Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Purrrfect Pen Review!

I couldn't resist this pen as a cat lover, I know its technically not a gadget but I loved the way it was stretching out, so life-like to our own pets.

The parcel arrived the very next day from I want one of carefully packaged with some other products too, all protected with plastic balloon bags, I know there must be fancy name for these but I think you all know what I mean.
The pen box is simply made and recyclable, the cream cardboard box has some fun childlike hand drawn graphics of a cat, with a plastic window showing the kitty pen.

This gorgeous glossy black plastic cat pen is designed into a cat stretching after a long sleep, with a lovely curled tail over its back and really is quite lifelike, he has a cute white collar with small bell, this was a nice surprise.

 Pull his backlegs and tail off ...sorry kitty... and you have an excellent quality ball point pen.

This kitty pen is easy to hold despite the unique shape in your hand, its a fun ideal size too. 

 I took this image infront of my monitor screen so you can see him and his actual size in my fingers.

He measures 4.1 inches long, so dont expect an average sized pen of approximately 5 inches, but his still easy enough to use.
I wanted this kitty pen because ...well his is a cat...I was more than happy to just have him sitting on my desk to make me smile, I didn't expect this pen to actually work very well, if at all. I was expecting it to blot and have to scribble every time I wanted to use him, but as soon as he was out the box I was writing straight warm up scribbling needed.

The best thing is that when finished replace the lid which is his tail, bum and back legs and he sits on your desk in this luxurious elegant stretch.

I loved this little kitty, he really is adorable and makes the purrr...fect pressie for any cat lover or any animal lover, who could not love this pen. You can never have enough pens and this little fella will make you smile. Ideal for your hand bag or your desk.

 A great affordable stocking filler and extra pressie for anyone male or female, his elegant lines make him look gorgeous on any desk. 

Adorable elegant cat,
Novel pen for any desk,
Excellent quality pen,

It would have been nicer a little bigger.

You can take your own kitty pen home from

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  1. I love this! So cute :)


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