Monday, January 28, 2013

Look what the Postie bought!

New review items arrived!
Mobile Toyz iCushion and Ideal cases design your own case.

We have all had the most awful cold freezing weather the last few weeks and its been no exception out here in snowy England.
More so where we are as weve had no postal deliveries, no phone, no internet, intermittant electric and frozen waterpipes...aka no hot water..brrrr!

So I was starting to get slightly worried when we hadn't had any post at all for over 7 days last week as we do live in the middle of nowhere; so I was finally excited to receive my next few review items for Gadget Girls reviews.

If you've had a peek at my reviews coming soon you will have seen my NEW toy the long awaited Nexus 10 that has arrived.

I had already bought a nice zipper case to keep my new baby safe; but I had been using this for over a week and found I was suffering already with shoulder and wrist pain due to holding it in the right position. Its quite a heavy tablet afterall.

So when I got the opportunity to try Mobile Toyz iCushion pillow stand/holder it was exactly what I needed.  I'm really excited to try their BRAND NEW purple velvet colour which you can see from my photo at the top its more of a pinky colour which I love, I know you girls will love this so much. Its perfect for any size ipad, tablet, kindle and even books.
It also comes in many more other colours, see here, something to suit everyone. This will really be  fun review.

My NEW iphone case, also arrived that I designed myself from Ideal cases  where you can design your own case for a variety of products like phones, kindles and ipads.
My little ancient iphone 3g has got quite battered over the years, so I was over the moon to be one of the lucky reviewers to get the chance to choose and design a case for Ideal cases .
Well I love my pets!
Im so impressed with the quality of the photos and bright colours, I cant wait to write this review.

But it did have a very lucky escape as the packaging arrived split over a third of the packet; due to the volume of mail we had and how it was posted into my outside mailbox. My heartsank to see this split but its a miracle that the case is completely unharmed...showing how tough the little case is already...phew!!

Also coming soon is this gorgeous soft fleece Funzee 
 Its so cold here this is keeping me so snuggly warm...hey dont laugh I bet I'm more snug than you are!

and of course the big review coming very soon is of my very own brand new baby...drumroll....
the Nexus 10.

For those that dont want to scratch their car windscreen or paintwork I have the very simple but innovative Scratchshield bucket and shield. coming up for review. But maybe when the snow has thawed brrr....!
Yes I do wash my I have a brilliant other half that's so expert at hosing down our muddy snowy Jeeps.
But for the sake of this review I will actually wash my car...shush dont tell my OH!

So with internet and phoneline problems and powercuts, I do apologise for the delays and I hope to be posting my reviews ASAP.

Thanks again for your patience

Gadget Girl

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