Friday, November 09, 2012

Girls you can become a Superheroine!

Girls ever wanted to be super heroine?
Well now you can, well while in bed anyway...well its a start isnt it.

 These Official Marvel merchandise will give you a squeezable waistline, cleavage and boobs to die for, all with some brilliantly drawn ink lines and shadowing.

 For the Geeks amongst you!
They have been designed to give us girlies anatomically smoking-hot bodies.
 No drastic surgery needed girls, just a few clicks on the mouse and some lounging around in bed.

I fell in love with this amazing NEW range of Anatomical pyjamas and cant wait to they come to the UK.

My favourite is these 3 below.

My favourite is the She Hulk and Captain America and  Black widow 

Or for those of you that prefer to be a bit more covered these look fab too.

Cat Woman and Supergirl  and  Batgirl and Wonderwoman

Plus another version to make you feel a bit sexier

Superman supergirl caped tank sleep dress
Batman sleep caped tank dress
Wonderwoman sleep caped tank dress

 I just had to share these fun T-shirts and tank sleep dresses (above)with you, wouldn't they be great for a darts team or roller derby girls !

Robin V-neck fitted Tshirt and Supergirl Fitted t-shirt and cape

I hope we can find company in the UK which will decide to stock these some of these sets as I think they look so sexy.

Something to keep you both warm on those winter nights snuggled up on the sofa!

Wonderwoman Fleece with sleeves and Superman fleece with sleeves

Superwoman caped socks and Wonder woman caped socks  and Batwoman caped socks

Im not sure about these socks for myself but they would make a fun gift or pressie.

Each one these Zentai's is $49.99
For those of you with cracking figures why not these new Zentai suits which will look stunning!

Here's a few shoe and boot ideas to add to a super hero outfit or just add a touch of super hero to spice up an everyday outfit.

Wonder woman boots and  Pink pump with silver lightening and Woman's police cuff boots

Great pressies for you sexy geeky girls out there!

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