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Epiphany onE Puck coaster Phone Charger

Gadget Girls Reviews brings you reviews and the latest technology but I also want to bring you new  innovative ideas that havent quite started but the idea is brilliant.
You may have seen me mention this brand new device hoping to explode on the market soon in my February coolest gadgets post, but I felt I wanted to show you some more information on it.

You have all seen solar power, wind power and even water power but you now have heat technology power. This little onE Puck coaster has a stirling engine powered solely by heat changes, such as a hot or cold drink, a candle, ice etc. 
Stirling engines were invented in the early 1800's but modern technology means that modern materials and electronics can now use them in different ways.  Epiphany Labs are a group of technologists that just love to tinker with modern technologies and existing ones and they have done just that.
But the Puck isnt all, Epiphany labs also have a sister company Epiphany Solar Water Systems where they have produced a low cost, portable, solar powered, water purification capable of turning any water source of water into clean drinking water.

The Epiphany onE Puck is a small coaster with a nice modern design in which a USB cable connects your device; this can be your phone, ipod, MP3 player anything that is USB powered drawing 1000 mA or less. You then place your hot or cold drink ontop and the heat disparities are turned into a charger using a stirling engine; no wires, no batteries, just carry on working or resting just enjoy your drink while this clever coaster charges your device. Its really going to simplify your life in this mad hectic world.

 Cold and hot drinks can be used to charge your device as shown in these images.
  Charge you and your phone at the sametime!

This product is one of those items you so want to say 
"Why didn't I think of that and why hasn't this been done before!" well now it has. 

Its tiny, lightweight and durable and is ideal to pop in your bag or leave in the car glove box for when you want to charge your phone etc, perfect for use while at work and at home. I dont know about you guys but as a gadget geek I have so many USB gadgets my USB hub is full and I'm interchanging my devices to charge and use them all the time. With this I wouldn't have to its a stand alone device.

Any excuse to drink more coffee....with a chocky bikkie.

The onE Puck has a red side and blue side so depending on whether you have a hot or cold drink depends which side you use. 

In our busy lives with work and play and home you are juggling with so much and it can be easy for our phones and gadgets to just die on us when we least expect it at the worst possible time. So this clever little gadget is a gadget for your gadgets and can be used and fitted into any timetable within our busy lifestyles. We can now multi task by using the onE Puck.

Here are some basic Q & A's Epiphany labs have provided, but please see more information HERE 
How much power does the onE Puck produce?
It is designed to produce 5 watts at maximum output, the same as a standard charger.

How fast will it charge?
It will depend on the amount of heat you can give the puck, most smart phones need 1000mA at 5Vdc (5 watts) to charge them at full speed. The Puck is designed to produce that under ideal conditions of a fresh hot drink placed on the hot side, so obviously if it isnt hot enough it will take longer to charge.
But its designed to store what it can and then dump it to your phone in batches, this is still providing power faster than most phones can use.

How hot or cold does the drink need to be to operate the onE Puck?
The puck can run on relatively mild heat differences, but the bigger the difference, the better. A fresh hot drink will provide good output.

So what stage are they at?
They have been researching and developing heat cycles and engine technology for over 12 years, most of which are related to larger engines. They have now developed the first working protype and are close as they can be to getting this into production, they just need some extra funding to get it all finalised.
The Epiphany onE Puck has their own Kickstarter campaign so please take a minute to have a look. After only 10 days they have made it to over 70% of their $100,000 goal. I have to say I hope there are some more backers to help these guys get this device off the ground, its genius and I feel will lead to many more ways to help improve our lives.

The extra funding will help with;
  • Production tooling,
  • Final designs,
  • Raw material orders,
  • Marketing,
  • Pay for their poor deshevelled engineers...hugs.
There will even be extra options to customise your own onE Puck, with engravings of your name or company, this is a lovely touch to add and I adore personalised products.
I would love to see this produced and I know personally I would use this every day. But more importantly if you would like to see this product, maybe become a backer yourself take a look at their Kickstarter campaign for yourselves, see their full article on this brilliant new product.

Plus let me know what you think do you like this idea, would you buy one?

I am not gaining anything from writing this post I have not reviewed it myself and would never normally endorse a product without trying and testing it; but I love the idea and if its as good as it looks and powerful as they say this will be a brilliant gadget for your gadgets that will help simplify our fast, modern lives and its something I would love to see become available.
Goodluck guys!

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