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Fathers Day Gadgety Ideas

Are you stuck for ideas of what to get Dad for Fathers day?

Most Dads have their own gadgets already, so unless you are treating Dad to the latest Smart phone or tablet; some of the best gifts ideas are covers, cases or fun addons. So today Im concerntrating on showing you some NEW gadgets for your gadgets.

One of the best range of gifts have to be personalised ones; every Dad will love a gift from their son or daughter that's personal to them. I have already reviewed for these 2 companies who offer the most gorgeous personalised products see below; see my reviews fro lots more detail.

 They offer a fab range of Fathers day frames which you then have the option to choose your message on the front and back plus add your image into a sealed resin frame.

You get to choose from a variety of the most popular phone, tablet and kindle cases and you can then add your own images and designs; along with a fathers day message. You cant get more special than that. My full photo review of mine is HERE

The Adonit Jot ProStylus
Treat Dad to a luxury award winning stylus for both his phone and tablet.

 Do you have a Dad that loves painting, introduce him to the
Sensu Capacitive Brush Stylus to paint on his tablet. A real brush with capacitive fibres to gain the same painterly feel.

Does Dad lose his stylus...then buy him a personalised luxury stylus keeper.
See the review of mine HERE....its really gorgeous.

Photography Dad's

Gorilla Pod

PhoGo iPhone Camera lens Hood and stand
Slim and light an provides shade from the sunlight and provides a stand for media viewing.

Does your Dad enjoy Photography then how about a 
at only £19.99
  • Perfect for panoramas or sweeping 360° time-lapse movies
  • Also doubles as a kitchen timer
  • Compatible with larger cameras and professional tripods


    The Ollo clip
    Another fab idea photo idea for iPhones is Ollo 3 in one system, you have a macro, fish eye and wide-angle all in one clip which affixes to the corner of your iphone 4 and 4s easy to just keep in your pocket with the iphone. 
    approx £59.99 from Amazon



    was £24.99  
    NOW £15.99

    Aquabourne Waterproof ipad case
    Motorola Bluetooth keyboard



    Barbour iPhone 5 Flip case
    Barbour logo and tartan lining, credit card slot and access to all buttons and camera lense.
    Lifetime warranty!


    Star War R2D2 iPad case
    Was £24.99 NOW £13
     and you could also get the matching iPhone 4 case as its
    ONLY £4.99 was £9.99

    Also in Storm Trooper design. 1 Left

    Star War R2D2 or Dr Who Smart safe
    Was £34.99  
    NOW £17.99

    Was £14.99 NOW £11.50

    Dual Sim case For iPhone 4
    Use 2 Sim cards in 1 iphone- Just 1 click to switch between the cards. Great for people who want to separate buisness and home phones, saves carrying 2 phones around.

    For the animal loving Dads get them a BIG face case for iphone 4 and 5
    It comes in many different designs of animal.

    Veho Pebble Smartstick charger
    Keep your phone chgarged wherever you are, USB output, small discreet and reusable. 2200mAh enough to charge most mobile phones, MP3 players.
    I wouldn't recommend for tablets though; see below!

    Momax iPower Go external battery pack 8800mAh
    Love this its high mAh to charge several gadgets at once, id highly reccomend this one if you have phones and tablets.

    iPhone portable charger

    Speakers and sound

    Bassboomz Bluetooth speaker
    This is a gorgeous little speaker, explosive sound quality.
    Review Coming soon

    MP3 Black Amp

    Only £19.99
    Induction technology 
    The Sonivo speaker brings a new way for you to enjoy your music. There is no need for Bluetooth, WiFi, cables or even NFC enabled Smartphones. Just simply play your music on your Smartphone, place it onto the universal speaker and you will benefit from a fuller music experience. The Touch speakers are able to do this via inbuilt induction technology for crystal clear sounds.

    Fun USB's

    Emobox Wallet USB's
    Credit card flashdrives to keep safely in your wallet.
    only £14

    Man Cam USB
    Durable rubber mini camera with a 28 inch silver lanyard; containing 8GB USB flashdrive.



    For the Book worm Dad how about a Clockwork Orange, Alice in Wonderland, The Great Gatsby, Lolita, Moby Dick, On the Road, Pride and Prejudice, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

    Zombie Apocalypse 
    (well you never know)

    Every Dad wants to be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse; so get him one of the two kits available an 8 or a 16 piece kit.
    Bear Grylls Survivial kit
    £24.95 or £49.95

    Basic Kit (8 piece kit) contains:Waterproof Bag, Gerber Mini-Paraframe Knife, Emergency Whistle, Fire Starter, Waterproof, Matches, Snare Wire, Emergency Cord, Cotton Ball - Fire Tinder, Lightweight, ripstop nylon bag with waterproof zipper, Land to air rescue instructions, Priorities of Survival - pocket guide contains Bear’s survival tip.
    See the link for the whole list of the 16 piece its really fab bit of kit...drool!

     Ian Sinclair Card sharp 2 and EON Classic Flashlight
    Both at £15.99 each
    Reviews coming soon!

    Luci inflatable solar lantern
    I so want this, its perfect for campers or to keep in the car.

    True Utility Stainless Steel Spork knife
    Ideal for camping or gouging a zombie eyes and brains, your choice!
    Will foldup small and comes with its own waterproof case.

    Summer Barbeques

    Do you have a Dad whose King of the not the doll...BBQ..!!!
    What better than a swasbuckling
    Muskateer Sword BBQ Fork

    Of course you have to get Dad a drink for fathers day so why not get his own
    Personalised Fathers day Beer
    £22.99 or 6 pack for £29.99

     Fab name great for Dads that love their cocktails

     Rum Buccaneer Pistol  or  Tequila Guns


    Remote Control

    Nano Quadcoptor UFO 2.4Ghz

    Sky walker Quadcoptor....Im drooling on this!
    You really need to check this one out!
    This Quadcopter is surrounded by a sturdy cage to protect against crash damage and its this cage that also gives it the ability to climb up walls! Yes, climb up walls! The 3 axis, 4 channel flight gives you a wide range of movement consisting of up, down, left, right, forward, back and rightward and leftward. This clever copter can take off from any surface and is the first of its kind to fly, roll across the floor, climb walls and crawl along the ceiling like some kind of flying spider.

    Okay well I hope this has given you all some ideas of what to get for Dad this year!
    Let me know what you think or if you have anymore ideas I could add.

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