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Aqua Zinger review - Water Infusing Bottle

Water infusing bottle from Zing Anything

Are you being constantly told to drink more water?
Do you know you need to drink more but are just bored with water?

 The Science Bit

 The amount we all need to drink everyday varies on our size, the temperature and how active we are. However the Department of Health recommends that we should drink approx 1.2 litres of fluid every day that is about six 150-200ml glasses a day.
That sounds alot and it is....I definitely wasn't drinking enough compared to those amounts...until now!

But the main fact you need to know is that we lose 2.5 litres; we get a litre from food and our body receives 0.3 litres from chemical reactions in our cells; the rest "as they say" is down to us to make up the rest. Which most of us are terrible at doing, so our body may eventually suffer with some of these symptoms;
  • headaches,
  • lack of energy,
  • feeling light-headed,
  • Do you have dark urine; or not pass much at a time?
We all start with great intentions of drinking more...including me...but with all of us it becomes a chore not an enjoyment, and its our body that loses out.
if you want to read more on this information click HERE

The guys at Zing Anything have come up with the most incredibly designed bottles that works by infusing water with fruit, giving us a personalised light refreshing drink. 
The idea comes from Spanish cuisine who have been infusing their water for years called "Aguas Frescas"

I suffer with ME and I know I never drink enough to keep me well hydrated...slaps wrist ;-) I also know I need more than my 5 a day of fruit and vitamins to give me the extra energy I need living with ME.
This was why I was really fascinated by this company and their genius designed bottles.

 So I'm really excited when the lovely guys from Zing Anything kindly sent me a sample of both water infusing bottles to review for you all. 

This review is for the Aqua Zinger.

They are the same idea but are designed for different types of fruit and do give slightly different results. They contain two different ways to get the juice from the fruit.
The Citrus Zinger is designed mainly for citrus fruits, oranges, lemons, limes even apples, as the base and has the standard old fashion twisty juicer in the base. (Review Coming soon)
The Aqua Zinger is designed to squish berries strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and involves metal slicers/grinders that you twist to squish the softer fruit. It is also a stainless steel flask to keep drink cool or warm.
Both contain a filter to prevent the larger pith and stones getting into the main body of the drink.

So here's the Aqua Zinger they come in 3 modern chic colours, light blue, lime green and I got a gorgeous hot pink one to show you all...yay thank you guys x

Both my gorgeous Zingers arrived well packaged in bubble wrap, and individual poly bag each.

Aqua Zinger labels and manual with excellent quality graphics and ideas.

My gorgeous ergonomic Aqua Zinger is an excellent quality flask made of stainless steel with a beautiful brushed steel effect on the outside.
The stainless steel is food grade safe 18/8 stainless wont rust, oxidise or leave an after-taste. It wont leech toxins and is ultra durable and long lasting as well as dishwasher safe.
It measures 9.5 inches high in total.
3 inch diameter across the base.

The clear transparent plastic base is a bottom mounted grinder which divides into 2 pieces.

These pieces fit together to form a grinder to mush and squish your fruit together, a little plastic handle allows us to manually grind; as well as grinding as you twist it back onto the flask...amazing idea.

 This innovative base; has 6 steel flat prongs with blunted ends, all of which have a slight curve to allow you to twist and grind and it is attached securely inside the base.

 The second part of the grinder is removable and has 4 steel prongs built onto the mesh filter.
You can see its completely safe with no sharp blades as you have on most grinders or choppers used in juicing.

 This fits neatly inbetween the base prongs to make a simple twisty grinder. The clever bit here is that the design also has a fine-combed mesh filter built in; that keeps large pieces of pulp, pith and pips out of your water and trapped in the base. 
But still allows all the gorgeous fruity flavour and goodness to "Steep" so you only get the best bits in your drink.

It takes little effort with only a slight twist backwards and forwards to squish your soft fruit before twisting it back onto the flask clockwise. Then you simply add water or your favourite liquid.

Then screw back on the lovely chunky leak-proof lid and shake. I have to say this lid is gorgeous, its really solid and it needs a real mention as it feels so secure. The two finger holes make it dead easy to carry around. I can slip it on 1 finger while carrying other things and Ive not a worry its going to unscrew or be too heavy, this lid divides the weight especially when full of water. 
I have other flasks which feel awkward and heavy, but the design of the finger holes make it feel lighter than it is.

The clever lid also doubles as a stand while preparing your Zinger.

 The waterproof seal is perfect and hasn't leaked once, so no worries about carrying it around or leaking in your bag.

 The excellent quality design doesn't stop there, the base is cushioned with the Zinger logo made of soft grey rubber to prevent any slippages. Its really grippy!.

 I want also to mention the amount of information you get with each of your chosen Zingers, a little card thanking you for your purchase, is a lovely touch, but its the large colourful leaflet that not only explains how easy it is to use, but has so much healthy and nutritional information to get you enthused into using your new Zinger. 
They offer you so many ideas and recipes and advice on cutting sizes and storing your fruit. Everything you need to know and much more.

How to use your Zinger
These three easy stages (above) sum up quickly how easy it is to get a refreshing healthy drink for you and the whole family every day.
  • Unscrew the base,
  • Add you fruit and herbs,
  • Give a pre-grind twist,
  • Screw the bottom back on,
  • Fill with water or your chosen liquid,
  • Shake and leave to steep for personal taste.
 "You get a beverage alternative which is much lighter than juice but not as plain as water"   
                    Zing Anything
The Zingers technology creates better infusions because it uses less fruit than simply just soaking in water. The pulverisation, grinding and squishing process accelerates the infusion process versus soaking the fruit. Its such a simple, easy idea.

Take a peek at how easy it is to use.

Ive been a reviewer for over 25 years and some products really stand out for me and that I get really enthusiastic about; the Zingers are one these, they are a...maaazing!!! I'm in love with this genius idea, I want to kiss the designer.... Seriously these zingers literally do what it says on the bottle. You get to enjoy and drink more fresh water. It turns drinking water into a beautifully refreshing infusion of flavours that "is good for you".
How many things taste nice that are good for you?

First impressions on my Aqua Zinger, it has a wonderful substantial weight to it, you can really feel the quality. I absolutely love my PINK Zinger..its so fun bright and girly I love it. So how did I get on...well after buying what seemed the whole fruit section at Tescos, here are some photos of what I did.

Luckily its Summer so we were able to buy lots of Summer fruits, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and grapes.

In go my fruit chopped up and minus pips and leaves.

 The large cup enables me to add lots of fruit and herbs like lavender or rosemary. Also honey to add a bit of extra "natural" sweetness to it. That makes it really yummy.

 Give the fruit a pre - squish and twist to start to break the fruit down a bit.

After a can add a bit more fruit if you wish. Its at this stage I often do 2-3 extra grinds as I love my drink quite strong. I then stuff in as much extra fruit as I can; so I can still easily screw the base back on.

Screw the base back onto the flask clockwise. The seal is really well defined with large threads and excellent quality waterproof seal.
Tip: be aware you dont have too many fruity bits in the threads before you screw it back together or it could leak..although this hasn't happened yet.

This in turn grinds the fruit a bit more as you screw it together...really genius design idea.

You can see the fruit through the mesh, so the water or liquid can easily get to the fruit without any messy pith etc. At this point you can add a larger piece of fruit like half a lemon, orange or lime for extra taste in the main part of the bottle if you wish.

Simply add water or your favourite liquid and leave to steep to your personal taste! I love the wide mouth of the flask, perfect for cleaning and adding large ice-cubes
Steeping or 'steepulation' is the soaking in liquid (usually water) of a solid so as to extract flavours or to soften it.

 After only 30 minutes...hey I was thirsty ;-)
 I poured out my berry mix and got that beautiful sweet strawberry fruity smell as I opened the lid.

On pouring my infused water out; it already had the pretty pink "Natural" colouration from the strawberries and raspberries. Just the smell as you pour, gives you a sense of good well being and calmness.

Plus I had added a sprig of rosemary and lavender for that extra taste.

 So here is my full glass of infused fruit water, you can see the healthy small particles of fruit floating in the water....your extra vitamins. Again this is only after 30 minutes; I usually leave my drinks for a few hours or even overnight for a stronger flavour.

 One of my many favourite recipes.
 Dont laugh; but I actually enjoy alot of fruit in my drinks as each piece of fruit offers something extra healthwise that I feel I need and its absolutely delicious and so refreshing.
The touch of Clementine gives an added strong taste to the drink, but so far I have found you can always taste the strawberries the strongest..mmm.

 Some extra Tips and ideas
  • Cut any hard fruit into small pieces,
  • remove large pith and pips, hard skin first,
  • Pre-chop items with a little twist back and forth before adding the water, it makes a huge difference.
  • large pieces of fruit or herbs can be added to the main body of liquid for extra taste,
  • Add ice instead of water to keep your drink cold all day long,
  • Stuff the cup full with ingredients for best results.
  • Give the bottle a good shake as it advances the steeping process if you cant wait hours for your drink. I even shake then undo the base; shift the fruit around and shake again.
I definitely found that I get a stronger taste by filling my base cup up as much as I can at first, then do a thorough "pre-grind" back and forth to break the fruit down a bit and release some juice initially, then I stuff the cup with as much fruit as I can again; before screwing the flask back together.
The Aqua Zinger is designed to move large pieces of fruit to the outer edge as you grind, so you can move them back in again on the 2nd grind.

  I love leaving my drinks overnight for morning drink. It gives me a great start to the day and the natural energy I need for the day. I then make on average another two bottles during the day of each of our Zingers.
The Aqua Zinger provides us with approximately 2 glasses each time.

Both my other half and myself have been using these flasks nearly everyday since they arrived, its fun to do, I make up both Zingers with different combos in the morning and we get to drink them as they steep through the day.
We both have our set favourites and its always fun trying different ideas.

(animation by

Our Recipes
So far we have tried strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, Clementine (which have a stronger orangey taste to satsuma's); sprigs of lavender and rosemary. Plus dribbles of honey for the extra energy I need.

TIP; I would highly recommend adding a few dribbles of runny honey for those of you that are sweet toothed, but also its a great energy booster and it also helps improve digestion and boosts the immune system. As well as great for sore throats or those suffering with insomnia.
The healthy glycaemic index of honey means the sugars are gradually absorbed into the bloodstream resulting in better digestion and prevents glucose surges from bolting down chocolate and cakes.

Also tried;
  • Apple juice instead of water, 4-5 blueberries with orange and lemon...oh my this is gorgeous.
  • 1/2 Kiwi, 3 chopped grapes, 4-5 blueberries.
  • 1/2 Orange, 1/2 lemon and a chopped up lime to add a bit of bite.
  • 4 Strawberries and 1/2 kiwi.
  • 3 Strawberries, 4-5 blueberries and 1/2 orange- gives a fruity berry taste with a citrus burst...this is lovely.
  • Pineapple chunks and approx 4-5 chopped strawberries - a lovely sweet energiser.
  • Apples and honey in apple juice. Im going to try the same in an orange juice version.
  • 1/2 Lemon, 1/2 lime and honey is one of my favourites.
  • We have also tried lemonade, orange and apple juice and sparking spring water instead of water.
* The amounts vary above as it depends on fruit size and how much I can stuff into the base ;-)
I have so many recipe ideas I want to try still, like grapefruit, watermelon, cucumber and mint.
The only idea I cant get my head round; is their idea of using baked pear cake with sage, Im not sure about soggy cake in my drink but I love everything with the fruit and herbs.

Another idea
To encourage kids to eat drink better or just a nice treat for yourself, you could even add the steeped juice into lolly moulds and then re-fill your bottle for drinks.

Lots more recipes and ideas
I was going to add some of the recipes from the Zing Anything site but to be honest I wouldn't know where to start as there are so many; so Im directing you to their incredible Aqua Zinger recipe pages HERE
With over 40 ideas and counting just on their Aqua Zinger....with more added on their twitter everyday.
What you would put into "your" Aqua Zinger?
But it really doesn't stop there as you can let your imagination and taste buds fly by adding different liquids from water, sparkling water, lemonade, apple, orange juice, or any fruit juices, tea and coffee or milk.
Add more herbs like my rosemary, lavender, mint, basil.
I know you can buy the Evian's and Volvic's waters with "a hint of..." Strawberry, lime, orange etc; but to be honest they workout a bit expensive to keep buying water with few drops of lime or lemon in. Plus its often filled with sugar or even worse saccharine...yuk...I hate bitter tasting chemicals! You then have preservatives and E numbers, so you end up putting more rubbish back into your body than goodness, no matter what pretty images are displayed on their packaging.
By owning a Zinger you get to have as many drinks a day as you want to; with your own personalised healthy infusions.

As an ex-nurse and herbalist I have a high interest in certain foods containing certain vitamins and minerals which can help heal our different health problems. I will be writing a full post later on the benefits of fruits and herbs to link these two products together. It will make it too long to add it to this review, so I will just give you a taster of one fruit and how it can benefit your health.

Lemon juice is ONE of the most well known antioxidants and has many other benefits including
Boosting immune system, Aiding digestion, Increasing concentration, Flushing kidneys and liver, Suppressing appetite, Preventing heart failure, Help wounds to heal faster, Aids removal of toxins, Speeds healing times of infections, Helps coughs and colds, Asthma, Nausea, Vomiting and travel sickness, Bone related diseases, Acne spots an pimples and improves hair and that's just lemon juice. 

Cleaning and Maintenance
The Aqua Zinger is easy to clean, simply empty out the pith and fruity bits in the base into the bin or compost bin if you have one. Rinse the top grinder and bottom cup thoroughly with cold water then its ready for your next drink.
Or for a full wash pop on the top shelf of the dishwasher; or just rinse with hot soapy water make sure all the bits are out of the threads and mesh on the grinders, then allow to dry.

I have to say I already knew this was going to work for me; but I didn't know just how well, we have been using the Zingers for over 2 weeks, Im drinking treble the amount of water I was and my intake of fruit has also trebled; some days even more. I'm NOT getting the headaches I was getting before so I must have been a bit dehydrated.
I think in this day and age of using computers and our busy, manic lives we can easily forget our water intakes. I now keep my Zinger on my desk and with me throughout the day.
Aqua Zinger enables you to drink well and often, its perfect for the home or to take anywhere; work, the gym, yoga. Its ideal if your feeling under the weather to get those necessary vitamins and minerals quickly into your body.
Get extra vitamins into the kids or the husband who won't eat fruit, or someone whose been continually told to drink idea who she is...!
I genuinely needed more fruit and water in my diet for my own health and I can honestly say the Zingers have really helped!
Its a revolutionary excellent quality product and its not just that its good for you; its fun trying new recipes and flavours, become your own master chef...ok...water chef....its quick and easy to prepare...which is good for me as I get tired quickly. You can even pre-chop your fruit to quickly add throughout the day. Kids will love helping Mum make up these drinks and its a fun way to get vitamins into them too.

The term "daily grind" now means something much more fun! But I prefer to say Im putting a Zing in my day! 

This gorgeous modern looking Aqua Zinger is a must for you and your family; giving you a healthier lifestyle, you wont know how you managed without it, it has genuinely changed our lives; its not often a product does that! Its the perfect gift for yourself, family and friends; a gift of health.

Excellent quality steel and grinder,
Travel friendly,
Great modern colours,
Flask enables hot or cold drinks,
Cushioned bottom,
Easy to wash,

Absolutely None,

You can buy your Aqua Zinger from the Uk Zing Anything site or from many retailers across the Uk

All my thanks goes to the guys at Zing Anything for sending me these two amazing products for this review.
My opinions and views are all my own.

Coming soon my review for the gorgeous zingy Citrus Zinger

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  1. Hi there! I have to say that I absolutely love this product. I bought the Aquazinger just this past weekend in Havre, MT and have been using it ever since! I know we are suppose to be drinking a certain amount of water every day but I was not one of those people. I hate drinking water. Oh sure I drink it when I am thirsty but do not drink alot of it. Since buying this product I now drink 2-3 containers per day and I am surprise when the container is empty and have to do a refill.


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