Monday, April 22, 2013

iBeetle - Retro and modern you can now have both!

I may be a girl but I have always loved cars especially those that are customised.
So I was really pleased to see the news of the new iBeetle!

Two iconic companies and household names Apple and Volkswagen have teamed up and will be launching the new iBeetle and it has been debuting today at the Shanghai Auto Show. The fanbase for Beetles is still huge today and has always been the retro peoples favourite; but now they have gone one step further to gain more new fans and teamed up with another iconic household brand...iphone.

Volkswagen and iphone have added a specialised iphone dock in the middle of the dashboard and combined with a newly developed app...(of course there had to be an app somewhere), owners of the new iBeetle will be able to connect to the phone wirelessly, make calls handsfree, take photos, play music and streamed directly from Spotify and use it entirely like you would normally but with the added extras from the new app.

This amazing new App has lots of new features to integrate your daily world with driving world, it has an "Expert" function to offer 5 functions to check the engine and running, a G-meter will measure lateral acceleration, with added oil and temperature gauges, a chronometer and a compass.
The "Trainer" function compares driving times, distances and fuel economy all of which will...guess what....yep....connect to facebook and twitter...of course it would lol.

The "Postcard" function is a funpart of the app which will enable you to send postcards to friends and family showing your exact location through most the available networks. It even has a reward system "Milestones" in that each time the iphone is undocked you will receive milestone sticker when certain tasks have been completed. Plus of course so much more.

Volkswagon will be offering 2 ways to acquire this new interface by purchasing the app alone or set as a standard feature in the stylish new iBeetle coupe or convertible.

This beautiful iBeetle will be the first car in the world to have this integrative interface and be linked with the most iconic name in the world today iphone.

Those of you that want to know more detailes click the Press release below.

The handsfree features are brilliant and the technology is very advanced and it has its good points of course, in that it will be able to check workings of the car, keep an eye on mileage and petrol usage and you will be able to record and photograph accidents while driving. Any problems you will be able to call hands free for help immediately which will save lives.
My first thought was...yay...its a great idea; as I love my iphone and have always had a place in my heart for the VW Beetle so the combination is almost perfect and being a complete gadget-aholic its like my dream come true....BUT and that's a BIG BUT...........................

My second thoughts were that its illegal to use our phones in the UK whilst driving and I personally feel this is going to cause more accidents with people playing with the app; I know I'm sounding like my Mum, but I feel this will be the cause of more accidents. Those of you with busy, manic lives who have to be connected to the internet 24 hours a day wont be able to resist tweeting, emailing and face booking while in traffic, when normally you would have to wait till you reached your destination before chatting to friends and colleagues.
Even though the app will read your texts and emails outloud this is still going to be very distracting from the road and what's around you.
Although using the app does move on from balancing your phone on your know who your are....we've all done it...ooops.... trying to text with one hand on the wheel, the other on the phone.
Im divided at the moment although I absolutely love the idea of these two major companies working together like this. I really hope that the new owners lucky enough to be able to buy one of these gorgeous, techy cars will be ultra sensible as the idea is brilliant, but in reality is this going to be too dangerous, not just to the owner but to other road users? What do you think?

It will be available early 2014 Will you be rushing out to buy the iBeetle or the app. Id love to know what your views on this are?

Or leave a comment below.

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