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The Mycestro 3D mouse

 The next generation 3D Mouse
Conduct your world!

I was really excited when I saw this amazing new device produced by Innovative Developments LLC

No sorry its not Finger mouse...Yep I'm showing my age now, I used to love this TV show for kids!

Have you ever considered about the mouse your using right now, my other half said a few weeks ago to me when I was looking for new gadgets to show you, that the PC mouse hasn't changed or been updated in years, it would be great to see something really new!
Yeah sure....its changed from rollerball to optical and you can get different colours and sizes and can choose from either wired or cordless, but they are all basically the same...until now with the unique and innovative Mycestro 3D Mouse.

There has been a few finger mice styles before, but they have been too big and bulky and I couldn't see these on everyone's fingers. I have tiny hands and these would look and feel ridiculous.

But Mycestro 3D mouse is just perfect.

When I first saw the Mycestro I fell in love with not just the design but the idea, its genius. Its a 3D mouse that fits on your index finger and allows you to control your computer with hand gestures and mouse functions.
The idea was founded by Nick Mastrandrea while he was flying home from a trade show in Denver, he noticed a gentleman across the aisle of the plane, with a laptop that barely fitted on his lap struggling with a standard sized mouse on the limited space of the laptop.
At that moment his new idea was born;
 "wouldn't it be cool if you could control the PC functions just by moving a finger?". 
He then got to work sketching and designing this incredible idea.

Since then he has been featured on Engadget, selected as a semi-finalist in the COSE Live your dream contest and gained the honor of semi-finalist at the prestigious TiEQuest, an international entrepreneurship competition.

Please take a min and see the video
I know you'll be amazed.

So how does it work?
  • Mycestro is a 3D mouse with the ability to track hand motion in 3D space. 
  • It is activated by your thumb and when your not touching the Mycestro, the cursor function pause until you want to use it again.
  • The touch sensitive panel initiates cursor movement. To use simply touch anywhere on the panel. You can control the cursor position by moving your hand in the direction you want it to go. To make selections, release the touch panel and then tap it again on the left, middle or right button section.
  • Range; The Mycestro has a range of up to 30 feet.
  • Wireless Mycestro has Bluetooth 4.0 Low energy protocol, making it compatible with Bluetooth smart ready devices like the ipad 3, ipad mini, iphone 4s and newer, ipod Touch gen5, Apple Macbook air, Mac mini,  and Macbook pro and any PC with a compatible BLE dongle. Android devices should be available at the end of the year.

Mycestro features
  • About the size of a wireless earpiece,
  • Very light, weighing next to nothing on your finger,
  • The internal battery is charged via favourite style of charging,
  • Battery is estimated up to 8 hours, quite remarkable, perfect for a days work.
  • It comes with 2 different sized clips to fit everyone. 
  • Mycestro supports Windows 7/XP, Mac and Linux.

Its as easy as wearing a ring.

I love brilliant new ideas that are not just to make life easier for us, but children and the disabled users too. Control your tablet, iphone and even your TV and music media at home or at work without touching it. 
The military also have their eyes on this too enabling them to get information fast and easily with wearable computers and using hand gestures and simple mouse functions. You are no longer tethered to your computer or have to keep returning to your main PC or laptop for presentations, no more blinding someone with a laser pointer or catching someone in the eye with a pointy stick! Simply point and gesture!
 I absolutely love the new colour designs, they are fashionably modern and chic.

I'm in love with this bright pink and the black its stunning.


You dont need to have extra space for the mouse or annoying mouse mats. Ideal for commuters that use their laptops on the trains and buses.

Ideal for the disabled, arthritic and RSI sufferers
Its perfect not just for all of us that use PC devices but disabled or elderly users who struggle to use a mouse. This will revolutionise the way we use our computers and being an ex-nurse I can see it could prevent up to 80% of RSI problems, as it mostly comes from sitting at an angle using a mouse, your hand and elbow are at a comfortable position and the Mycestro is completely light and ergonomic. It takes little effort to use.

 Touch sensitive
3D mouse at your fingertips

Mycestro stays securely and comfortably on your finger.

My Opinion
Im so impressed by this technology the idea is genius as I can see this in everyone's home in a few years time.You could set the mouse up to write an E in the air to open emails, or open files and folders with the flick of your finger. I love that this is ambidextrous and can be used left or right.
As a gamer myself I can see this would make gaming so much easier with the ability to sit back in my armchair rather than sit at the desk. With the possibility of having extra players with their own Mycestro...!
My other half is a computer 3D model graphic designer and uses Maya, 3D Max, Mudbox, AC3D, and this would be ideal to zoom in and out to turn the 3D model around just with your finger like you were touching it. I love that you can scroll through pages with the swipe of your thumb across the 3 buttons, its so easy to use and will certainly make our everyday lives so much easier. 

 Learn more about Innovative Developments LLC and what more this amazing Mycestro can do

If this is something you love the idea of too, go to their page on Kickstarter for more information or even if you want to get involved and become one of their backers.
They are well over their $100,000 goal with still 34 days to go.
Help this to become reality for all of us.

Let me know what you all think, do you love this idea, would you buy one?


  1. wow.. this is cool mouse..
    I wanna have one..

  2. AnonymousMay 19, 2013

    Oooooo. Got to have one of these. What is the release date?


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