Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crystal Ice your tech, add some glitz to your gadgets!

Add some glitz to your gadgets, add stunning Swarovski crystals to cover your device cases and make that fashion statement.
Diamonds are a girls best friend,...well make that...diamonds smothering my iPhone 5 is a girls best friend.

We all love getting the latest and greatest techy gadgets, but sometimes its nice to make that gadget look one of a kind, add some bling and luxury to your life or your handbag.
Do you want to get your husband, wife or girlfriend or boyfriend something extra special for their birthday or anniversary.
Well look no further add Crystal Icing to your tech.

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Founded in 2004 with the singular goal of merging the fashion and mobile industries, they class themselves as "tech-stylists", Crystal Icing pioneered the concept of infusing fashion and style into the world of mobile accessories.
Crystal Icing has been at the forefront of transforming the ordinary into extraordinary ever since. Using Swarovski Crystal they were the first company to transform everyday items into intricate and original works of art and it all started with the Crystal Icing Mobile Phone Case Collection. Since then, their team of designers and artists have revolutionised the notion of "bling". From mobile phones to guitars, Sharpies to asthma inhalers- if it can be imagined, they make it a reality.

 Click the advert below to see some case ideas.

Checkout their stunning gallery for loads more ideas and designs.

 What better to go with your crystal phone case but a crystal charger.

Make your ipad or laptop one of a kind, turn heads and feel special at the same time.

Intricate designs no problem.

Have the ultimate in business card cases, show your success.

 Yes even bling up your camera
And your Nintendo DS...sneaks off to dig mine out...I adore this designs.

 Swarovski Crystal clutch.

Bling your accessories

 Even the lip Balm and make-up brush, no-one will have this in their bag!
But watchout everyone will want to borrow them.

 Even your asthma inhaler

Contact Crystal Icing with your ideas standout from the rest.
Discuss with the artists a colour and design and let them work their magic.
Its not cheap but this really is a very special one off gift for someone special!

 Or are you artistic then buy The Crystal Icing kit and create your own designs.

 Buy 100 Swarovski Crystals ONLY $7
or 100 small for ONLY $5

Crystal Icing customers include A-List celebrities such as Eva Longoria Parker, Jennifer Lopez, and Jamie Foxx as well as musicians such as Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys.

 Brittany Spears Femme Fatale

Corporate companies such as Bloomberg, T-Mobile, Nintendo, L'Oreal and countless others continue to look toward Crystal Icing as a means of gaining that all important edge. The designers have created thousands of one of a kind accessories for a wide variety of fashion conscious individuals from corporate moguls to royalty in over 150 countries around the world!

Make your life a little more fabulous with a bit of sparkle!

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