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Cardsharp 2 Utility knife by Iain Sinclair

by Iain Sinclair

I was excited to receive a couple of products from the well known company Iain Sinclair which has been established since 1964, the design house that conceives, designs and develops highly innovative consumer products.

 Cardsharp 2 and the EON Classic Credit Card flashlight

For full photo review and video see after the jump!

They created some of the very worlds first ever ultra thin torch products including the Liteblade (the first ultra thin flashlight of 1987), Flashcard (multimillion selling, ultrathin flashlight of 1993),
More recently the team have developed a new collection of four credit card sized products including a highly innovative folding utility knife, a high performance flashlight and a range of high definition 'point and shoot' cameras (the camera idea was conceived by Grant Sinclair).

I recently reviewed the super bright EON Classic Credit Card flashlight

Today I'm bringing you this ingenious Cardsharp 2

I absolutely love gadgets that are disguised or can turn from one thing into another, must have stemmed from my childhood love of watching the transformers.
The Cardsharp 2 is a new and improved super light supersharp utility knife which is the size of a credit card.

With just 3 origami moves this credit card turns from a flat safe piece of plastic into a useful knife whenever you need it close at hand in your bag, drawer. Ideal for the hobbyist, camper or fisherman who needs a handy knife to carry light.

I have added a video on just how easy it is to use this Cardsharp 2.

3 Ninja style moves turns a credit card into a precision utility knife.

One thing you notice as soon as you receive anything from Iain Sinclair is their modern elegant packaging, all ready to wrap and be given as a gift. Like the Eon Classic Flashlight it arrives in a cardboard CD style case.

The presentation really is gorgeous, arriving in a sleek black CD cardboard sleeve; the promotional design is black and simplified and gives a more expensive feel.

Pull out the inner card which opens out like a book to reveal the cardsharp sitting in its own cardform, with it you also receive a small card explaining about your new knife.

This extremely useful utility knife is cleverly disguised within at first glance as a credit card; no one would guess it was a knife at al. It simply sits with your credit cards in your bag until you need it. We all know when we need a knife, we....really...need one. Camping, fishing, gardening or just to cut some tape or paper; you will always know where you have a knife.
Within the plastic is a 3 inch stainless steel surgical blade making sure it will always be rust-free and long lasting. This ingenious design means in 3 quick Ninja style moves you have transformed this card into a usable firm but light knife ready for action. These clever hinges are guaranteed for life and comes with a unique safety lock which cannot accidentally open in your pocket and is childproof.
Plus its made in Great Britain woohoo!

Closed Credit card - 8.5cm X 5.3cm / 3.3 X 2.1 inches and I must mention its ONLY 2.2mm thick!
Deployed the knife -14.4cm long and 2.75cm in width across the main length and 3.5cm at its widest; (genius-keeps your fingers safe).
The blade itself is 8.7cm/3.5 inches long, but 6.5cm of blade is visible.

It is so light at ONLY 13 grams compared to carrying around a small Victorinox pocket knife of approximately 25 grams. You honestly dont know your have it in your pocket.

 Back of the knife you can see is also completely safe and secure with absolutely no sharp edges anywhere to catch on clothes or your bag.

Im really excited to bring this to you as I love gadgets like this, its a fantastic conversation piece and you cant wait to show everyone, its so James Bond like. Im sure he has one too.
When I first got the Cardsharp out of the packaging I was really amazed at how light this is and my immediate reaction was if its light its going to be flimsy and easily breakable....WRONG!
This Propylene plastic is the perfect balance of being rigid and flexible. I do have to stress its not a huge heavy duty knife and if your planning on camping or trekking through the jungle for a few weeks do take a more heavy duty one too. But it certainly has a rightful place in the backpack.

"Thats NOT a knife"!

 "Now Thats a knife"!

When I first saw this knife I just couldn't see how a flat piece of plastic could "Fold" into a sturdy knife is that scientifically possible?  I couldn't wait to get this out of the packaging and within seconds I had easily transformed this card to the knife. It has to be one of the worlds lightest but usable knives. 

Locking safety catch
The fact this has a secure lock is just brilliant, I couldn't begin to imagine the accidents if this unfolded in your pocket or bag. The lock design itself is just genius as its ridged enabling you to use your thumb to grip to turn it.

You simply turn the ridged circle with your thumb, until it lines up with the knife's edge and you cannot see any of the bright luminous green circle. The blade then lifts from the end of the card...unlocking the knife to then be origamied into a strong handled utility knife.

The fact its a brightly coloured means you can see in an instant whether its locked or not. The overlapping circle is all that is needed to safely secure this blade from any accidents.

Once unlocked you flip the knife forward and in 3 easy folds you have your strong utility knife.

 The design includes clever strong pop studs to secure the knife inplace.

The final fold has 5 plastic press studs which clip together firmly to form the handle below. These do not accidentally open up or unclip, they are extremely secure.

This overlapping fold is so you keep your fingers behind and away from the main blade, really clever design addition.
A nice touch is that Iain Sinclair is embossed into the handle giving a nice modern design and adds to the extra grip too if your hands are wet.

The clever wrapped handle.

This amazing design means that the handle surrounds the base of the blade itself to form a really strong handle.

It then fits comfortably and easily into your hand. It maybe a credit card shape at the beginning but this isn't just a cheap gimick, it really is a super sharp blade not to be taken lightly.

 Back of the knife.

 The gorgeous approx 3 inch blade has a shallow bevel angle which gives a beautiful precision super fine sharp blade, great for spearing things.

 Back of the blade.

 They have even designed 4 small finger ridges to gain extra grip and press to prevent any slippage while cutting, just brilliant.

Easy cutting position with your index finger on the ridges. It has a nice cutting angle for which you dont need alot of pressure to cut anything and the handle feels quite grippy.

So does it cut well?
The main question on your lips, oh yes this is no toy blade, this really is razor sharp, I have used it on paper, cardboard and wood as well as slimmer branches.

 Its perfect in my green house and Im finding Im not even folding it away Im using it regularly now.

 Its ideal for more delicate cutting as its so razor sharp.The fine point gets into small places and you need very little effort to cut anything.

Everyday carry (EDC)
This Cardsharp 2 is perfect for the EDC, in any kit bag or handbag, infact I would go as far to say everyone needs one of these. Its amazing how many times you just need to cut or trim something and never have anything handy.

 Reverted back to a card its safe in your hand and only takes up the footprint of one of your credit cards.

 Perfect for the handbag, be aware legal restrictions apply in the UK, so this is just for photo purposes. No one would notice at first glance this is actually a handy knife it easily sits with your credit cards.

Perfect for the simple things of slicing paper and cardboard, cutting out magazine articles precisely to cutting up fruit during your lunch break, slicing or peeling that apple, picking out pips, cutting slicing meat. As well as the tougher jobs of whittling wood, slicing small twigs, scoring! Or during the apocalypse spearing fish and gutting rabbits.
It also washes well, simply run under a hot tap and you have no worries of rusting being stainless steel.

I know you gadgety collectors out there will love this utility knife.  Its a James Bond super spy must have. Im sure Daniel Craig has one in his wallet; plus every would-be James Bond and now...little old me!
Im so impressed by this incredible design everyone would use one of these at some point, it really has earnt its place in every campers, fisherman's or hobbyist kitbag and especially a travellers backpack.
The 3 origami moves are easy and quick to do, with no fiddling, the supersharp blade is supported well with the strong inflexible handle and is comfortable to use.
The Cardsharp 2 can most certainly cut it when compared to other small pocket knives and just to be able to store it flat and in safety is a must in our busy lives especially those of you with small children.
Most credit card tools can be pretty cheap and gimicky and I haven't seen any with this length and width of blade and certainly not with this gorgeous quality of stainless steel blade.
The Cardsharp 2, your getting a precision knife with the accessibility of keeping it safely with you till you need it. The plastic hinges are guaranteed for life and I can say there is absolutely no signs of wear and tear and Ive used this quite alot already, my black teflon blade isn't even scratched.
This is an affordable gift for almost anyone especially the guys to keep in their not forgetting the girls who love their gadgety things. I love mine and I cant wait to show people; its such a conversation piece.
Its an excellent quality fun gift for everyone who loves their gadgets especially as Iain Sinclair offer an engraving service, which is a really lovely touch for any gift.

Credit card shape,
Stainless steel precision blade,
Safety lock,
Choice of  Teflon black (as above) or natural brushed stainless steel.
Personalise your blade with their engraving service.
Hinges are guaranteed for life.


 You can buy your own Cardsharp 2 
 or for an extra £5 have it personalised with up to 30 characters.

available 2 colours
Electro ferritic (non scratch) stainless steel (mine) and natural brushed stainless steel.

All my thanks goes to the lovely people at Iain Sinclair for sending me the Cardsharp2 for this review.  My views and opinions are my own.

Please see my other gadgety review from Iain Sinclair


  1. Great review of the CardSharp 2! I can't wait to try out the new one, version 2.2...


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