Saturday, March 02, 2013

The ifixit tablet repairability!

 If you dont know already about this brilliant site I had to let you know about their latest post.
ifixit is an amazing site who take apart products we all know and love and create manuals from that information.
They have manuals on iphones, ipads, cameras, PC repairs and even vehicals and game consoles, plus much, much more.
This site is for those of you that know about about electronics and love to fix your own devices. Its a fixit site you can depend and rely on, follow their manuals to the letter and you cant go too wrong.
Of course this isnt for everyone, please dont attempt this if you have no experience at all, it will end in tears, probably your own.

Today they have released their latest findings on the recent popularity of tablets.
They have taken each one apart and then rated it by a score 1-10 of wether its easy to dissasemble, does it have a service manual, its complexity involved in replacing components. Points are also awarded for upgradability.

I am fascinated about how my devices works and this site is brilliant if you have that knowledge to fix things yourself.
My other half works on devices and cars all the time so I have pickedup the basics, but Im not brave enough to take something apart myself.
But for those of you that do; you will find invaluable.

So on with their brilliant findings and following ratings.

Click on the images above to take you to the actual pages on
You can then view the actual tear down of some of the devices, please take the time to peek its fascinating.
E.g here is the teardown for the Kindle Fire

The Dell XPS 10 came at the top with its easy to open case, easy to remove battery, colour coded screws and labelled cables, its only downfall was the LCD is fused to the glass.
Sadly the Micro surface Pro has come last with many problems along with the Apple ipad mini, infact all of the ipads scored low.
It seems the main culprit was the use of too much adhesive and part breakage on disassembly particularly the possibility of cracking main screen...ouch!
Obviously these devices will need to be sent to the manufacturer for repairs.

Hope will give you some advice on how fix your devices properly and saving you a few pennies along the way, a little effort will go along way if you can fix these yourself.

Thanks for popping by.

I have some exciting gadget ideas for Mothers day, not all Mums want just chocks and flowers...ok maybe the chocks....surprise your Mum with something techy, coming next!

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