Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bassboomz Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

by Bassbuds

Those of you that have been following my reviews will know I reviewed the gorgeous Bassbuds last Christmas, with their exceptional sound quality and sexy looks having Swarovski crystals into the earbuds.

See my Bassbuds review HERE

So I was excited to be offered one of their latest bluetooth Speakers to review 
A high performance Bluetooth Speaker.

I already knew the sound quality was going to be good, but I didn't know just HOW good. Im bubbling with excitement over this little speaker.

Video Review

Here is my video review so you see and hear the amazing sound quality. But feel free to read on for more detail and more photos.
As always Bassbuds sent their product exceptionally well packaged wrapped in bubblewrap.
The Bassboomz plastic white packaging is modern and has a transparent section to view the Bassboomz easily through it.
Each side has the Bassboomz logo and clearly explains the technical details and great points of this gorgeous little speaker.
In the box you get your little Bassboomz, the easy to read manual leaflet,
USB charging cable and audio cable.
This feature packed high performance Bassboomz comes in 8 great fashion colours and I was lucky enough to get this beautiful metallic blue which Im in love with.
The outer case is made of brushed aluminium in the choice of 8 fashion colours, the largest colour range in the world.
Holding the Bassboomz for the first time you will notice it has a wonderful solid substantial weight to it and excellent quality feel which is beautifully balanced. It feels heavier for just air and a speaker inside, maybe its weighted to sit more solidly.  I've handed it to friends and asked what they thought of it and its the first thing they've all said is that it has that lovely weighty high quality feel without even hearing the sound. On hearing the sound I've had a room full of "wow's and that's amazing, so deep and basey".
Bassboomz has a "Twist and release" Bass expansion system which turns the speaker on and off as well.
This portable, pocket sized bluetooth speaker is compatible with all wireless devices with bluetooth connection. i.e; laptops, smart phones, MP3 players, tablets. But even devices which do not have bluetooth can be hardwired using the auxillary cable supplied. You can also connect 2 Bassboomz together for double the sound with a splitter wire.
With the Bassboomz you get 2 cables.
  • USB charging cable which is 20 inches long,
  • Axillary cable which is 15 inches long - 3.5mm double audio jack to hard connect the speaker to a device which doesn't have Bluetooth.
 At the back of the Bassboomz you have 3 connectors
Auxillary cable for devices that dont have bluetooth.
 Micro USB Charging port.
On/off slider button which is well defined onoff quality with a satisfying bing bong when you turn it on or it connects to bluetooth.
 Underneath your Bassboomz it has 3 really grippy rubber feet so it will sit comfortably on any surface with no slip, it even sits on my jeep's dashboard without falling off.
You then have the product details needed with electrical items.
The speaker itself is 5.5cm in diameter and has a black metal wire mesh top to protect the speaker inside.
 The speaker is already pocket sized but with a gentle clockwise twist you can shrink it further to fit easily into your bag or dashboard.
It has small clips to lock it into place.
To open the speaker you just gently twist anticlockwise where it then expands to its natural height. Twist with care or it may damage your speaker.
Total height closed is 5.3cm/2.1 inches high,
Total height opened is 7cm/2.75 inches high,
Total width is 5.5cm 2.17 inches wide.
Charging your Bassboomz
Using your Micro USB cable supplied simply plug into the DC 5V jack on the back of the speaker and plug the other end into the USB port of your laptop or PC. The 20 inch length is suitable for most people; but if you use the USB from the back of your PC you may find you need an extension. I personally found it a perfect length for charging on my laptop or on my PC. Its also easy length to keep in your bag or dashboard with your speaker.
 You can do this anywhere anytime if you have your laptop with you.
Once plugged in a red LED will show which takes approximately 1.5 hours to fully charge, when the light will simply go out.
The LED will show green while the speaker is on and it will also flash to let you know it needs to be charged again. I love that you get a warning.
Using your Bassboomz
You can use your Bassboomz on any audio devices from laptops, tablets, MP3 players, ipods and most phones. There are 2 ways to use your Bassboomz; bluetooth or auxillary.
Bluetooth play mode To start using your Bassboomz start by opening your speaker to its full expanded position, then slide the switch to on to get your bing bong and green LED.
Take the device you wish to use blue-tooth on ie; my iphone 3G above, go into your settings and turn on your bluetooth.
It will search for bluetooth devices and then for the first time ONLY it will ask you for a password, you simply input 0000 and within seconds it comes up with Bassboomz on your bluetooth device list, you can see it here with my Tom Tom which wasn't connected at the time.
 Next go into your chosen song and you should see your play button like usual, but now you have an extra blue box with up arrow, (shown by my pink arrow box). On clicking this it then gave me the option to listen to my song through iphone or Bassboomz!  Please see my full video review for the dramatic sound differences between this gorgeous speaker and my iphone!   
I also use my Bassboomz with my Nexus 10.
 Here is my Nexus 10 Bluetooth settings.
The Bluetooth Range
I didn't expect the bluetooth range to be so large, I can put my Bassboomz down outside and walk away approximately 20 feet without distortion or loss of connection this is amazing.
Funnily enough inside I can go further and even out the room and downstairs, so Im sure it must have something to do with my wifi helping it along.
But you will have no problems using your bluetooth connections in the same room, people will think you have a very expensive music system until they see your little iphone and tiny 2 inch speaker...quite funny!
My only niggle is if I put my hand on the back it seems to break the connection until I move it away, so its quite sensitive to things moving in the way. Important if you have kids and animals running around. Sit your speaker higher up and out the way so nothing breaks that line of connection.
Auxillary Play Mode
It doesn't matter if you dont have bluetooth on a device as you can hard wire your Bassboomz directly to your device using the auxiliary audio cable. It has a 3.5mm jack connector at both ends.
My faithful Laptop Acer Aspire 7738 doesn't have bluetooth so it was perfect to get the chance to listen to my music on it for the first time ever; as it has the worst speakers Ive ever had on any device, with the most annoying crackling (a known problem on this make of laptop). I've only ever been able to use the laptops internal speakers halfway and most the time I just keep it on mute and most certainly never used it for my music...until now. But I didn't buy it for the music I bought it for its incredible gaming, screen and graphics quality which is still amazing; even compared to the latest laptops.
I was expecting the annoying crackle to be amplified through the Bassboomz but to my surprise its vanished completely. I only had the volume on 3/4 and it was so loud it even made the Bassboomz bump across the table to the beat of the bass...yesss! Finally Im able to use the sound, I'm so damn impressed by the bass its absolutely gorgeous. I then cranked it up to full for a few seconds...just for science of course ;-) where it had NO distortion at all! But I usually play it at 75-80% volume or lower of course and puts out crisp clear sound and wonderful boom boom bass...Im in love. I also found by having it on a table it amplified the bass even more....Its better sound than some highly expensive speakers. The trebles are crisp and clear and the bass is so satisfying deep, it really is that good! Perfect too for those that love to exercise to loud music to get your heart rate going and ideal for using outside at barbecues.
I really am a happy bassbunny!
I have now replaced my "Stereo" laptop speakers permanently with my Bassboomz, the ONE mono speaker puts out far better sound and quality than my so called stereo laptop speakers. Its also fantastic for my gaming as well; the Bassboomz has brought my gaming back to life. I usually game on my main PC, but I also enjoy gaming on this laptop on the sofa or in bed or even outside as its a gaming laptop afterall; but I've never got the full effect as sound which is so important to gamers. We want to hear when a troll is creeping up behind us dont we....?  
Its also unobtrusive sitting at the side, with its small discreet size I often forget its even there; when Im immersed in my music or fighting the next big boss on World of Warcraft.
I also have a little Apple Nano 6th generation which has alot of my music on, but has no bluetooth.
Though it doesn't have the maximum power output (as its really designed for just using with headphones) that my phone or laptop has, its still great to have that option to use it with this speaker. Its still fairly loud and most certainly ok to just have some background music with friends while in the garden or the park etc. 
Perfect to just grab and throw in my bag.
The volume of your speaker is controlled by the device your using at the time, it doesn't have its own volume control, which is fine as you generally have the device in your hand so its easier.
My Rockin Bassboomz  
 Just a quickie clip to show my Bassboomz rockin across the table, plus you get to hear more amazing sound quality.
Battery performance
It takes just an hour and half to charge fully sometimes less, the instructions say it will go 5-6 hours at 70% volume and I have to say its does what it says this lasts and lasts. When it starts to crackle and lose connection you know its time to charge. Im so amazed at how long this little battery lasts as I have my music up loud, most my USB chargeable products never have this length of charge.
Please see my full video! Well I can ramble till the cows come home about how good this speaker is; but you need to actually hear it dont you, so please see my video review too. I have to say even though you can hear how good it is on my video it doesn't actually give you the full effect of that gorgeous bass; so I have to ask you to believe a girl who is addicted to bass just how amazing this tiny speaker is; it genuinely is small in size huge on sound.
Do I like my Bassboomz..absolutely, I love the way it looks and I have used it almost everyday since it arrived and have been able to use it on all 4 of my devices, its given them all a new lease of life.  For such a tiny speaker it has incredible sound quality through all the sound levels, but if you love bass...this speaker is for you, its depth of bass is just yummy its the type of bass that makes you feel good and want to turn it up loud for everyone to hear...sorry neighbours...eeep! I love seeing it bump across my table.
"Plus its only approx 2 inches high"!!! You can take this adorable speaker anywhere, it closes down even smaller and easily fits into a hand bag or dashboard. I love the fact you can use it wired in or bluetooth its up to you, it will work with all audio devices. The charge lasts for ages, this little speaker really is a workhorse and keeps going and going to its last dregs of power, they are right when it says 5-6 hours; amazing for the level of power this puts out. If you buy two of these baby's they will give you a FREE splitter and you really will have surround sound. Im planning my second one already, I just cant decide which colour... ;-)
They say the best things come in small packages and this really does, I think you can tell I love it and along with the Bassbuds these guys have 2 incredible products for music lovers, buy their earphones and a Bassboomz speaker or two for that surround sound effect.
Pro's Sound, Quality, Incredible bass, Amazing variety of 8 fashion colours, Excellent battery performance, Fast to charge, Long bluetooth range,   Con's None,
 Buy your own Bassboomz at Bassbuds both here and in the US so no one misses out. £49.95
All my thanks goes to FuelMyBlog and the lovely guys at for sending me this gorgeous Bassboomz for this review for you all. It does not however effect any of my views or opinions, they are my own.
 Bassbuds review  
Looking for excellent quality earphones.
Please see my Bassbuds review


  1. This product has good specification and seems to offer great benefits to the users. I'm also using same kind of portable speakers for better sound quality !!

    1. Thanks for popping by; yes these are fab quality and great bass sound.

  2. i am trying to connect it to my P C but it doesnt seem to be working but it works weel on my phone via bluetooth

  3. Hi Ashok sorry your having problems. Some PC's don't have Bluetooth, you may need to just cable it directly like I did with my laptop or buy a Bluetooth adapter. Hope this helps otherwise contact Bassboom customer service.

  4. thank you for this review. its making me feel better knowing this is a good product unlike all the other crap ive gotten in the past few years. i ordered this a week ago and i wasnt really expecting much, especially for what i paid(around $12 U.S. Currency) and i was just searching the reviews of it. yours is the first one i opened and you have renewed my opitmism for this speaker. i now cant wait for it to get here. keep up the awesome reviews!!!

    1. Thanks so much for this comment Khyra, Im so pleased the review helped and I really hope you are enjoying this speaker as much as I do.

  5. Thanks for the review.
    I'm concerned with the "small clips" that lock the speaker closed. I suppose they're made of plastic? Those were the first to go on my X-Mini Max.
    An update to your review to check for long-term durability would be nice.

    1. Hi Izzy
      Yes I will be publishing an update very soon; just to say everything is still running perfectly and the clips are still perfectly intact.
      Thanks for popping by.


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