almost exactly 3 hours. Your speaker is said to last about 6 hours at middle volume according to the leaflet. They also claim they have a 10 meter operating range outdoors which will be fab.

 A red LED will tell you when its charging, when its fully charged the blue LED will light up, rather neat idea making it a bit more stylish.

Pairing Mode
Please see my video where I can show you how easy this is to connect your speakers to your bluetooth device; in this case its to my iphone 3G.

  • You simply press and hold the middle button (MFB) for 6 seconds from power off,
  • The blue and red LEDs will flash alternately to one another creating a wonderful light show, brilliant if pairing in the dark, camping, barbecue etc. Indicating its in pairing mode.
  • Turn on your bluetooth on your device and the speakers code should appear on your device,
  • If your device asks, input pairing code 0000,
  • The Blue LED will now flash showing your ready to rock!
  • You can only use 1 bluetooth device at a time.

 Speaker in pairing mode with both blue and red LED's alternately flashing.

I was really amazed at how quickly my iphone found the speaker and I didn't need to input the code they automatically found each other; but this may depend on your device.

 Blue flashing LED indicates your connected and ready to enjoy your music.

All pairedup and ready to ROCK!

Wow the sound is just amazing quality, Im not a full on sound aficionado but I know what I like and love crisp tones and deep basey chest shaking boom.
Well 1 speaker is ok, giving good clear crisp tones and trebles but its missing my adorable basey tones. Add the second speaker and its double the volume and quality, wow its good sound. It doesn't have the deep basiness of my logitech docking system but they are only half pint size for goodness sake!
If you really want deep bass then you need to choose a larger speaker with a subwoofer but then you wont have the lightness or portability that these have.
It has a fab all round sound which is so clear you can really crank these babies up loud with no distortion to offer a great party atmosphere for any barbeque, picnic or beach party. I was surprised how loud these can go considering their size and its plenty loud enough to enjoy your favourite sounds.
Please see my video for the sound difference between my iphone and the speakers, its a massive comparison.

I have to admit I absolutely love sound gadgets and Im quite a bass queen so I was really excited to try these speakers out. The fact I can take my music anywhere and have stereo speakers is brilliant. They were easy to pair to bluetooth I didn't have any problems. I'm a bit of a sucker for flashing LED's too, they are lovely and bright...please see my video.

So easy to use with only 3 buttons, plus the fact you can scroll through your songs using the middle button as well as controlling the volume with the backwards and forwards arrows...simples....!

I also want to say you have at least 10m+ between your device and the speakers, I went to almost 20m at one point with no sound loss.
Plus these clever speakers will power-off after 5 minutes in stand-by to save your rechargeable battery.

I couldn't wait to try these and with all the warm weather weve been lucky to have in the UK we headed outside for a picnic...any excuse to lie down with chocks, soda and my kindle...hey it was for reviewing purposes...of course...sheesh...the things I do for you guys.... ;-)

I love the fact that even though you have to cable the 2 speakers together you still have plenty of room to put the cable behind a for stereo sound ;-)

 They have a wonderful unobtrusiveness about them but at the same time an excellent quality feel, especially when you stack them ontop of each other.

Using the speakers in my jeep
I dont have any music in my jeep yet as its open top so portable speakers are the perfect answer as I can pop them in my bag or lockable glovebox to keep them safe, but still have the pleasure of music.

 I even tried them on the move.

They look great on your dashboard and the rubber feet keeps them fom slipping off, well depending if I'm going offroading or not ;-)

Using my Laptop
My 17.5 inch laptop has the worst inbuilt speakers I feel really spoilt to finally have stereo sound when Im gaming on world of warcraft or just listening to my music.

Charging on my laptop and then how gorgeous they look either side.

  Nexus 10 cabled together and bluetoothed.
Spot the deliberate mistake...honest!

Using my Nexus 10
The speakers bluetoothed quickly and easily with my tablet as well and looks stunning, stylish and especially with the keyboard too.

 I cannot get away from how gorgeous these speakers look with the tablet, they are so stylish they will go with most peoples styles.

Stylish modern speakers perfect for on the move music to listen anywhere. They are not going to replace your main music system as they are not meant to; these adorable excellent quality speakers are designed to pop in your bag and take on the go anywhere you want to play your music.
If you are a bassy person you may want something larger and more powerful with a subwoofer, but then they wont be as light or portable. I love my bass and I still enjoy these, they still do have some nice bass tones as you can hear on my video.

Who doesn't enjoy a bit of music in the garden or during a barbecue or picnic, they are sturdy, light, and well made and compact enough to fit easily into your bag or glovebox. The glossy black plastic is tough enough to withstand being jiggled around in a bag and still look stylish when you pull them out. You will not be ashamed getting these out infront of friends, infact they are so small you may have to keep an eye on them they dont disappear into someone else's bag.

Its far better audio than my iphone itself as you can hear in my video. Plus a huge change for my laptop which has THE worst speakers EVER! Its given me far better sound for playing my world of warcraft....hey ....a girls got to hear a troll or ogre creeping up behind her hasn't she.
Those of you that are students and are short of space and money will find these perfect to listen to your podcasts, lectures and they are ideal for those that love their audio books. As in one room they have fab sound quality and output power. They last up to and longer than the 6 hours stated playing time on middle volume.
These are fun and so very affordable, you really are getting quality for a fantastic price, they are ONLY $ cant go wrong with these. I'm sure everyone who loves music will find a place for these at some point.

  • So simple to use and pair,
  • Affordable,
  • Bluetooth,
  • Stereo double speakers,
  • Recharegable,
  • 10m+ operating distance,
  • Flashing LED's.
  • Stylish design.
  • Light and compact.

  • None,
  • Not really a con...but a slightly longer charging cable would be nice for those with PC's on the floor, I have USB hubs everywhere so no probs for me.
  • A storage bag would be nice to carry and store 2 speakers, but you wouldn't get them this cheap if you had a bag too.

You can buy your own GMYLE stereo bluetooth speakers in black or white from

All my thanks to the lovely guys at GMYLE for sending me these speakers for this review.
My  opinions and views are my own.

Reviews coming soon

 The gorgeous GMYLE
Black Mini aluminium 10 inch Blue tooth wireless keyboard.

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