Saturday, May 11, 2013

3D Printer now available in Staples US!

 Cubify 3D Printer
Its finally here 3D printers for use in the home!

Staple's the worlds largest office products company became the first major retailer to announce the availability of 3D printers.

Well if you live in the US that is...were waiting patiently over here...ok maybe not that patiently I would lurve one of these!
If you live in the US and have a spare $1299.99 you will be able to buy your very own worlds first 3D printer from the end of June; which will be available in 5 colours.

This cube prints in 2 materials ABS and PLA in the choice of 16 colours; including metallics and glow in the dark. You can print anything up to 5.5"x 5.5"x 5.5" as large as a basket ball and some versions will print multicolour too.

With your printer you get 25 FREE 3D designs which can be sent via your PC through WIFI so no cables. You also get to browse the shop for more if you wish.

Imagine printing your own kids toys and then designing and printing your own jewellery to go out for that hot date!

So take a look at Cubify 3D systems to see what its all about.
I cant wait to see them in the UK...sits patiently tapping fingernails.

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