Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rock Safe Key Hide Review.

Have you ever locked yourself out or has the wind caught the front door and its slammed shut behind you with your keys inside...Yep we've all done it!
Resulting in having to climb in through a small window, or worse still having to shimmy up a fence, climb up a ladder to reach that tiny open...upstairs...bathroom window, 2 floors up...yes that's happened to us...and yes its funny now...scary at the time...eep!!

Have you ever locked your car keys inside the've done that too...and had to ask my nice neighbourly policewoman to break into my own car...she even made me turn away so I didn't watch how she did
 Anyway I'm sure you have all done it at sometime at some point.

Well now you have your own Knight in stoney armor!!!

Hide a spare key by your home and no one will have any idea where it is except you. I have been meaning to get one of these for a long time so when choosing some Xmas pressies from ParamountZone this year I decided to get an extra few of these for family and friends too. You can use it for house, shed, greenhouse, garage or carkeys or anything you wish to hide, valuables too.

As with everything from ParamountZone it arrived the very next day, brilliant for last minute pressies at anytime of the year. Its one of those must have products we all need.

The Rock safe is made of a rough plastic which is painted and etched with an amazing realistic rock effect.

 Extremely realistic sitting on fence post.

Neat size in your hand.
The rock is 7.5cm long across at its widest point and is approximately 4.5cm high. 
The inside hole 6cm x 3cm
Depth inside is 2.8cm

So check the size before ordering but this should fit most modern styled keys.

Turn it over and you have a white plastic lid and inside you have a carved out hole to pop in your spare key. The lid has edges that makes the lid secure it wont just fall off.

The rock safe will fit most sized keys.

The best thing about this rock safe is you can place it anywhere and no-one will even consider its made of painted plastic, it fits in with any outside garden environment.
I wanted to show you how amazing this little rock looks so I went round the garden looking for different places to place my Rock safe, see what you think?

Hide in the flowers or next to a statue.

 Hide it in sight right near your shed door and still no-one will know.

Hide it amongst your plants in the greenhouse.

Hide amongst other rocks and stones for the best effect.

I cannot stress enough what a fantastic idea this little rock is, everyone needs one of these. I ordered 3 for stocking fillers and I received 2 rocks like mine and one slightly smaller looking on the outside, but all have the same inside measurements and looked just as realistic.
Its simple and affordable and when you have forgotten your key or locked yourself out its your Knight in stoney armor!
This rock is essential for your safety too as how many times do you hide your spare key under the mat, on the top of the door frame, under a flower pot....I know you've done it, most of us have at some point and if I know....then so does the local burglar. Its the first place a burglar will look its easy pickings and so dangerous.
So grab yourself a couple of these and give one to your friends and family too, they will be boulded over..., it makes a perfect fun pressie that is useful and safety concious.

Hard wearing,
Keeps keys rust free and clean,


Buy your Rock Safe from 
Free delivery when you spend over £14

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