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Home Heart check

Being an ex-nurse I know how important it is to keep an eye on your health. There have been so many blood pressure machines available and some that even work on your iphone, but I hadnt seen anything for your heart available...until now.

This is a new Home heart check gadget the size of a flashdrive that gives accurate heart readings within 30 seconds; to give you an early warning that something maybe be wrong and to get it checked out.

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We all know someone who isn't as keen on seeing their Dr when they have chest pain or heart flutters, my father is one of those; he has to be in agony or really ill to get him anywhere near the Drs. It almost cost him his life a few years ago.

This Home Heart Check is a perfect gift for all of us, afterall we are all concerned with our health and this gadget is an easy convenient way to take a quick ECG (Electro cardiogram) to see what our heart is up to at any given time.

Its a compact pocket style device which is easy to use, it can store up to 20 heart rythyms simply by placing both your thumbs over the silver pads, pressing the start button and keeping still for 30 seconds.
It will show if your heartbeat is regular, slow or rapid and will allow you to print the readings out giving you a valuable health history should you need it to show your GP.
If you are getting symptoms of feeling dizzy, fainting, shortness of breath, palpitations; simply take a quick reading, upload them to your PC online and send them via email to your GP just to let him check them over, they can see immediately whether you need to be seen.
It has been cleared by the FDA and highly recommended for the elderly and those receiving home care or anyone with heart problems; especially those of you who live in remote areas.

It runs on 2 AA batteries and weighs only 4 oz; it even has a small belt clip on the back.

My only niggle with this product is I would like to see it tell if there is something to be worried about, it simply shows you the readout and you do have to know a little to understand it, I'm hoping it comes with a basic information sheet to help you. (I have emailed the company and get back to you on this.)
Even if you do not understand what the readings are; your Dr will and the fact you can email it to someone who knows is vital in prevention of anything serious.

I cannot stress enough though if you are feeling any of these symptoms this device is not a Dr's replacement, its only if you cannot get to the Drs quickly and for alerting you and your Dr to any problems occurring.
The fact you can email the results directly to your GP may save a life, its such a great idea and you cannot put a price on your health or on your own life.
Dont make me nag you too....

Its a health investment of 
I cannot find it in the UK but I hope to see it come over to us soon. I will add this to this post as soon as I can find it.

Warning NOT to be used for patients already wearing a pacemaker or implanted devices.

If you have used this device or anything like it please let me know I would love to add your information to this post.

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  1. Thanks for your review! The PEN does in fact ship to the UK when you order from the site -

    We are also working on an ECG Library to help our customers better understand their results. I will share this with you when ready.

    1. Thanks for contacting Gadgetgirl and letting us know, I think this is great health gadget for everyone, especially those with heart problems.
      This could really save lives.
      Thanks again.
      Gadget girl.


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