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Iain Sinclair® Eon Classic Credit Card Torch

I was excited to receive a couple of products from the well known company Iain Sinclair which has been established since 1964, the design house that conceives, designs and develops highly innovative consumer products.
They created some of the very worlds first ever ultra thin torch products including the Liteblade (the first ultra thin flashlight of 1987), Flashcard (multimillion selling, ultrathin flashlight of 1993),
More recently the team have developed a new collection of four credit card sized products including a highly innovative folding utility knife, a high performance flashlight and a range of high definition 'point and shoot' cameras (the camera idea was conceived by Grant Sinclair).

I'm lucky enough to have received both the EON Classic Credit Card flashlight and the brilliant Cardsharp 2 to bring you all for review from the lovely guys at Iain Sinclair.
The EON Classic creditcard flashlight was first designed in 1997 (with patents issued for using white LED technology in a portable lighting device), this was then reissued in 2012.

Read on for my full photo review

This is where Iain Sinclair excels not only in his product design but in his classy elegant packaging.

The EON comes in a sleek black CD cardboard sleeve. the promotional design is black and simplified and gives a more expensive feel.

Slip out the sleeve to receive a cardboard case which you open like a CD folder to reveal the gorgeous credit card shaped torch sitting in its form. It really is gorgeous packaging which makes an ideal gift for anyone. 

The EON Classic flashlight is in the size and shape of a credit card and made of an injection moulded plastic chassis with stainless steel panels on the front and back which gives this gorgeous elegant look.

Its completely splashproof being sealed unit with no screws or fittings, just twin 3mm Nichia superbright white LEDs in the end. These are approximately 20 lumens and the technology is guaranteed for 10 years.
You will have no batteries to buy, change or recharge, no bulbs to blow which means there's also no environmental pollution. The EON is everlasting, quite a huge claim to make. 

 The on off button is marked by the standard on/off symbol otherwise you'd never know where it was as there are no buttony protrusions. Simply click and hold for light, let it go to turnoff.

The Ian Sinclair signature logo is engraved on the back; giving a lovely classy finish.

This tiny torch has a footprint of one of your credit cards but isn't entirely flat, it bulges slightly in the middle to take the inner battery giving it a really pleasing shape from the top. As many other reviewers have mentioned it really does remind you of a stingray, with two beady eyes staring at you. Either that or a tortoise that didn't quite make it across the road.
85.6 x 54 x 2.2mm
The torch itself is only barely weighing in at 27 grams, its feather-light and you just don't know your carrying it.
The everlasting torch has been tested to a 168 hours on continuous which is extremely long when your just using it to check something for a few seconds.

First impressions is this torch has a gorgeous elegant classy feel, I have another credit card sized torch I have been using in my camera bag for a few years now and I was convinced nothing could beat this one.

The EON and my cheapie.

Immediately you can see the EON is sleeker and slimmer and less bulkier despite sharing almost the same footprint.

Its so similar in design with 2 LED's but Ian Sinclair have succeeded in designing  this torch as slim as they could.

The EON Classic has also been designed to be the same footprint as your credit cards, EON on the left.

Its approximately the thickness of 2 of my credit cards as seen here.

It easily slips into my business card case

 Without any extra weight or standing out.

The EON is so light and cool to hold, having the added steel sides.  Something I did notice is that you do have to press quite firmly to click and hold down the button; as its is a bit stiff to hold down...or that maybe me and my feeble fingers; but it may become looser with more use.
This isn't however a negative as being a luxury credit card torch its not designed for tracking through a forest in the dark, its for those occasions you need to find the keys to your Ferrari. Its perfect for those times when you just need to check something for up to a few minutes or need a quick flash of light.

  The EON has a large spread with a solid continuous bright beam with no flickering.

The EON is clearly brighter and more solid than my usual torch shown here with a much further spread; which is far more practical.
EON on the left, cheapie on the right.

 Outdoor night shot, the beam went to approximately 10 feet away before fading off, perfect to just check something.

This elegant and sleek creditcard sized flashlight is perfect for keeping in your wallet or bag; where it will sit unobrusively till you need it, then you will be so relieved you own one. Even though its unisex I feel it will appeal to the guys more being steel and make an ideal gift for any guy to keep in their wallet.
Its the perfect gift for the hobbyist photographer, fisherman or anyone who regularly needs to check something like fuse boxes etc. Ideal to keep at hand for powercuts to find things, but not to keep on for any length of time.
The fact its everlasting means it covers all the hours of recharging and all the expense of batteries. But obviously I cant actually prove its ..Im still....alive... hey I do have my limits for reviewing you know lol. But it has been tested to 168 hours continuous which is fab.

This gorgeous EON is really bright, it has an excellent spread for something so small.

Its certainly still shining brightly at the moment and I've used it alot already. It also doesn't fade the longer you keep it on like many torches do, the beam stays bright and strong for the duration of you holding it on.
Mine now travels between my handbag and my photography kit bag. Its beautifully designed to look great when you need it and has that posh appeal which will impress your friends; but be careful as its also small enough to be slipped into their pocket or wallet too. So the best idea is to get your friends one too as a gift as Ian Sinclair will also offer photo etched engraving to make it an extra special pressie.

  • Gorgeous elegant, classic design,
  • Sleek and smooth,
  • Tiny credit card footprint,
  • Bright wide light,
  • Everlasting,
Button is a bit stiff at this time; but it may loosen with use.

You can buy your own EON Classic Credit Card torch directly from Iain Sinclair
Where they also offer an engraving service for an extra £5..well worth it for that extra special gift.

Thanks to the lovely people at Iain Sinclair for sending me this torch for this review. My opinions and views are however all my own.

Im also really excited to bring you
The Card Sharp2 Review

Cardsharp 2 by Iain Sinclair

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