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iHat Music hat Review - The Hat that Rocks!

From  ParamountZone

The lovely guys at ParamountZone kindly sent me this amazing iHat to review, as I love my music I was looking forward to trying this.

How often have you been outside in the Winter with your woolly hat pulled down over your ears, fighting the blizzards and cold wind, when your phone goes off; you then have to take off your hat to listen to your phone.
 Not now, this innovative hat has speakers already built in with an integrated in-line microphone to speak into. In between your calls you can also be listening to your favourite sounds on your phone, ipod or MP3 player to have music anywhere you go with the comfort of having no earphones wedged in your already cold ears.

The iHat Music Hats packaging is nice and simple, it has a transparent plastic box with cardboard holding the earphones and connectors, with the hat folded neatly for you to see.
The back clearly explains the hat and speakers. 

When you buy your hat from ParamountZone you have the choice of 2 different colours, the black which I have and a lovely Grey with aztec style design.

This large black soft woollen beanie style hat is not only trendy and unisex which has two high performance 0.5 Watt speakers fitted securely within the hat which sits over each ear. 

With the hat you also get a Universal 3.5mm jack which connects to not only the best models of phone but any ipod or MP3 player too.

The cable is a perfect length of 1.2m long.

I love the funky black and white braided cable its lighter than any headphone cable I have ever owned.

Attached to the cable is a small crocodile clip which slides up and down the whole length of the cable to keep the cable clipped to your collar or coat to stop the cable getting tangled up and in your way.

 Out of the back of the hat is a small seam which carries the cables to the speakers. You can see here that the wool is doubled over across the whole hat for extra warmth.

 These discreetly leave the back of the hat and can travel down inside your coat or jacket, to hide that you are using an expensive phone or ipod and combine into a small neat little connector jack.

 The connector that leaves the back of the hat and the inline cable connector are excellent quality and snap into each other like an expensive headphone set.

The speakers themselves sit in a small seamline "C Shaped" pocket either side of the hat to give you that stereo effect and to keep the speakers in position by over ear. The hat being doubled the half pocket prevents losing the speakers inside the hat itself. The speaker wires neatly run along the inside base of the hat which you cannot feel while wearing at all.

These 1.5 inch wide speakers dont need any batteries they simply take the power from your MP3 player or phone themselves.

 Fixed to the braided cable is a small 1.5inch plastic control unit what makes this set so innovative. It is an;
  • In-line microphone, 
  • volume control, 
  • pause button,
  •  forward selection button; all in 1 small neat control unit. 

Its extremely light and thin, the mirrored silver button is a brilliant music pause button for when you have a call come through, press again to continue listening after your call. While listening to music, its also a forward selection button to scroll through your music or skip one your not so keen on. Only expensive headphones tend to have these in-line units.

On the side is the highly responsive volume control for your phone and your music too. It will depend of course on the volume of the gadget your using at the time, but it allows you to fine-control it.

 The end of the connector then plugs into your phone, ipod or MP3 player, in my case its my little ancient iphone 3G/ipod.

Attached to my iphone ready to go out into the cold to walk the dog.

Sound quality
The speaker quality is excellent and offer a lovely bassey sound which I love, plus a huge bonus is that you can also hear your surroundings too making you more aware and is also safer too. Headphones can shut you off from the world which can be dangerous in this day and age.

The speakers I feel are mono not stereo as there is no left and right printed anywhere on the wire or speaker itself so therefore it is only stereo effect by having one either side. But you have brilliant sound quality and I personally dont think even a sound aficionado would be disappointed with receiving these as a pressie.

I was really looking forward to using this iHat, as I loved the idea of not having to take off my hat to listen to a call.
I was expecting a cheaper wool for the price but to my surprise this beanie hat is extremely soft compared to many hats I have and is double layered so the air is trapped between the layers keeping you even warmer. It has a lovely heavy wool weight to it knowing you have quality in your hands. I have paid more for just a hat alone let alone getting built in earphones and inline microphone and volume control.

The cables come out the back of the iHat and do not get in the way, they simply slipped under my hair to the phone and can hardly be noticed.

I can hide the connectors completely if I wish by simply slipping them right under my hair and under my coat as you can above. Keeping it completely discreet so no-one knows you have an expensive phone or ipod in your pocket.

The little clip was really handy too as you have so much free cable it clips it out the way. I love the fact I can keep my iphone safely in my pocket and allow me to speak hands-free as well as do all the main controls from the inline unit, without getting my phone out of my pocket.
I simply click the button on the inline unit once to pause the music I'm listening to, take my call, then click again to continue, this is brilliant on such an affordable product. The silver button that will pause the music for a phone call will also allow me to select my music by skipping forwards or skip a song.

The only thing for me is the fixed control unit, I felt I wanted to move it down just an inch or two to use comfortably as a microphone, but people can still hear me so it obviously has a good range.
Plus you may look a little strange talking to someone on the phone through the hidden microphone, or dancing at the bus stop.

Washing and care
There are no washing instructions on the iHat but you simply remove the speakers from the back and hand wash if you want to ear (oops err) on the side of caution then dry flat so the wool doesn't stretch and then slip the speakers back in, no worries which way round being mono speakers.

This has to be the most comfortable way to listen to your music, what a fab innovative idea to use a soft warm hat and why wasn't this thought of years ago. I absolutely loved my iHat it gives me hands free options with my phone and the fact I dont even have to physically get my phone out of my pocket to turn off the music, change tracks or listen to a call.
I feel this hat would fit most people as it was quite big on me, (I do have a small really I, but I prefer that flopped over beanie style. Its perfect for my bad hair days as its a great excuse to wear a hat (as long as its not Summer of course).
Plus the fact I dont have to remove my toastie warm hat to listen to the call is a huge bonus; I get to stay snug and warm. The speakers sit comfortably against your ears in the hat and you cant feel them at all, they have excellent quality sound and I love the fact you can still hear what's going on around you, its a major safety factor for anyone. I have always had a moan at cyclists who wear earphones as they cant hear us driving up behind them; with this hat they could hear a car engine and beep if needed.

Its ideal for those that love their sports like cycling, skiing and skateboarding as you can safely do your jumps and flips without expensive headphones falling off, zip up your phone/ipod in your jacket pull down the hat and your away.
But you dont have to be into extreme sports to enjoy this iHat as its perfect for those that just enjoy your music going to work, school, college, dog walking etc that also want to have the phone nearby too.
This is such an affordable gift to anyone especially this cold time of year.

Updated model for better sound,
Hands-free listening to phone,
Integrated in-line microphone, volume and selection button.
Excellent quality funky woolley beanie hat,
Removable speakers to wash hat,


You can buy your own iHat Music hat from ParamountZone
for ONLY

All my thanks goes tot he lovely guys at ParamountZone for sending me this iHat Music hat for this review free of charge.

Take a peek at the video from ParamountZone to see more about this gorgeous gift.

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  1. Nice post, this would be a nice hat for children to hide listening to music at school. haha.

    1. Lol, I can see it now a whole class wearing beanies saying they are cold...eeep, they didn't get the idea from here lol.

  2. Amazing gadget. I'll love to buy this hat for me because I am a music lover. Thanks for sharing.

    Ladies Golf Trousers

    1. Glad you like it, warm and able to listen to music you cant go wrong; thanks for visiting.


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