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Citrus Zinger - Water infusion Bottle

 Water infusing bottle

As you may have probably seen I was really excited when the lovely guys from Zing Anything kindly sent me a sample of both their water infusing bottles to bring to you to review.
 The Citrus Zinger and the Aqua Zinger

They are both based on the same idea but are designed for different types of fruit and do give slightly different results. They contain two different ways to get the juice from the fruit.

The Citrus Zinger is designed mainly for citrus fruits, oranges, lemons, limes even apples and has the standard old fashion twisty juicer press in the base.
The Aqua Zinger is designed to squish berries strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and involves metal slicers/grinders that you twist to squish the softer fruit. It is also a stainless steel flask to keep drink cool or warm.
Both contain a filter to prevent the larger pith and stones getting into the main body of the drink.

I have already reviewed the gorgeous Aqua Zinger last week and we both absolutely loved this water infusing bottle. 
Please see my full review

Are you being constantly told to drink more water?
Do you know you need to drink more but are just bored with water?

Now I have The gorgeous Citrus Zinger too to show you after the Science bit (that is also repeated on the Aqua Zinger review too, so if you've read this already just scroll to the next section).

 The Science Bit

 The amount we all need to drink everyday varies on our size, the temperature and how active we are. However the Department of Health recommends that we should drink approx 1.2 litres of fluid every day that is about six 150-200ml glasses a day.
That sounds alot and it is....I definitely wasn't drinking enough compared to those amounts...until now!

But the main fact you need to know is that we lose 2.5 litres a day; we get a litre from food and our body receives 0.3 litres from chemical reactions in our cells; the rest "as they say" is down to us to make up the rest. Which most of us are terrible at doing, so our body may eventually suffer with some of these symptoms;
  • headaches,
  • lack of energy,
  • feeling light-headed,
  • Do you have dark urine; or not pass much at a time?
We all start with great intentions of drinking more...including me...but with all of us it becomes a chore not an enjoyment, and its our body that loses out.
if you want to read more on this information click HERE

The guys at Zing Anything have come up with the most incredibly designed bottles that works by infusing water with fruit, giving us a personalised light refreshing drink. 
The idea comes from Spanish cuisine who have been infusing their water for years called "Aguas Frescas"
I suffer with ME and I know I never drink enough to keep me well hydrated...slaps wrist ;-) I also know I need more than my 5 a day of fruit and vitamins to give me the extra energy I need living with ME. This was why I was really fascinated by this company and their genius designed bottles.

Both bottles were packaged well and protected with bubble wrap and arrived in a clear poly bag.

The Citrus Zinger is slightly larger than the Aqua Zinger and holds 28oz of liquid to the Aqua Zinger's 20oz and has been cleverly designed to infuse citrus fruit rather than the soft berries. Zing Anything kindly sent me a lime green Citrus Zinger, its a really gorgeous colour and perfect for taking photos. It also comes in a lovely bright orange version too, lovely zingy fresh fruity colours.
For those that want to know the clear plastic bottle is made in the US of BPA/EA- free Tritan plastics from Eastman; which is durable and able to withstand being washed in the dishwasher without going cloudy or discoloured.
You can also use carbonated water without altering the pigment of the clear plastic.

It has a nifty designed handle which is made of solid plastic and divided into 2 colours; lemon and lime with an extra large finger hole which makes it easy to carry around. I can carry a full 28oz bottle on my little finger while carrying other things. A bottle this size would normally be awkward to carry.

The top has a Z for the Zing Anything logo.

Your Citrus Zinger comes in 4 main parts, the main bottle, lid, the base cup and citrus press.
Plus an excellent highly detailed user leaflet which comes in your zinger bottle.

The cup unscrews from the bottle separately from the citrus press.

 The cup itself is a nice chunky hard wearing thick plastic base with matching lime green silicon top for better grip with Citrus Zinger embossed onto it. Its slightly bigger than the cup of the Aqua Zinger so you can fit whole half fruits inside.

The removable citrus press screws firmly onto the bottle using a strong bayonet-like fitting.

You can secure the press with either a left or right handed twist and tighten it and it wont come off accidentally.
 The bayonet fittings will slide easily into the slot as shown on my diagram.

 This is a typical style citrus press we have all known and love, but has been incorporated into the bottle design itself.

Simply cut the fruit in half and press onto the pointy bit and twist clockwise and the squished fruit juice will trickle into the bottle through the holes or mesh to infuse into your drink.
See below.

Ive managed to squish alot of orange juice in just a few twists.

I love the simplified design of the citrus press as it fits directly onto the main bottle rather than directly into the base unit like the Aqua Zinger. This enables you to pop the lid on, turn the bottle upsidown and twist your chosen citrus fruit clockwise where the extracted juice flows directly into the main bottle through the holes, so you can get as much juice from your chosen fruit before you add the water or liquid.
I found it works better if you JUST twist with a gentle pressure clockwise instead of the natural urge to twist backwards and forwards like you would on a normal press; as I found I accidentally started to undo the press via the bayonet fitting.

Next just leave your squished fruit on the press (here you can add a few extra pieces of lemon, lime or fruit of your choice in the cup), then screw the cup back onto the bottle.
(The base has a thick waterproof seal to prevent accidental leaks in your bag).
Then simply stand it upright and undo the colour matching lid, add water or your chosen liquid, then shake firmly and pop in the fridge and allow to "steep". Or drink immediately as I've found that unlike the berries in the AquaZinger, this Citrus fruit is quite strong to taste almost immediately.

  Steeping or 'steepulation' is the soaking in liquid (usually water) of a solid so as to extract flavours or to soften it.

First impressions of my Citrus Zinger is that it feels really substantial and the plastic bottle is alot thicker than your normal lemonade and fizzy bottles, the lid, cup and citrus press are all made of excellent quality plastics which really feel strong. Love the lid, its so easy to tighten firmly and then carry your bottle on 1 finger with little effort.
Its so simple and easy to use, as well as so well designed the idea is genius. I know we could simply hand squeeze some juice into our liquids but often its not enough. This bottle allows you to infuse the juice into the liquid making it far stronger and more a tasty flavour than a few drops of juice.
Here are some of my fruit variations we've tried and loved.

 Orange, lemon, lime, kiwi, lavender and rosemary.

Blood Grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange,

 Its easier to cut your fruit in half, then squish them clockwise on the press so the juice goes into the main bottle. Choose the main fruit to be left in the cup and then cut more fruit and slide them alongside the main fruit. This adds your different flavour tones.
You can also add larger pieces to the main bottle of liquid for stronger taste.

We both have loved the combination strengths of lemons, limes and oranges, here are our own recipes weve tried:
  • 1/2 orange, 1/4 lemon and 1/4 lime, with sparkling water,
  • 1/2 lemon, 1/2 lime and squished onto the juicer to form a complete half, then add 1/2 in main bottle to taste.
  • 1/2 orange, and as many lemons pieces as I can squish into the base ;-)
    My other half adores as many lemon and limes as I can squish inside lol..
    This bottle is so easy to use, anyone can make a refreshing, heathy infusion in a few minutes or longer for stronger taste. You can also add Mint, Rosemary or Lavender for a herbal twist.

    Some basic citrus family flavours that work well with the Citrus zinger are;
    SWEET - Strawberry, Pinapple,
    SHARP - Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit,
    BOLD - Clementine, Orange.

    TIP; I would highly recommend adding a few dribbles of runny honey for those of you that are sweet toothed, but also its a great energy booster and it also helps improve digestion and boosts the immune system. As well as great for sore throats or those suffering with insomnia.
    The healthy glycaemic index of honey means the sugars are gradually absorbed into the bloodstream resulting in better digestion and prevents glucose surges from bolting down chocolate and cakes.

    This is my all time favourite, the orange adds more sweetness to the refreshing lemon and lime.

    If your clever you can cut a lemon and lime in quarter and combine them and they will sit in the cup forming a complete half. This is such a great flavour which you will normally pay alot of money for those Evian's or Volvic's "with a touch of fruit"; now you can make them yourself anytime at any strength of taste.

    One of our favourites however is adding lemonade. You can clearly see the difference of the clear lemonade and then after only 20 minutes of the extra fruit steeping, the colour is yellow as its full of REAL fruit juice not colouring.

     You can see my orange, lemon and lime that I have added to the lemonade which has made the most gorgeous luxury lemonade ever! Better still make your own pure lemonade with your own fruity twist! 
    TIP: If using carbonated liquids instead of shaking just tip slowly from one end to the other, then standup and loosen the lid for a few seconds to release the fizz and retighten.
    If using still liquids or water give a really good shake, the more you shake the faster the steeping process and stronger the flavour so you need to find you taste zone!

     I took these piks to show you how much juice you can squeeze out even before it steeps, you really are getting at least 1 of your 5 a day.

    It was a gorgeous hot day last week so we took both the zingers out into the garden for the day.

     The lemon and orange Zinger even caught the interest of our friendly pheasant.

     I gave the bottle a good shake, for stronger and faster steeping shake regularly.
    This is an equivalent to buying a large bottle of 7 up or Lilt, but now you can make it according to your own taste.

     I added half lemon, slivers of orange as I love the extra sweetness, lime and apple slices.

     The Aqua Zinger has strawberry which you can see, orange and blueberries. This is beautifully sweet and really adds a tang to the drink...just yummy!

    The bottle gives an equivalent of 2 large glasses of drink "per Zing" each time, which you can top up through the day, with a quick rinse through and adding more liquid but using the same fruit. But I change the fruit daily and discard the used fruit.
    Also try orange, apple and other fruit juices in replacement to water. Plus other fizzy drinks; but be aware these may have E numbers and preservatives, try and keep to fresh!

    If travelling or going to work try adding ice instead of water for a refreshing ice cold drink at anytime!

    Vitamins and Health benefits of Citrus Fruit
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin C helps produce collagen, which provides structure and elasticity for your skin and tendons. As an antioxidant, it neutralizes free radicals before they damage healthy cells, which prevents inflammation that can lead to chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. Men need to get 90 milligrams and women should consume 75 milligrams of vitamin C in their daily diet. You'll get 53 milligrams of vitamin C from one small orange, 34 milligrams from one-half of a small grapefruit and 27 milligrams from one large tangerine.
    Flavonoids are a group of substances responsible for the fruit's color and bitter flavor. They're also antioxidants that reduce inflammation and have been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevent the spread of tumors. 
    Potassium is a mineral and electrolyte that is essential for the function of nerves, heart contraction, and some enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism.

    The clear bottle is a cinch to rinse through or just place on the top shelf of the dishwasher, the excellent quality plastic won't discolour or go cloudy. The base unscrews into two pieces and is easily rinsed pay attention to check for any pips or pith caught in the holes in the press. Then dry and put away.

    We both love our Citrus Zinger its well made, wont leak in your bag and its completely changed the way we drink, we always have a zinger on the go. You can make your own delicious Lemonades, orangeades, limeades or just some tasty refreshing water drink.
    Its so difficult to maintain a healthy balanced diet in our busy lifestyle and it can often be a chore. This is a fun gadget that makes getting the right vitamins into ourselves alot easier. Those on a diet can cut down on fizzy and sugary drinks by simply switching to water or sparkling water with the added fruit of your choice, add extra honey for sweetness. Stay healthy, hydrated and feel better within only a few days.
    I love my fruity water and "super lemonade" which has trebled my intake of vitamins and I'm drinking so much more water daily and I definitely feel a bit better; its genuinely made a difference to my...our lives. Not many products can I honestly say that to.  Living with M.E. I always need to drink more and eat more fruit for vitamins and extra energy and its always been a real chore...we all get bored...go on admit it?  But the Zingers make life easier its always on the desk or by my bed, its almost an addiction as you really miss it when you haven't made one up.
    Perfect for going to work or the gym or just a day out and ideal for those feeling under the weather as its a fun tasty way to get vitamins and much needed energy into your body. You wont regret buying the Zinger and it makes a great affordable gift of health, treat yourself or a friend. They will be thanking you!

     The term "daily grind" now means something much more fun! But I prefer to say Im putting a Zing in my day! 


                                            Which Combination of fruit will you have?

    Simple easy to use,
    Makes drinking water fun livens up those tastebuds,
    Easy to clean,
    Great colour choices,

    The filter being plastic could crack if the fruit is pressed by someone too heavy handed onto the citrus press. This isn't necessarily a con; its just a knack of how to use this. You need little effort to get alot of juice.

    You can buy your  Citrus Zinger from the Uk Zing Anything site or from many retailers across the Uk

    or from the US site HERE

    All my thanks goes to the guys at Zing Anything for sending me these two amazing bottles for this review.
    My opinions and views are all my own.
    Please see my Full photo review of the Aqua Zinger


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