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The Funzee Onesie

The Onesie craze started in the UK in 2011 being advertised in the back of catalogues along with the slanket and the next fun gadget; since then its been a runaway hit with top celebs being snapped wearing these giant jumpsuits or babygrows. So I was over the moon to find out the lovely people at Funzee were sending me one of their warmest Funzee's for this review.

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Onsie's, Pyjamas, Sleepsuits, Babygrows, Allinones, Romper Suits, PJ's, Sleepsuit, call them what you wish but Onesie fever is here to stay!

 Celebs like Justine Bieber, Brad Pitt, Rylan Clark, JLS, Ed Cheswick and One Direction.

Cheryl Cole was even seen visiting the Eiffel tower in one.

But it was One Direction who actually took the onsie to new heights through wearing them throughout the X factor, along with many of the other X factor finalists, they even managed to get Louise Walsh in one. So if its good enough for the celebs out there its good enough for me.
Now if you had asked me a year ago if I was going to be wearing a Onesie, I'd have laughed at you, me in a giant baby be way, I thought only cowboys wore these type of things, you know with the super sexy buttflaps at the back.
I take it all back and Im a complete Onesie convert.

Funzee are a UK company who have taken the Onesie to new heights, they were going to call them a fun Onesie but decided on the Funzee, which is just a perfect name. If you are looking for an adult sleep suit, all in one pyjamas, or a fun festival one piece they have one for you; with over 20 designs to choose from and many more being designed as I type.

We are lucky enough to live in the most beautiful picture box cottage in the middle of nowhere, but...its very cold without any installed heating. So I was over the moon to find out the lovely people at Funzee were sending me one of their warmest Funzee's for this review.

I was even more excited to receive the Wizard Fleece Onesie and what's more it was also the hooded version....oh boy I was finally going to be snug and warm....and fashionable. Hogwarts here I come, the Wizard is one of the only 3 designs made of the most gorgeous polar fleece.

My Funzee arrived in a few days carefully packaged in a clear poly bag.

 Accompanied by a Funzee A4 sheet on more designs and its care.

The Back to show hood

So what is a Funzee, well down to brass tacks its basically an adult jumpsuit, you will now know why babies are so snug and comfortable in theirs....believe me! My version is the gorgeous Wizard and is made of 100% soft polar Imperial purple fleece (polyester), with large black stars and moons. Its a much thicker and warmer material than the cotton Funzee's for those that need or want the extra warmth like me. The cotton Funzee's are natural, comfortable, thinner and more breathable fabric; which is warm in Winter, cool in Summer...sod it its just cool!
Both designs are footless for hygiene and have a long zip from crotch to throat.

The all in one jumpsuit has an oversized hood for that extra snuggliness while casting your spells. 

 The wrists and ankles have super soft ribbed elasticated cuffs to prevent any cold drafts. These are tight enough to feel comfortable but not too tight to feel restricted. 

What is such a great design idea is there is a one inch fleece flap (storm flap) that folds over the zip to keep you even warmer....yes it is possible!
 Preventing any drafts from getting through the zip itself.

It also has two very deep front pockets either side for your chocky bar, tissues etc. or simply to keep your hands warm.

But one of the best idea's is the brilliant mobile phone pocket at the top on the left hand side, as we are never to be parted with our phones are we...god forbid. Or use it for your ipod or latest wizard snack.

The Funzee range are not sized the usual standard sizing; because Funzee's are unisex so are designed not to be figure hugging skin tight sexy clothing, its a comfort fitting and should fit slightly baggier to be able to move around slouching across the sofa.
So the guys and girls of Funzee have designed these by height, giving plenty of space all round.
See their chart below to see which designs will fit your height. Or nip to the Funzee sizing page directly HERE
My Wizard is the small and fits just perfectly as Im 5ft 4inches high.

Both the cotton and polar fleece fabrics are so easy to wash on a cool 30 degrees, but do not tumble. They both dry really fast and do not stretch and the colours haven't yet faded.

I'm a gal who loves her sexy, skintight clothes, but we have 6 inches of snow outside and only 1 room with heating and its been really cold with ice on the inside of our windows...brrr.... So I need to be sensible and keep warm no matter what. Yes we do live in the dark ages but I wouldn't swap it for the world. So this Funzee Onesie arrived in perfect timing for one of the worst Winters we've had in the UK for years.

 Snuggle up with a great book...hint hint!

For me the perfect Funzee scenario is getting into your Funzee after a wonderfully hot bath to be completely relaxed away from distractions of work and the phone etc, exchange your mobile phone for a big bar of galaxy...ok or is that just me then.
Combined with a pair of thick soft slouchy socks, a coffee or baileys and then snuggled-up with your favourite film, TV soap or programme, or just read.
This Funzee is just amazing, its super soft and extremely warm, Ive owned many fleeces over the years but never had an allinone romper suit and certainly none that have been this warm and I've never felt so comfortable in any clothing like this. Its like stepping out of bed into a wearable snuggly duvet.
Us girls spend most our lives wearing clothes to look good, to feel sexy and look sexy. So I have to say for me its a welcome relief to dress just for the ultimate comfort.  However I've not plucked up the courage to wear it out yet, only in the garden, where I may have scared the local wildlife...just a little bit......I cant think why...see below....!
Me, my-selves and I and I!
Warning; When you slip on a Funzee, it may make you do weird things, don't say I didn't warn you lol ;-)

I love my cosy, snuggly Funzee, its excellent quality and extremely well made and the extra deep pockets and easy access phone pocket is just brilliant addition to a fun piece of clothing. The zip is extra strong too and the hood sits comfortably over your head. Everyone young and old needs one of these for those snugly days when you just want comfort, its like a giant warm hug, step out of bed into your wearable duvet.
My only niggle is having to slip off the top to have a pee, but its worth it, its alright for you guys!!!
Relax together, girlfriends and boyfriends, husbands and wives get matching ones and just have fun in a Funzee, that's what life is all about, but be careful you may have too much fun, look what happened to me...eep!
Take along to festivals or even the local supermarket...sorry Tesco's... and its a must have buy for pyjama parties for chilaxing in a Funzee; imagine everyone in a different Funzee!
The Funzee came along at just the perfect time when our cottage is freezing, yes I mean it freezing! It was heaven. Funzee's make brilliant gifts, give the love of your life a Funzee, nothing says I love you wearing anything; than buying a Funzee for them. Who needs chocolates and ok....maybe give those too.
You have the choice of amazing fun designs, why should babies have all the fun!
Eat your heart out Harry Potter, there's a new wizard in town!

Excellent quality,
Super soft polar fleece,
Deep pockets,
Mobile phone pocket,
Easy to wash and care for,
Super warm I can confirm,
Great choice of colours,
Choose from cotton or fleece.
None at all.
You may never want to wear clothes again....!
The Neighbours will wonder if you have regressed or saying that they maybe jealous!

You can buy your very own Polar Fleece Funzee from in 3 different designs.
Wizard, Polar and Bumble
From £25.95

Choose from more designs of the 100% cotton range, hooded and unhooded versions too.
Take a peek at all the designs HERE.

All my thanks goes to the lovely people from Funzee for sending me my gorgeous Wizard Fleece Onesie for this review free of charge. 
This does not effect my personal opinion or views.

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