Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No Phone or Broadband

I would like to apologise to all my readers for not posting recently.

We have completely lost all broadband and phone connections 3 days ago.

Good old BT have quoted us the 13th December for the problem to be fixed, but it maybe longer, due to the fact we live in middle of nowhere and they have to find the fault.

So I have to apologise to all my companies and manufacturers that are waiting for reviews for Christmas, Im so sorry.
Reasured I am still keeping busy writing and photographing the gorgeous products, so the minute we are live again the reviews will be posted.

I also apologise that I cannot even email anyone to explain.

Thanks to my friend for the use of her iphone to post this.xxx

Im hoping to be back soon, missing everyone already. I hadnt realised just how dependant we all are on internet, its a real LOST feeling.
I may even have to resort to...housework....noooooo!!!
I didnt think it would hit me this hard.....sniff...sniff!

So I will see you all as soon as BT will let me back.


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