Saturday, February 16, 2013

The latest fun Google Doodle taken down in respect!

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I'm quite excited to bring you Googles latest doodle which was designed to commemorate the asteroid which missed the earth yesterday by 17,200 miles. Google decided to remove this fun doodle in respect of those injured in Russia yesterday. There is no way Google could have predicted what was going to happen in Russia beforehand.
Once on the net its there forever so I felt it was worth showing you all as it really is a fun doodle and such a shame for so many to miss this. But I cannot talk about the doodle without mentioning more about this ground breaking near miss we all had yesterday and those injured in the coincidental meteor shower earlier that day.

The Asteroid 2012 DA14 as its been named is 150 feet/45m in diameter, approx the size of an Olympic swimming pool passed by the earth at 19.25 yesterday, sadly proceeded by the event in Russia, but all the scientists are saying its not at all related.....just a "Cosmic coincidence" we believe I'm not a scientist but Im just not sure I believe in coincidence?

It is the closest ever predicted approach to earth of an object of this size! This Asteroid orbits the earth every 368 days, close to our earth year but its on a different orbit which is why it skimmed the earth yesterday. It came from under the earth and is returning back towards the sun, this diagram makes it easier to see and understand.

 Image from Nasa

The strange thing was it wasn't Nasa that first spotted this "little" rock it was first spotted by astronomers in Spain in February 2012 at the La Sagre Sky survey an amateur group that has gradually become more and more important in watching our skies for us. Their observations calculated that the asteroid was at the closest point until it returns in another 30 years, so the scientists have plenty of time to keep an eye on this...fingers long as nothing knocks it off its course the floating debris we have up there....its quite a scary thought!
 Take a peek at NASA's site and many more details on this historic passing HERE Nasa's Jet propulsion lab recorded this asteroid in detail, its really fascinating. They recorded its rough shape, propulsion, spin rate and composition, with some interesting videos.

If Im offending anyone my apologies and look away now as I couldn't resist showing you again, I love it and yes I still have plenty of compassion for those injured, Im an ex-nurse and would never deliberately upset anyone. So should Google have taken this fun design off in respect of Russian families injured yesterday? Its a polite touch but I feel we are all getting a touch sensitive with these things these days. Its a sad day when people are so terrified of bad press and getting sued over something that will actually make millions of us smile.
Google had no way of knowing what was going to happen before Asteroid 2012 DA14 passed us yesterday.
I'd love to know what you guys think?

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