Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NEW remote controlled Colour changing LED Wax candles

The stunning Remote controlled candles 3 pack I reviewed last year have now been upgraded to colour changing too. I absolutely adore these candles and use them alot. So Im really excited to see the new 12 colour addition, for any occasion. 

These flameless candles create the same atmosphere as a burning candle but without the danger of flickering flames with children or pets around, plus no messy wax spills; and you can fall asleep and set them to turn off in 4 or 8 hours time with no worries of burning the house down....thats never good!
They look fab in the garden too with no worries of wind or breeze blowing out those flames.

So now these gorgeous candles have been upraded to colours too, you cant go wrong, every home needs these. I know the ladies will love them.
Fantastic for extra affordable gifts as well as treating yourself and your home.

Atmospheric green is super cool for Halloween and the red for that sensuous bedtime feel. Plus of course the natural candle-light.

Take a peek at my full video and photo review of the originals to see just how good they are.

They are 
£12.99 for 1 week!

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