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Digems Urban Jewellery Review - Wear your Apple Nano

Wear your Ipod!
I was honoured to be contacted by Digem's themselves to see if I would be interested in trying a Digem kit for review.
Of course I was over the moon to try something so innovative, unique and futuristic.

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So what on earth is a Digem?
Its urban jewellery at its best!. 
The Digem's kit transforms your poor old, retired Apple ipod Nano 6th generation into a piece of jewellery that you can alter and change to match your mood or clothing.

Being a self confessed gadget girl what could be the perfect piece of jewellery for me? I have always loved my unique pieces of jewellery. Even though I've never been a girl who loves gold and diamonds (I know I'm!) I've always loved one off pieces of jewellery.
Apple Nano 6th gen ipod

Do you have an Apple Nano 6th gen iPod tucked away in your back drawer because its outdated, are you into fashion and want the latest pieces of gadgetry? Well now you can combine fashion and technology to transform your retired Nano into a high fashion piece you can wear anywhere and at anytime!!! I'm shocked Apple actually stopped making these fantastic little gizmos, the small screen and perfect shape makes it perfect to wear as a necklace.
Hunt out your Nano...tell it you still love it...charge it to full and order your Digem kit...NOW!

I was so surprised as the clever Digem people have designed the packaging around these small pieces, it arrived within a few days from Munich in a special Digems envelope and inside is a small squarish cardboard envelope made of 100% recovered paper; saving the planet at the same clever peeps...just brilliant!!

It opens up to reveal the 3 kit pieces securely embedded inside with the instructions on fitting on the lid and an invoice with more detailed building instructions.

So what is a Digem kit?
A Digem kit is composed of two stainless steel pieces and one technical plastic piece for strength and lightness which cleverly slot together to form one secure piece.

 The 3 pieces of the kit are solid and inflexible. The hoop has an inner diameter of 7.2mm which is a perfect width to fit most chains you may have.

They are well made, featherlight and solid and fit together easily with no screws or the use of special tools.

It is perfectly sized to slot behind and into the Nano forming a secure necklace bail. Its clever design means the Nano holds the 3 pieces together naturally forming a really secure fit.

If you choose not to use the extra you want to use just the bracket on a keyring or belt ring, store it back in the Ring garage...this is such a great idea so you wont ever lose the ring when you wish to use it on a necklace so it lays/hangs flat.

  From the front of your Nano all you will see is a neat solid metal bracket and a solid metal ring to slide any necklace or keyring chain through it.

  From the back again you can only see a solid metal bracket and ring; not affecting or covering up the buttons or charging port in anyway.
It looks like it was already built onto it.

 Front and back
The Digem is virtually invisible preserving the sleek futuristic look of the Apple Nano. 

 You can see how well my silver Balinese chain fits the Digem beautifully.

 The metal loop has plenty of width for almost any chain or leather cords you may wish to use. Use any chain, silver, gold, leather, but make sure its secure and can hold the weight of your Nano, because it now has a new fun purpose.

Animation of how easy Digem kit fits together.

Fitting together
Easy as pie just follow the easy to read instructions or animation to see how it all slides into place easily. This Digem ain't going...nowhere, it will keep your little Nano safe and secure. It won't slip slide or snap and it won't undo, it cant due to the innovative design! Choose your chain wisely though, it must be able to take the weight of the Nano itself.

Just some of the images in the gallery to download.

Digem Gallery
Nip to the Digem's site and download a choice of over 300 funky images to get you started then start mix and matching it with what your wearing.

Or simply choose an image to how you feel with some really fun comical images and graphics; from rubiks cube, to a monkey with boxing gloves, explosions and many more fun graphics and images. 

 Use the Nano's own settings to choose and define how long your images will be shown using slideshows and transitions of your choice. You can even turn the images around by using 2 fingers on the screen and physically turning them to suit your choice.

 Flames at night.
You then have the latest funky designs around your body which are also litup to be seen in clubs and pubs. Plus of course all your favourite tunes all on a necklace and ipod.
Choose your own images to make the necklace your own with your dog, your cat, the goldfish ...okay even the kids or loved ones; by uploading to itunes along with your favourite music.

I switch from my silver 30 inch Balinese chain above with my favourite "Boom" series of images to my leather thong depending on mood or clothes. Whatever I wear it makes me look different and I always get great comments.

The easy to fit Digem doesn't detract at all from the sleek sophisticated look of the Nano, I love how they have carefully chosen the right materials and colours to match. Its almost invisible appearance gives you a beautiful innovative one off piece of jewellery for a chain, pocket watch or charm etc.

Digem kit revives the retired Apple Nano 6th gen into so many uses;
  • Necklace with endless graphics,
  • Family photos,
  • Pet photos,
  • Pocket Watch,
  • Bag charm,
  • SOS medication necklace,
  • Oh yes and an ipod.... 

 Spot the Nano?
See how the Digem transforms the Nano into a necklace so it doesn't look at all out of place with my other pieces of jewellery. But I get to change the image with everything I wear.
  I can go for matching with what Im wearing to something mad and fun!

 Keep one image or scroll play or repeat several images. See how it changes the look and feel of the same top.

 Have fun too with the crazy graphics. I love this one.

Daytime and Nightime with the same T-Shirt just change the image.

Daytime and Nightime
 Go out at night to pub, club or party and people will see your images lit up what a way to start up a conversation.

 Which image would you choose with these T-shirts, like my choice or change...?
Ive added a selection of Digem's own graphics either side of the Nano to show you the variety and how it changes the look of the top.

 Which image would you choose?

Guys lovem too!
A great way to wear a tie to this one!

TIP: Or if you need an SOS health warning you can also make your own graphic and have it on show incase. Asthmatic, heart problems epileptic or you need medication, have all the info needed round your neck.

Battery Power
Depends on your settings, display, transitions, slideshow etc and maybe the age of your nano, all something to be aware of.

The Digem is a brilliant creation from Digems to bring the Apple Nano out of retirement and bring it forward into fashion, if you don't own a Nano don't panic you can still buy them on eBay and some stores for under £40. Believe me its worth it, to have an endless choice of images and photos to match your outfits. Digems have changed the way we wear jewellery, show it off at night glowing round your neck at the club, pub, party or everyday, be different, be fashionable and keep your loved ones and fave music with you all the time; all your choice with a Digem!!
Girls how much do you spend on buying jewellery...dare I ask? Do you buy a necklace to match every top...go on admit it...I know you do...its OK I won't tell anyone ;-)
But now you can have an image, graphic or photo to match anything you wear, change it up have some fun, make people laugh from, boom to a boxing monkey, or your pet cat. 
Have one necklace with endless designs as well as music and a clock.

I love my Digem its given me something gadgety and unique to me every time I go out. It looks stunning at night and everyone wants to know where you got your Digem. Its a genius design that is extremely well made and strong. No worries of breaking, the bail is designed to use the Nano's unit itself to make it secure and almost impossible to break.
The Digem is an extremely affordable addon to revive your Nano enabling you to wear it and keep it with you at all times. For the gadget girl or guy that loves fashion and wants a unique opportunity to wear something futuristic and be creative at the same time.
Digems are the innovative jewellery of the future; you will be in fashion, fun and unique with a Digem kit.

So affordable,
Clock or any image, photo, graphic in the world to take with you,
Secure, strong well made,
Brilliant design,
Keeps Nano extremely safe,

None at all.

Revive your ipod!
Buy your Digem Kit from Digem's
(not including chain or Apple Nano)
Free shipping throughout April 30th

See them on Facebook HERE

 I have to say a huge thank you to the lovely people from Digems for sending me a Digem for this review free of charge. This has not in anyway effected my opinions or views.
Thanks guys


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