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Ideal Cases personalised device case Review

My very own personalised design to phone case in days.

I was over the moon to be accepted as one of the lucky reviewers to get the opportunity to try this new site that allows you to customise and most importantly personalise cases for your various gadgets.

 It was something I was particularly interested in with my poor, old ancient iphone 3G being quite battered after 4 years and needed a revamp. Being a photographer by trade I was really excited as I could have my favourite and most precious photos to hand. 
Make your iphone, tablet, kindle your very own, have a case that stands out from everyone else's, be unique and the envy of all your friends.

 Go wild and add your own photos, clip art, graphics and text all within a few easy mouse-clicks.
Work with easy to use pre-made templates which allows you to add your favourite photo or start with a black canvas and use the freestyle template for those that want to design their case from scratch, the background, colours, fades, graphics, text; be the designer you've always wanted to be.
The company are also able to offer DIY fan art for your favorit band or brands etc.

The website itself is bright and fun and extremely easy to navigate once you have chosen your device you want to personalise. You first choose your device you want to personalise.
You have the choice of device models below;
  • iPads - the new iPad/4th and 3rd generation cases, iPad 2 cases and iPad mini cases.
  • iPhone - Iphone 5, iphone 4/4s, iphone 3g/3gs,
  • Amazon Kindle - Fire 7inch tablet, Paperwhite, Touch, Kindle, Kindle keyboard and Kindle 3.
  • Samsung - Galaxy s3 and Galaxy s2.
  • Blackberry - Bold 9900, Bold 9700, Curve 8520.
  • B&N and Nook - Nook Touch with or without glowlight cases.
  • HTC -  HTC one x cases.
  • iPod - iPod touch 4 cases.
 Each device is very specific and ideal cases have added date of release, dimensions, screen size etc to make sure you pick the exact device. Once you've chosen your device you then get to choose from a set of base colours where each device offers a different range of basecolours.

The Kindle cases are made of a leather/canvas style case in black with a beautiful suede effect inner; giving another gorgeous effect to the plastic cases.

The scratched back of my poor 4 year old iphone 3G!

The Design Stages for the iphone 3G
I was extremely excited as I truly didn't expect a new company to still produce a case for my little iphone 3G, but I'm so glad they have as those of you with these older models of phone really do need a revamp.
So after choosing the device I wanted a new case iphone3G...I was then offered a Full wrap print with a gloss finish. This includes right to the edges that curve neatly over.
Next the most important choice is your Template and this will vary from device to device.
For me I then was offered 4 layouts..below each one then leading to its own styles of photos templates, backgrounds, text and clip art, each varying very slightly in difficulty.

Freestyle start from blank canvas case
I chose the Freestyle as being a photographer by trade I could use my own images and have fun seeing exactly what I could do with them with so many options available. 
Dont laugh but it took me over 4 days playing with the different styles and designs till I finally chose what I wanted to do, I must have played for hours trying out different templates using not only my own images but their own colours, fades, backgrounds, and clipart, this was amazing and so involving; I was like a big kid again.
You can choose simple or you can go as detailed and arty as you wish, you can add your own images from your PC, and Facebook, Instagram and Flickr, you then get the options to shrink rotate them to fit exactly where you want them.
Oh wow this was such a fun experience to design let alone having the case made espcially for you and delivered directly to your door.

The Main editing window for Freestyle cases.

 This simple screen is so easy to navigate through the tabs at the top offering complete choice and control over colours and designs, text and drawings. The dotted lines were there to help me fit my design right to the edges so it wraps round my phone perfectly.
If you are used to using photoshop or similar software you will find this so easy and to be honest most people will; simply work through till you are happy.
I will show you a brief outline of each section as I cannot express enough how much detail you can get into your case.

The top of the screen you have 5 green tabs offering
  • Add background.
  • Add Clip art.
  • Add text.
  • Add drawing.
  • Upload image.

Add Backgrounds
This offers you the opportunity to add one of the amazing selections of backgrounds Ive ever seen on any personalisation site like this, you have 
12 Abstract/ 9 Animal Prints/ 11 Aztec/ 9 Colours/ 16 Geometrics/ 12 Gradients/ 4 Letters and numbers/ 8 Painted/ 10 Grunge/ 12 Repeat patterns/ 5 Polkadot/ 4 Watercolours/ 4 Love (perfect for valentines day).

Add Clip Art
Here you have another huge selection of clipart and all their subsections too to add if you wish. There really is something for everyone here.
Choose from;

  • 8 Scrapbook sub sections of 11 Button images, 8 Bows, 5 bunting, 27 labels and text boxes, 6 modern, 6 nature, 15 Speech bubbles, 4 Illustrations.
  • 7 Photoframes subsections of 4 Classic, 5 Collage, 12 Doodles, 5 Old style, 2 polaroid, 3 Wooden, 4 Film strip.
  • 3 Borders subsections of 8 Aztec, 13 Lines and Seperators, 18 Ornate.
  • 3 paint splats and brushes subsections with 9 Brushes, 5 colour splats, 14 Paint splats.
  • 4 Travel subsections with 27 British images, 4 Chinese, 22 landmarks,  13 Transport images.
  • 3 tattoo subsections with 12 Animals (mostly birds), 6 hearts, 12 Miscellaneous.
  • 15 Illustrations and artwork. 
  • 39 Nautical.
  • 5 Animal prints,
  • 34 sound effects like you see in comics with Pow, zap whoosh etc-really fun.
  • 6 Love subsections with 6 subsections of 8 Borders, 33 Hearts, 28 love Labels and badges,5 Roses, 8 Cupids, 17 love miscellaneous.
 I personally loved the Scrapbook its ideal for those that love their scrapbooking with the same styles you see in those. I also loved the photo frames this allows you to add the frames, then download your image and size and rotate it to fit the frame youve chosen, this gives the most amazing polished professional effect.
Animal prints are fun and would look amazing just by themselves and the Love section is IDEAL for Valentines day.

Add Text and Drawings
You then have 2 more tabs to add text (Left image) where again you have an incredible amount of options from brushes,to fonts, font size, line spacing, letter spacing and outlines.
At this time you can only have 2 lines of text but this is plenty on a small device.
The drawing tab (Right Image) is ideal for those budding artists out there; choose brush and size to free style drawing lines to add your own shapes. Or pre-drawn shapes to simply add resize and rotate to fit and an eraser for those mistakes.

While you are creating your design from each section above they will make a layer, those that have used photoshop will already know how these work and how much fun you can have by placing images behind each other, or placing writing and drawings over an image to give it such a gorgeous 3D effect and professional look.

Add to basket
Once you are happy with your design, making sure you have the correct device, made sure the background is pulled and stretched to fit to the dotted lines provided and your ready to go to basket, pay and then put your feet up after hours of being your own graphic designer !

Designing my very own case!
Well after 4-5 days of playing and trying so many different designs from arty stuff to playing with my photos to playing with my beloved pet images. I decided to incorporate my own background designed by me, 3 pet photos taken by me and some of the sites gorgeous clip art.
 If you want to see some of my other designs skip to the bottom of this review.
1) I decided to upload my star background I designed to use for Gadget Girls Reviews as my full background, I love the depth of colour. it slid easily into place using the resizing slider, I made sure it fitted exactly to the edges of the dotted line so it wrapped round my case as you can see here.

2) Next I uploaded my Amazon Parrot where the image is transported into a detailed editing window, this is perfect for those who have uploaded an image from their phone, here you can edit it with various buttons. I just tweaked my image with a little whitening, sharpening and saturation.

The editing window consists of 18 tabs to help you perfect and tweak your uploaded image;
  • Enhance, 
  • Effects where you can cycle through 24 artistic effects, these are quite stunning.
  • Frames giving a crisp artistic finish surrounding the image, this is what I used for each of my 3 images, to just give it a nice edge.
  • Stickers approx 32 different speech bubbles, lips, hats, ties, arrows etc.Ideal for friends images on your phone to have a bit of fun and laughs.
  • Orientation allows you to mirror the image, top to bottom or side by side, rotate it,
  • Resize allows you to get the perfect size, but this can also be done on the main editing screen too.
  • Crop.
  • Warmth.
  • Brightness.
  • Contrast.
  • Saturation.
  • Sharpness.
  • Splash a fantastic effect to paint colour back into the black and white image. Its beautiful.
  • Draw anything across the image, a name a heart add kisses absolutely anything.
  • Text.
  • Redeye removal.
  • Whiten great for teeth, eyes and hair or dark images.
  • Blemish removal equivalent to clone in photoshop.

3) Next I uploaded my African grey parrot, where I tweaked his image too, added the same frame and some whitening, sharpening and saturation.

4) I uploaded my gorgeous pet dog photo and again added some editing and then added the frame to match the other 2.

5) I started to slide them around the phone template to see where they fitted the best, this took me ages...I do mean may have even been I'm such a perfectionist lol. I resized and rotated them till I was happy with the placement.

6) Next I wanted to add some clipart as I loved the transparent hearts they had.
Image 1
 So I placed the heart over the camera lens as I thought that would be a nice touch and added 2 more transparent hearts over the images.
 Image 2
Finally I flipped My Grey's image to face the Amazon and made them slightly bigger to see more of their faces so they were looking at each other; I think image 2 looks far better with its extra tweaking.

So FINALLY I happy with my case, I was so excited as the colours look so bright and saturated on the screen, I was hoping the actual case could replicate that gorgeous look and finish.  I ordered my case late evening on the Friday and recieved my case the next friday and Im more than pleased with the time it took.


I love it!

My Idealcase arrived in Idealcases own plastic light green pouch with a transparent window to show your new design.
Sadly my outer case was split after a heavy handed postman squeezed it through my letter box with other mail....eeep! Miraculously it didnt crack the case. proving before I got it out the pouch it was going to be strong.. But a simple fragile on the outer packet may make postmen aware there is something breakable inside.

This is a screenshot on my PC of my final finished design and the NEW case itself side by side.
See how vivid those colours are on the case I was blown away with how gorgeous this is.
My only slight niggle I think is down to programming is that my love heart which I had designed to be placed over the camera lens doesn't quite fit. But Im not worried.

 The inside of my case is a smooth white, and the printing has wrapped around the case to the edges, but you can see 1 slight edge which didnt quite cover but these things happen and again it doesnt show too much.

 The case is designed so well that I can easily get to my on/off button, volume and jack plug connector for my headphones; as well as still plug in my iphone into my dock without scratching the paint.
TIP: If you use a dock to charge your phone like me make sure you check the phone will still slide in with about 2 mm extra either side and 1-2mm behind or it may scratch the paint.

Im bubbling with excitement as I cannot stress enough how much fun I had designing this case from start to end; the whole design process has been fun and exciting with its easy to navigate interface. Ive never had anything personalised before and having my precious pets with me 24 hours a day means alot, plus I get to show them off and my photography.
Idealcases offer something for everyone, go mad adding photos, text and clip art, doodles and drawings, add one base colour, colour fade or photo for that sleek elegant minimalist look or as many as you can fit onto the case. The designs are endless that you can create and you can put that gorgeous personalised stamp onto any devices available, while having fun!
There are so many options in using Idealcases for gift ideas. What do we keep with us all the time...our phone, kindle or tablet?
 I dont know anyone who wouldn't be over the moon to receive a case or the giftcard to design their own.

Gift ideas
  • Keep your family and friends close to your heart all the time, 
  • If you are apart from loved ones take them with you,
  • Buy a gift card and allow someone to design their own case, they will thank you forever.
  • If you know that person well, design a case specially for them with their family and friends on it.
  • Are you an artist and photographer, put some of your work on the phone to show people.
  • Valentines day is just perfect to buy your loved one a special personalised case, tell someone how much you love them on their phone. I dont know anyone who wouldn't love to receive this as a gift......I know Im a soppy one.
  • Can you imagine asking someone to Marry you by phone case...Arhh Im an just old romantic at heart lol.
  • This would also make the most special wedding pressie for the happy couple, using a photo of them with your message.
  • Anniversary present with the wedding image on it.
  • New baby.
  • Or to revamp your old case like me.
  • Your favourite band, artist or musician.
  • For the fashionistas order several cases to match your outfits.

Revamp your old phone!
Stunning brightly coloured printing,
Variety of devices available,
Excellent quality plastic case,
Endless design variations something for everyone,
Easy to navigate interface. 
Addicted to designing more cases.

 I just want to thank Fuel my Blog and Idealcases for giving me the opportunity to design a case for this review free of charge. I love it!

Here are a few of my trials using my own professional photographs using different backgrounds and clipart, its so easy to get carried away lol, I maybe ordering some more cases very soon.
Especially if Idealcases ever get the Nexus 10 tablet cases in...pretty please....!!!

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