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Emobox USB Wallet Drive Review.

From Emobox

Anyone that knows me knows Im a lover of USB products and especially fun USB, but this is the first time I have seen wearable USB products to keep your favorite images or important documents on you at all times.
 I have loads of normal standard flash drives and sticks and Im always on the look out for something different, something quite unique to make it personal to me.

Emobox have created more personalised technology that is cool, glamorous and chic,technology doesnt have to be boring and Emobox are a small team of techy geeks that are also interested in fashion and lifestyle and are always trying to come up with something new and exciting....people after my own heart.

Feel like the ultimate Jane Bond as you carry your secret data around with you everywhere, no one will realise....shushhh!

The lovely people from Emobox kindly sent me a couple of items to review.
The My Pictures Wallet Drive and the beautiful La Pomme green swarovski crystal USB flashdrive necklace .

My review is about the adorable My Pictures 8gb Wallet drive.
Read on....

Both the Wallet drive and the La pomme apple necklace arrived in matching but comparable sized white cardboard boxes sealed with a neat Emobox logo sticker.

Emobox offer 3 different styles of credit card style Flashdrives called wallet drives, all 3 are subtly feminine, mine is the adorable cupcake design and is called My Pictures with a yummy cupcake on the front.
To anyone else it looks like a store card from your favourite bakery, but it contains a secret within 

A small section of the card folds out to reveal a USB stick which stores 8GB worth of data and 7.51GB is usable as with any 8GB flashdrive.
It then clicks back into place to complete the image on the card without anyone knowing what it is.

Turn it over to show a crisp white side with Emobox written on the back.

The card itself is exactly 8.5cm long and 5.4cm wide the same size as your average credit cards.

Here you can clearly see the USB connections folded neatly inplace hidden from prying eyes.

 Folded out the USB is as tiny as it could possibly be without being too small for the USB cables.
Its 2cm x 1.3cm and is only 3mm in thickness. Slightly thicker than a credit card but its needed to give a bit more stability and support to the USB itself; preventing any flexion which could damage and lose those precious files.

The USB connector will slot into any USB cable, PC or laptop and is a 2.0 platform for fast data transfer...needed if your the next British spy and have only got 3 minutes to save the world....or just want to keep photos of your cats on it.

Its very easy to plug this in upsidown make sure the contacts are aligned with your port, as well as take a little care on removing your flashdrive; hold it from the base of the USB to remove.

 Its slim enough to slip inside any purse or card or ID holder or even your pocket. It fits easily with my cards inside my hand bag. A designer card to go with my Kathy Van Zeeland bag.

  You can see how easily the credit card blends in naturally with my other cards. No one would ever guess the card is infact a USB drive.

This image from Emobox

TIP: Just be aware the copper contacts on the Wallet drive could easily get scratched if its just thrown into your purse or bag, keys and coins may damage the delicate contacts and you may lose some data. But just slide it into any card holder and it will be kept clean and dry and your data safe; as in the image above.

I really love my USB credit card no-one has ever asked me what the card is; its completely unnoticeable in my bag. Its a perfect gift for anyone who wants to keep their precious images or data with them for whatever reason.
Wearable data storage is perfect for our busy lifestyles. In this day and age of taking hundreds of images and needing to save important documents we always need more storage. How many times have you run out of space on your camera/cards while on holiday or at an event, with the walletdrive you can unload the images and make room for more piks.
8gb is plenty of room for hundreds of images and files, keep your holiday, wedding, pet or baby images with you to quickly show them to friends, family and work colleagues.
I hope Emobox will soon have some guy friendly designs soon as I know many guys that would love one of these as well. Its fun and easy to exchange data from home to work and vice versa, but also to show off your new and modern flashdrive. A perfect pressie for those gadgety geeks out there or to simply treat yourself.
Jane Bond secret British agent here I come......

Chic, fun and modern designs,
Easily hidden,
Easy to use,


 It comes in 3 different designs to suit any girl choose from My Pictures and these 2 other girly designs Classy and fabulous and Gaga

You can buy your own Wallet Drive from Emobox
 for ONLY

All my thanks goes to Emobox for sending me these gorgeous items for this review free of charge.
It does not however effect my personal views or opinions of these products.
Emobox dont just do Wallet drives they also do the most gorgeous wearable 8gb crystal necklaces and bracelet memory straps.
Please see their site for more details and images of their stunning products.

 Enchanted 8gb USB green apple "La Pomme" (review coming next!)
Also comes in pink and gold.

8gb USB Jewelled hearts Little Bijou in Red, blue and pink

Unisex 8gb USB bracelets Memory straps in white blue and yellow

Emobox guarantee that when you buy something from them you are guaranteed alongside your order;
"Truckloads of quirkiness, a tonne of love and hard work with a dash of uniqueness sprinkled all over it"!
I think this says it all!

Thanks for reading, more reviews coming very soon!

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