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Coolest gadgets for February 2013

Every month Im going to bring you some of the newest gadgets and technology that I can find.
If your reading this post then you must love your gadgets and no doubt have quite a few of your own, but I bet you have often found yourself stuck without battery power at some point. Maybe its been on holiday, travelling in the car or simply had a powercut and are left with no phone, laptop or game system and in some cases it could actually be life threatening.
So when I saw this latest power charger I had to share this with you all if you haven't seen it already.

Whats so special about this one I hear you it
Is it powered by USB to use later on...No.
This little beauty is powered by WATER...yes I said WATER!

Charge your smartphone, handheld GPS, mp3 player, digital camera, no matter where you are no electricity is needed.

MYFC Powertrekk

The Powertrek is a 2 in 1 solution that is both a fuel cell and portable battery pack. The internal battery can be operated on its own as a ready source of power or storage buffer for the fuel cell.
Just find a river, spring, tap or collect the rain while camping to simply pour into one side of this Powertrekk and add a powerpukk in the other.

 The Powertrekk will retail approx €199 and the pods which last up to 10 hours will retail around £1.50 a power pukk.

They also come in 3 colours
First Impressions
I think these are an incredible idea and can see so many uses for these all round the world, I feel its something everyone should own as you never know when you may need that extra charge and unless you are in the middle of the sahara desert you should always be able to find water, even if its rainwater.

The Epiphany onE Puck
Another phone charger that will be hitting the market very soon is an idea from the Epiphany labs, who are a group of technologists who love inventing and tinkering with  existing ideas and making them better.
Youve seen USB power, solar power and water power but have you seen heat power?
The onE Puck is no exception its a phone charger which works solely by heat distribution using hot or cold drinks, even a candle or ice will work. These heat sources sit on a neat little plate or puck which houses a stirling engine which will then fully charge your phone via a usb cable.
It works with all phones, ipods and Android devices; infact any device that uses a USB charger drawing 1000 mA or less.

Cold drink on the left as you can see the ice and a Hot drink on the right.

I dont know about you guys but I have so many USB devices and my hub is always full and Im actually interchanging my devices all the time, with the onE Puck its a stand alone device. How many drinks a day do you have, you can now charge your phone while working or during breaks its perfect.

Take a peek at their Kickstarter Campaign HERE

First Impressions
The innovative idea of being able to charge any USB device from any drink hot or cold you have in a day is aaa...m...aa...zing! Simply pop your onE Puck in your bag or car and everytime you have a hot or cold drink you can charge your phone, ipod, MP3 player, satnav, its genius and you have to say "Why didn't anyone think of this before?
I have tried many chargers and some work and some dont, but the idea is brilliant and it opens up to so many other opportunities using this technology. I hope any backers out there will jump onboard and give these guys some support to get this up and running for all us gadgeteers to use.
Goodluck Guys! Full post coming soon, watch this space.

Auto Mee S mini screen cleaner.
I recently got my toy of the year my new Nexus 10 so I have been intrigued to find new accessories. So I was excited to find this new cleaning gizmo for smart phones, and tablets.

Im not sure if I can honestly say that Im too busy to pick up a cleaning cloth and wipe my screens...but I will find any excuse to use a gadget and this is one of those times.
If you've heard of the Roomba cleaning robot for floors which is a most impressive robot vacuum cleaner which will return to its own dock when it needs recharging, (please see the irobot Uk site for more information on this); you will recognise the idea of this little cleaning gadget.
Its a mini Roomba for your tablet or smart phone. it can clean your tablet screen in 8 minutes and the iphone in 4 minutes.
Yeah...yeah I know a cloth is quicker...but..its...A ROBOT...!!!!

This little gadget has 2 rotating cleaning pads which spin and polish away smudges, fingermarks and dust particles. This clever little gadget actually knows when it reaches the edge of your device and it will turn and change direction continually until its covered every millimetre of your device leaving your screen as good as new.
It only needs 1 AA battery for 3 hours of work and visual fun for us; afterall that is what gadgets and gizmo's are all about, we can all wipe our screens in minutes, maybe seconds, but where's the fun in that!

The company Takara Tomy released the worlds first robot vacuum cleaner in 1986 called the SO-G or dustbot.
This has to be the cutest ever, it looks like a Fisher price toy not a new designer robot.

First Impressions
I cant wait till they reach this country but Im not sure if I can say if it will honestly replace our cleaning cloths, but I really love this little gizmo and its so much more fun than using a lint-free cloth. 
Let me know what you think?

NEW ipad solar keyboard folio 
The new bluetooth keyboard and folio case for your ipad powered completely by light. You can rest easy too as it doubles as a multiview stand to view videos and films.
It comes in 4 modern chic colours and will power your keyboard indoors and out with any light.

First Impressions
I really love the modern chic look of these folios, the colours are gorgeous especially the turquoise one, you can see the excellent quality and I'm an absolute sucker for solar powered gadgets. I'm actually quite envious as I wish I could get one of these for my Nexus 10...please Logitech think of us Nexus lovers too.

The Submarine Camcorder from Hammacher Schlemmer
I found this gadget while on my hunt for technology and had to bring you this for those who have some spare change from a lottery win.
The Submarine Camcorder from Hammacher Schlemmer 
for a cool $6300

This is a remote operated submarine that sends live video to an ipad from 100 feet underwater, ideal for viewing marine life or inspecting your boat or yacht from underneath.

The sub is tethered to its reciever on deck with a 100 feet video cable. using wifi connectivity an app is installed onto your ipad or laptop which remotely controls the subs electric thrust and lift propellers for forward and backward and up and down movement.
 A virtual dashboard and the ipads motion sensors can steer the sub and includes a joystick, camera controls,  displays of depth, battery level and temperature data from the built in sensors.

The marine grade hydrodynamic ABS housing provides a watertight seal to protect the HD video camera which captures 1280x 720 resolution footage, plus an ability to take stills too, all being stored in it 32gb memory while still images are stored directly onto the laptop or ipad.
Lasts up to 2 hours from a 16 hour charge.

First Impressions
Ive never been a sailing kinda girl, I love firm ground but my love of wildlife would find this absolutely fascinating, I feel anyone that owns a boat would find this gadget a nessessity for safety and checking purposes; or just the fact its a brilliant idea and the fun you could have with this.

Gadget Girls Monthly FYI
Every month I will find something that is not only interesting but fun too.

I know you may think its just a robot riding a bike...but think about it..
" people....!
Which can steer and adjust its balance at the same time as well as put its feet down at the end. I think this is amazing technology, hope you like him too.

If you find anything interesting on your surfing travels and would like to see it mentioned on Gadget Girls Reviews please contact me. If you have bought any of the gadgets mentioned Id love to know what you think of them first hand.

Thanks for popping by


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