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Snupped Cases out of this world!

Cases out of this world!

I was really pleased to be contacted by the lovely guys at Snupped and asked if I would like to review not just one of their custom bags but two and after seeing their site, how could I refuse.

Snupped is a company based in Singapore born in 2008 after Bryan and Darcy tore down a curtain and made a laptop sleeve from it. After creating their very own laptop sleeve out of a curtain and sparking the curiosity of friends and classmates, it wasn't too long before Darcy brought up the idea of offering out custom laptop sleeves to more people. Of course, it didn't take much persuasion to get Bryan interested. A couple of burgers and lots of arguing later, the initial concept of Snupped was laid out, and Bryan created the first Snupped website.
They both joked
Both Bryan and Darcy are like our Snupped products, 'Made In Singapore'. 
They are now producing high quality custom device bags with over 60+ designs to choose from or upload your own.

Read on to see my full photo review.

Snupped offers different unique styles of gadget device bag; something to suit everyone.

This is for netbooks and laptops, offering you maximum protection for your device, you have a strong zip and the option of padded soft handles. Tough on the outside, soft on the inside.

Zipper Sleeve
A fun light weight cotton sleeve for your laptop/Macbook/Ultrabook

NEW SpaceBook
 A lovely Spacesuit but now for the tablet, a hardbound hard backing heavy duty canvas perfect for your tablet or ereader and ipad. Elastic bands secure the four corners without blocking the screen and the book style cover ensures that everything is just a flip away.

Mini Sleeve
A simple but fun design slip case for any phone or smaller device; lots of gorgeous designs to choose from.

This is for tablets and smaller devices, its a well machined padded slip case made of the same Vinyl as the Spacesuit.

Choosing and Designing your case.
This process couldn't be easier the Snupped site is simple and easy to navigate and so well designed making it easy to design your own case.
You get to see each stage as you choose so you know exactly what your custom case will look like.

  1. Choose the device you want the case for, and type in the make and model number as they tailor the case to fit regardless of size.
  2. Next choose one of over 60+ fun designs or one of your own.
  3. The only main decision to make is do you want the same image both sides, or a different design on each side, the choice is yours.
  4. Next you even get to choose the inner lining colour to match your design or stick to black. I dont know any company that offers this option.
  5. If your ordering a Spacesuit you get the option of black padded handles too its definitely worth it. 
TIP: If you want more security with zip and handles choose the SpaceSuit. 
TIP: Also if you have a folio case on your device, like mine, measure it carefully and let the guys know, so they can allow for the extra sizing.

Choosing my Cases
I decided that I wanted something special for my NEW Nexus 10 as it never leaves my side. But I use it differently depending where I go.
  • Sometimes I just want to grab my Nexi (without folio cover) and slip it discreetly into my bag just by itself, requiring a small neat case....The SpaceGlove.
  • Another time I want to take several of my devices out in one go, my Nexi, Kindle touch and my iPhone. So requiring the size and strength, the strong secure handles of the SpaceSuit.
Having the wonderful opportunity to try two cases I decided to chose one case with my images and the other using theirs.

My SpaceSuit
I never thought I'd ever say that...lol! Its not often a gal gets the chance have her own Spacesuit made just for her, I was looking forward to designing my case so much.

I laid out all my devices and their relevent cases; to get a rough idea of size and thickness...trust me to make it more complicated!

I chose a sizing match of the Macbook Air 11" as I could see all 3 of my devices and their own cases would allow plenty of room. I could keep my favourite gadgets all safely together from one place to another. 

Remember though if you do have specific requirements just ask the guys and they will make a case to fit anything.

Choosing my images
I decided to use my own photographs for this case and use Snupped designs for the SpaceGlove. So it then took me another few days trying to pick a few of my own images....I know Im a nightmare for decisions lol...hey...its..a..girls perogative lol!
Being a photographer by trade I was ridiculously excited to have the opportunity to have my own images on my case I couldn't wait. These two in particular have won trophies for me, so its wonderful to be able to showcase them on something I use everyday.

 I uploaded my first image on the front

The uploading windows are easy to use and quick to load and immediately come up in the design of your case so you know what it will look like. I decided on 2 different images but along the same lines.

Next I chose the sunflower for the back

What makes Snupped slightly different is the attention and choice of detailing, you get to choose the inner lining colour. I was torn as I could have chosen, pink to match the beautiful pink Budlia of my first front image or a yellow to match the sunflower...all the choices...ohhh...nooo!
So I sat on the fence and chose black.
I knew I definitely wanted to add handles and I was finished, if you know what you want from the start the whole process won't take longer than approx 10-15 mins, but I kept uploading different images of mine till I was finally happy with the combination!

Of course you can just have the same design on both sides!! 
That would be too easy though right ;-)
You can upload lots of images and they appear in a box where you simply swap between them till you've chosen the image you want.
Once your happy with your chosen bag simply add to the basket and sit and wait.

My SpaceGlove
All I need now is my spaceboots and astronaut helmet, love these names.
I wasn't having a blonde day ordering another case for my Nexi, I sometimes do not want my large folio case on my tablet so I can use the camera or video etc.
This time I was choosing two of Snupped own images and you guessed it; I then spent ages wading through their amazing variety of images, but two images just jumped out, or should I say fly out.

I chose this stunning image of the Andromeda Galaxy...well it is a SpaceGlove,  I really love spacey things and this is so beautiful.

But this was the one image I didn't hesitate about as I fell in love with it. These three owls melted my heart, I had to have them. So this was a fairly quick choice .....yes I know...shock...horror :-)
 I finalised with choosing black inner lining and added to basket

I was so excited waiting for these, my only trepidation was ordering from Singapore as you hear about people having to pay customs tax etc, but I had no problems whatsoever as Snupped used RoyalMail. My bags safely arrived well packaged after being handmade individually machined and crafted and flying across the world.

My SpaceSuit
Im so impressed with how gorgeous my own photos have been reproduced, I can have a different look by choosing which side I show depending on mood or outfi.

I love my Butterfly pik the colours are well saturated and you can still see detailing.

My sunflower isnt as bright as my original image photo, but that maybe slight differences in monitors, my mistake so make sure you thoroughly check your own images first. But as you can clearly see it still looks gorgeous and stands out beautifully in the sunlight. 
Im a happy bunny!

 The tough heavy duty exterior is made of tarpaulin Vinyl and 3mm of Nitrile rubber, it has strong texturing but Im amazed how well my images have printed out onto this. This waterproof material is used by industries and even the military.
No worries about getting caught in a shower. or accidentally dropping your drink on the case, your device is protected.

The zip tag has Snupped embossed on it and the whole zip is strong and well machined onto the bag.

The handles are a comfortable length and made of nylon and I'm super impressed, they are soft and well padded perfect if your carrying a weighty bag like a laptop.

These are doubly machined on in an X shape, they will never just fall off, this really is tough.

The inner cotton padding is plump and silky soft and wont scratch any device.

I was a bit worried I may have misjudged the sizing, but I needn't have worried as everything fitted perfectly. I can get my Nexi and folio case, Kindle and hard case, phone and case with space to spare. 

 I can easily just use this size just for my Nexus itself with plenty of room for any other little bits too.

 Just my Nexus 10 and folio case, it cuddles my Nexi beautifully. Theres at least an inch of room all way round. I also love how the bag opens up widely to see inside easily.
Remember: This case isn't tailored exactly to fit my Nexus exactly as I chose the Mac Air 11" sizing. You would probably choose your exact device.

 With all 3 of my devices, 
  • Nexus 10 and folio case,
  • Kindle touch and hard case with light,
  • Iphone 3G and rubber case.

 The zip fastens with plenty of room to spare no tugging. I know my beloved gadgets are perfectly safe inside.

My naked Nexus with no outer case, loadsa room!

My SpaceGlove
I'm buzzing from seeing my own images on the first bag so couldn't wait to see the second and I wasn't disappointed. Ohhh...my.... these images are St...u...n...n...i...n...g!
I'm in love with the owls...how could you not.

On the other side my chosen Andromeda Galaxy is just a beautiful, the rich shades of blues and detailing is gorgeous.

Both cases have the designer Snupped logo embroidered on the outer seam of the case.

 Plenty of room inside and its beautifully finished, no loose threads.

 This SpaceGlove case is made to fit my Nexus 10 perfectly and it does.

Your tablet or ereader is loaded in from the top and specially tailored so it is a super snug fit and is tight enough to stay secure inside and will not slip out! Yet still allowing easy access to your tablet.

My Nexi fits...literally like a glove...with no space to spare as the padding envelops it so well. My only slight concern was I first saw this case was that it didn't have any closure like velcro or zip. But I needn't have worried at all as its so snug its not going anywhere.

 To prove this I actually put my beloved Nexi at risk...jeeze the things I do for reviews...by gently shaking to see if it would slip out and it didn't. I completely trusted the snuggly tight fit, you have to physically pull it out slowly as it grips so well.

It also fits my Kindle and hard lighted case. You can see how the supersoft padding envelops it.

Kindle and iphone still plenty of room as well.

  Im absolutely "Over the Moon" with both my SpaceSuit and SpaceGlove

I'm a happy bunny as both cases are gorgeous, each one well machined. The waterproof material holds the colours well. I love, love, love both my cases, the guys have done a fab job on making these cases for me.
I highly recommend Snupped for that extra special gift. They offer excellent customer service to make sure you get the case and design that you want.
You will be getting a unique luxury padded case with custom graphics and art or your own images you won't find anywhere else. No one will have a case like yours, and I guarantee your case will turn heads! The fact you can request any sizing and it will be made to suit your own requirements is ideal for anything you may have that you want protected.
I know my Nexi will be hugged and protected for years to come and I'll look fashionable and unique  too while carrying it.
It makes a really special gift for someone or treat for yourself.

Custom graphics and art,
Luxury custom case fitted exactly to any device,
Splash proof,
Well padded,
Secure strong zip,
Strong padded handles.


You can buy your own Spacesuit or SpaceGlove directly from Snupped
From $49.90

 Note: The SpaceGlove since this review has now been updated and is undergoing changes. It is still available to buy at this time.HERE

All my thanks goes to the lovely guys at Snupped, for making me my two gorgeous cases for this review.
However my views and opinions are my own.

Review Coming Soon

The NEW SpaceBook
A tablet folio case, never judge a book by its cover!

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