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Mini Remote Control Helicoptor- Gyro Zoomer Review.

When I found out I was getting this fun opportunity to review such a great product from Paramountzone I was over the moon, as I havent ever tried a remote controlled toy before and I knew my other half has always wanted a remote control helicopter too.
I know we will never grow up, but hey we dont wont to, this is fun!

This little Gyro zoomer is the Worlds smallest remote controlled helicopter, they say fun things comes in small packages.

(See our video just before the Opinion and also ParamountZones own video at the end)

The packaging is fun and you can see immediately what you have as they have built a small display window within the box. Everything is explained clearly and precisely on the back of the box so you know immediately the best bits to this gorgeous little toy.

This quick to see diagram shows how the controller quickly directs the helicoptor in different directions.

The little zoomer sits in its own little display box within the main box.

Inside you have your Gyro securely tied in its own display box.
The infra-red remote control arrives with the levers protected in polyfoam blocks, a bag of small spares and little screwdriver and the USB cable.

As we go throughout the years things have a tendency to get smaller and this is no exception, the gyro zoomer is the worlds smallest remote controlled helicopter at this time.

 At only 11cm long and sits perfectly in the palm of your hand. But dont let that make you think its just a replica as it has the same features of its larger brother (The Gyro master) but 40% smaller. 
 It maybe small but its bombproof, okay maybe not bombproof but this little toy is "crash resistant" because of the excellent quality plastics.

Your helicopter arrives with a bag of spares just incase, 2 spare back propellers and one each of the top and bottom main rotors (A and B) to get you back in the air. With that comes a mini screw driver so you have your kit ready and waiting incase of emergency.
If you replace a broken A or B blade it has to be replaced with its equivalent spare or you will have a uncontrollable coptor on your hands.

A detailed manual

 The main body of the Gyro has an alloy housing holding the intricate motor and the 8 LED's, the outer front casing is plastic as to are the blades and propellers to make it lighter not to cheapen it.

The main blades have some fun graphics on them and above them is a stabiliser bar.

These rotors are well made even for plastic and each part is an intricately designed.

The working propeller and balancing stabiliser.
(We did however remove this though as it had a tendency to fly backwards with the weight.)

The motor itself is housed securely and neatly inside.

For those that love to see all the fascinating anatomy like me.

With its on-board gyroscope it also has a set of flashing coloured LED's which I love, these are so bright and add a really novel touch to this great toy.

I was amazed at actually how bright these are and look stunning in the dark..yes we did try a night lol!

The zoomer has its own USB cable; I love USB power as its so easy and you can then power this little toy anywhere. The cable is 25 inches long which gives you plenty of room to recharge it easily from your main PC or laptop.
This can be powered from any USB 1.1 2 or 3.

Funky blue USB connector with fun yellow cable!

The USB controller only slots in 1 way and will lightup red once charged.

TIP: Something to be aware of is; if you unplug the connector from the USB power of your PC or laptop, always unplug the cable from the helicopter as it will drain the power you have just charged it up with.
You cant miss it, as it will light up once unconnected as you can see above, its not plugged in but the LED is getting power from the zoomer battery itself. Unnoticed and you will have a flat zoomer..and no-one wants a flat they?

The Controller
This neat ergonomic UFO shaped IR controller is made of ABS plastic and red transparent plastic over the infra-red sensors and the power lights. It is much bigger than the actual helicopter but makes it easier to hold and control, it has 2 levers controlling backwards and forwards, left and right and the other is to control up and down.
The central circle houses the height/power dial which has 12 red LED so you can visually see the up or forward power. At the right of the controller is a scroll wheel which is the trimmers to fine tune the left and right steering.

IR handset controller

 This controller is powered by 6 AA batteries (not rechargeable ones) enabling it also to recharge the zoomer too for quick boosts in between.

I was really impressed that you can power your toy inbetween if you are not near a PC or laptop, it has a charging cable to power your zoomer for those emergency power boosts.

 The cable plugs into the same hole as the USB connector and as you see can be then charged anywhere you are.

The 2 small LED's on the controller both light up until charged then the green light goes out leaving just red and your ready to go again. The top switch shows you the controller is on to fly your toy and the bottom switch is the 3 channels to add more Gyro's.

We managed to gain alot of extra time outside without having to go back inside to recharge so its brilliant to have the opportunity to recharge where you are.

TIP: But of course using a full USB charge will make the charge last longer and is faster charge time at approximately 20 minutes for a full charge, you then have approximately 4-5 minutes of flying time, less if only charged from the controller. 
Always too, make sure you charge from a powered USB not just a hub as it needs the full amount of power.
TIP; As I tell everyone please always make sure you complete a full first charge with any product that is rechargeable or you may never get the full charge.I know its always tempting to just switch on and go but have a little patience and you will have a full charge otherwise your air time will be limited.

Please be aware that you have an infra-red controller not radio controlled, this could confuse some but it just means, you must keep the infra-red sender at the front facing the helicopter's line of sight at all times.

Fly 3 models together
A great novel idea is that it has an automatic channel selection meaning you can fly any 3 models at the same time, great for homes with larger families meaning you can all enjoy flying these Gyro Zoomers together.

We were looking forward to playing with this so after fully charging it from the main USB power it was time to play.
This little guy is really easy to control once you have the hang of balancing between the 2 levers, this was my very first go at flying anything remote control and found it quite fiddly unlike my other half who flew this with ease, but after about 20 mins I was away too, its a great little heli.
You can even get it to take off from your hand as easy as any surface.
To make flying easier my OH took off the vertical stabiliser as it had a tendency to fly backwards instead of vertical, something to be aware of. It flew easily indoors but with our low 500 year old beams we needed to take it outside for its flight.
But it has to be said its really controllable indoors and turns on a dime and is so very precise.
Its not really made for flying outside as it doesn't take much to blow this little guy off his track, even from the slightest breeze as its so light. Its also all too easy to fly it out of range from the infra-red sensor and it will just plummet back to earth...ooops....sorry took a 20 foot drop with only a broken rear propeller.
Our over inquisitive dog has learnt to keep his nose out the way after a brush with the blades caused him to have a sneezing fit.

Great for getting rid of cobwebs in hard to reach places and I can guarantee it will find the smallest hard to reach places to fall down....

When starting up turn on and you will find the first push of the power lever will not do anything this is for the unit to find the channel, the next push will start your heli. Its not broken.....

TIP; Make sure you dont have any hairs caught around the blades, rotor, balance bar as you wont have the control or the lift. Make sure you have a smooth preferably shiny surface to take off from or the runners can get caught in carpet etc.
TIP; Dont panic when crashing but take your finger off the power and allow it to descend or the blades will continue to spin against the ground breaking them.

Take a minute to watch our own video of this great toy.
We both loved the little Gyro Zoomer its small, fast and easily charged. It really adds some fun to your day even for us adults...oh and the dog.
With a bit of practice it doesnt take long to master your new Gyro...yes even for!
Its build quality is excellent as after many quite hard crash landings...eeep...sorry plummet from about 20 feet and a splash land into the dogs water-bowl, all it sustained was a broken rear propeller which of course it came with a spare. The water didn't even effect the electrics, but I dont suggest turning it into a submarine.
This little guy is really crash resistant, so many toys would have broken by now, but even so I would definitely recommend buying a few spare packs if you plan on buying more than one Gyro. 
The fact you have 2 ways to charge this toy is genius as to be able to add boost charges in between full charges wherever you are is just brilliant.

I dont know if its a girly thing but Im a sucker for flashing LEDs these are so bright and looked amazing in flight and particularly just as it was getting dark.
Its an extremely affordable fun few hours and really controllable but the charge really doesn't last long, even on a full charge its only managing about 4 minutes of controlled flight on full power; despite this you still get to have a hell of a lotta fun in 4 minutes!!
This will definitely make a perfect Christmas pressie for anyone young or old and if you have more than 1 child....or adult then you have to get them one each, what a brilliant way to have fun together in house or in the garden, its small but beautifully formed.

Well built,
Crash resistant..and it really is,
Bright flashing LED's,
2 ways to charge,
Affordable fun,
Only 8g in weight,
Indoor or outdoor with no wind...not even a breeze,
Can add another 2 models which can fly at the same time,

Longer charge time, maybe a stronger battery,
Getting addicted to RC.

Paramountzone video

rrp was £39.99 
FREE delivery
Colours do vary

All my thanks to ParamountZonefor sending us this great toy for this review free of charge.


Spares pack A and B
Only £4.99 each

Dont forget the batteries
8 x AA £3.98

Christmas gifts 
for everyone here.


  1. Dane McGillJanuary 10, 2015

    When trying to fly forward my copter has a habit of going off to the left. What can I do to stop this happening. I've tried using the trim but it has no effect so my copter just flys in big circles the now. Help me please!! ;-)

    1. Hi Dane thanks for popping by. It can be temperamental at times and Ive found this helps.
      A little trick to try is maybe add a small piece of blue-tack to the right hand ski, you may have to juggle with being on the front or back however.
      Good luck hope this helps.


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